The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 3 Recap


Last show, Bryan Caraway advanced in Featherweight competition. This week, who will be the fighter to advance to the semi-finals?

It starts off with Mayhem Miller giving himself a strong ‘B’ grade as a coach.

In response to Miller’s tire prank, Team Bisping removes Mayhem’s car tires and puts them in his locker room. Good prank, says Miller.

Bisping had the sparring at 60% but the guys started going all out. Akira Corassini goes hard and so do Diego Brandao and Marcus Brimage, who start jawing at each other. Bisping calls Diego “a ticking time bomb.” Diego responds, “Before my mommy cry, his mommy gonna cry.”

Roland Delorme “hates THAT guy”. THAT guy is Akira Corassini who tries to entertain everyone all the time. At night, Akira is the prankster. Akira lets everyone know that Dustin Neace has three testicles. Delorme says he knows that Akira is the one doing the pranks.

Next fight: Johnny Bedford vs Josh Ferguson. Ferguson called it and pulled out a sign saying “F__K You Bedford.” The two have a long faceoff. Bedford is an intense dude. It also turns out Johnny Bedford has a right hand injury.

TJ Dillashaw and Akira Corassini pull the old water on the door trick. It did not work. However, Dustin Neace is annoyed and pours rice or something all over his bed. Akira does not appreciate it. The two agree to pick each other to fight next after exchanging harsh words. Akira looks like a guy who can dish it out, but not take it.

Team Leprechaun is Dodson, Ferguson, Gaudinot, and Brandao. Turns out, Dodson gives away info that his teammate Bedford has his hand messed up.

Bedford and Ferguson both make weight. Bedford has a huge height advantage over Bedford. Bisping lets it out that they know Bedford has a bad right hand.

Johnny Bedford vs Josh Ferguson
R1. Two trade right away in the middle. Bedford gets Ferguson onto the canvas. Bedford drops elbows from his guard. He backs off and the two are on their feet. Ferguson lands two. Bedford double jabs with his left. Lands a nice left and body kick. Bedford lands some knees from the clinch. Big right from Ferguson. The two trade and Bedford drags Ferguson down and pounds on him. Side control by Bedford with less than two minutes left. Bedford goes for an arm and drops some hammer fists but Ferguson gets out and gets Bedford’s head. Nothing to it and they engage in the middle again. Bedford gets Ferguson’s back and easily wins the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bedford

R2. Double jabs by Bedford land to start. John is throwing big and then lands a leg kick. Ferguson lands a solid left hook and appears to be turning it on. Ferguson lands a jab and the two clinch. Ferguson ends up on his back. Bedford lands a few lefts and works to pass. A few elbows from Bedford and they get up. However, Bedford slams him back down when Ferguson attempts an ill-advised flying knee and is in side control with 90 seconds left. Ferguson works for a half guard. Bedford lands some good elbows. Ferguson has no answer for Bedford.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bedford
Johnny Bedford defeats Josh Ferguson by Unanimous Decision

Next episode: Two fights.

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