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Mark Pavelich made a big announcement for his organization and for Canadian MMA fans at the Maximum Fighting Championship MFC 31 press conference today.  The MFC president stated that MFC had signed a one year deal with TSN/TSN2. Pavelich also announced that MFC 31: The Rundown will be the first MFC that will air on TSN/TSN2 in HD. Fans can expect MFC 31 to be rebroadcast on TSN2 in mid- to late-November. Further details will be provided on Friday by TSN & the MFC.

In other press conference news, Scott Zerr stated that in a “stacked Lightweight division”, the winner of the Mukai Maromo vs Sabah Fadai bout may likely get a shot at the MFC Lightweight Title. Zerr also mentioned that the current Lightweight Title situation is set to be resolved with Brian Cobb taking on Antonio McKee in January. “Ragin” Kajan Johnson and Richie “Hellboy” Whitson are both excited to return to the cage after layoffs due to injury and are both looking to bring a battle to the cage. Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo – who defends his Light Heavyweight belt against Thierry Sokoudjou- simply had one thing to say: “I can’t wait to fight on Friday night”.

MFC 31: The Rundown takes place this Friday at the Mayfield Conference Centre and Top MMA News urges you as always to support your local MMA. Limited tickets are available from the MFC hotline by calling (780) 504-2024.

MFC 31 also airs live on HDNet starting at 8pm MT.




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  1. Foo says:

    It’ll have to be on the smaller TSN2 if they are airing it live. TSN is spoken for on Friday nights with the highly rated CFL, which they aren’t going to move for new programming.

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  2. Foo, it will be rebroadcast. Not live.

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  3. ryan farse says:


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  4. Foo says:

    My mistake, reading comprehension failure on my part. So is the bulk of the deal for taped rebroadcasts? It is a definite upgrade from the usual Fight Network tape library deals but not nearly as attractive as having live events on TSN. Taped events on TSN2 usually draw well below 30,000 viewers. Though I suppose it is nearly impossible to get a live slot given all the high profile sports licenses TSN airs (NBA, CFL, NHL, Curling, etc…).

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  5. DeViLBoY says:

    TSN is so late to the MMA party its not even funny…

    Sportsnet gets UFC, The Score gets Bellator, and TSN gets tape delayed MFC, lol.

    The score fighting series is better than MFC!

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  6. Patty says:


    Penner and Ford and get great exposure here

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  7. Priest says:

    MFC would have better exposure being aired on CBC, or CTV across canada live, not tape delayed, i don’t even check for TSN, and i definitely don’t watch the CFL

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  8. Foo says:

    I don’t think we’ll any Canadian terrestrial broadcaster (CBC, CTC, etc..) is going to pick up an MMA event in the near future, unfortunately. The real problem is that TSN2 is much not nearly as watched as TSN, mostly because of clearance issues and the fact that people would rather watch live sports than archive material months old. It rarely even rates on the BBM ratings.

    I’m sure Pavelich will spin this as “solidifying him as the second biggest show in the world” and dismiss any information to the contrary as “hating on him”; though, to be fair, for a smaller company like MFC it is huge. Hopefully this gets them back into Mid-size capacity venues (1500-3000 seaters) and out of 500 seat conference rooms like the Mayfield Center. Maybe the remaining 3-4 events on the deal (assuming MFC continues a schedule of quarterly events, as per usual) will be live or rebroadcast in a more timely fashion.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Its good news for MFC and good to have Canadian mma reaching some new people. Congrats.

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  10. BigBoi says:

    1. Being on TSN is a very good thing. TSN isn’t going to align themselves with someone who is fly by night or doesn’t put on a good product (both in quality of fights and in production quality).

    2. Rebroadcasted?!? WTF. Seriously, that’s basically TSN not have the balls to step to the plate and do this live.

    On one side it is very cool to see the sport continue to legitimize but then they throw the curve and it all goes to shit. I only hope TSN doesn’t have some clause in the agreement that will allow them to bump MFC for a pro bowling tour or a monkey knife fight….

    Then again, I’d rather watch a monkey knife fight than see Antonio McKeZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. sorry even thinking about the guy fighting puts me to sleep.

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  11. I see this as TSN dipping their toes in the MMA waters and seeing how it feels.

    Its great for Canadians who cannot see MFC due to HDNet being dropped all over the place.

    The reason it could be ‘rebroadcast only’ is that HDNet holds the live rights. Maybe TSN is willing to do live but MFC can’t give them those rights because they are sold already.

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  12. Kris says:

    Pavelich is smart, it’s a win win. Cfl season will be over by next event.

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  13. Sean says:

    Pavelich is fairly underrated as a promoter. Hopefully the UFC has a job for him in a few years when all the mid pack orgs are gone.

    Jimmo takes out sokoudju and finally gets his UFc big break

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  14. Kris says:

    Keith please expand on your hdnet is being dropped all over the place comment. By whom? Since when?

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  15. Rogers Cable told subscribers it intends to drop the channel Nov. 1.

    Bell dropped HDNet in 2010.

    My opinion – HDNet was bigger when it was the only channel that had HD. Now that most networks have an HD channel, it seems cable providers are dropping HD Net.

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  16. Kris says:

    Ok thx

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  17. Priest says:

    I mean don’t get me wrong, i’m glad to see mark working his butt off to secure this market.

    It’s just a shame that there aren’t alot more people here in windsor who support mark, and the MFC, considering that this is marks home town.

    But let’s be realistic, he’s going to have to be very aggressive from this point on, because let’s say within the next six months, to a year, bellator will be going over to spike t.v, which with definitely strengthen bjorn’s brand across the north american market.

    Especially with bellator doing more shows here in canada in the future, and once the one year clause is done between the UFC, spike t.v. , bellator will probably have the number 2 spot in t.v ratings, unless Elite Pro makes some incredible strides with their product, both in fighters who aren’t on the back end of their careers, and t.v production for their live shows.

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  18. Foo says:

    I’m not even sure why the Bellator vs MFC thing is a discussion (except in the mind the Mark Pavelich). MFC is a limited budget show that runs 4 shows and will, if everything goes completely perfect for them, probably top out at 8 shows a year. Meanwhile Bellator puts on upwards of 30 shows and, even with a rebroadcast deal on TSN2, is seen by many more people. Yes, they are financed by a hedge fund, but that hardly matters when assessing market size and revenue base.

    HDNet, from what I understand, is pretty provincial about their live broadcast rights since it is one of the only attractive features the channel has for cable/satellite providers. I don’t see the 30 day window going away as long as they are broadcasting MMA on any Canadian systems. If TSN2 gets in the business of buying up rebroadcast rights for MMA events I hope they will consider some of the other Canadian events that showcase high-level fighters. Perhaps Ringside, Aggression, or the newly formed Instinct MMA?

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  19. steven k says:




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  20. Priest says:

    Bellator won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon, and the reason that i say that, is because with strikeforce on it’s death bed, you then have bellator in third in rankings, then in a distant fourth is Pro Elite, and i say that loosely.

    Bellator’s last live airing, with the heavy weights, it pulled in some very strong numbers, and numbers don’t lie.

    Here’s the rundown:

    Bellator 52 on Saturday night pulled in a series-high rating of .33 in the key advertiser demographic of Men 18-49, which is good news for the promotion and MTV2 since Bellator 51 pulled abysmal ratings.

    The average audience for Bellator 52 was 269,000, a very strong number for a Bellator broadcast on MTV2. Only Bellator 47, at 277,000 viewers, pulled in strong TV ratings.

    I’m not sure if we can post the link, so i won’t.

    Their production is definitely going to get better in the near future.

    As it stands now, bellator has brought in some production crew members in from spike t.v, which is under the same unbrella as MTV2 if i’m not mistaken.

    Now, as we all know, strikeforce won’t be getting a new deal with showtime, bellator will be moving over to spike in a year roughly, and pro elite will still be a distant third.

    Would anyone be able to get the numbers of the last live airing of bellator on canadian television?

    You show me the numbers from an MFC fight that airs on HDNET, and let’s see if they’re comparable.

    And don’t take this the wrong way, i think that with mark securing that t.v deal with TSN2, it will only help the MFC gain traction in the canadian market in the years to come.

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  21. Foo says:

    You won’t be able to see the numbers from an HDNET broadcast because the network is too small to be monitored or subscribe to ratings services. I don’t know whether Bellator will be going any place or not, but those Bellator numbers are only considered “strong” ratings within the MMA-bubble. Take for instance last weeks “great” Bellator rating, it was actually outrated by the Lingerie Football League the day before, another MTV2 show on a weaker night. A funny thing that no one talks about when discussing Bellator’s numbers is that the ratings are down significantly vs the old FSN show, which consistently drew 0.3-0.4 overalls (300-450 viewers). A .33 is only a good rating when drawn against the 0.1-0.2 they usually manage on MTV2.

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  22. BigBoi says:


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  23. Jamie Locke says:

    GHreat deal with Spike. Now if Spike can get some HD action that would be much better.

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  24. Jason says:

    Spike and The Fight Network both need HD.

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  25. Cody Rempel says:

    I guess Spike in the US must be in HD, here’s a few quotes from the article!

    -“Spike also has high-definition broadcasts, these days a benchmark for sports programming”
    -“The goal is HD all the time and once we get to Spike, it’ll be that way”

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  26. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fight Network desperately needs it, some of their stuff is almost unwatchable.

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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    I have FN for 1 reason and 1 reason only, cuz Marc-Andre works for them. If it wasn’t for him, I’d drop that channel unfortunately.

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  28. Bobby Karimi says:

    I honestly wonder sometimes if they actually try to have a good TV channel or if they just say fuck it and wing it.

    Lack of programming, quality of programming, picture quality (I swear some days they just put in VHS tapes).

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  29. Bobby Karimi says:

    I had such high hopes for FN, but with the exception of the odd rabbit they pull out of their hat (ie. Judo Worlds, Ringside prelim, and some canadian content), I’m consistently left wanting and disappointed. Or sometimes they hook up with shows like CCF or C4 (nice!)

    Hey at least their website loads much faster now and has some cool features.

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  30. Ringside 10 prelims has been the Fight Network highlight of 2011 for me.

    Great call on that show by Robin Black and John Ramdeen. Those two need to call more live shows!

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  31. Bobby Karimi says:

    So if you are to tune in this week during MST PRIME TIME! (6-11pm) there are 2 shows worth watching: Armaggedon 5 replay (1pt), Tough Enough (1/4pts), Judo 1/4pt. plus some stuff that I may at least peek at at least (so 1/2pt)

    I will be passing on…
    Golden Boy Classics
    Best of GYM Boxing:Herman Ngoudjo Early Days Pt.3 Golden Boy: Rodriguez vs. Mendoza
    Banner: Best of the Decade
    Kill Arman
    Ninja Warrior
    a bunch of Ninja Warrior and Golden Boy replays
    Ultimate Classic Wrestling (D-level wrestling)
    etc etc

    And some of this “product is in quite poor quality.

    This is PRIME TIME viewing and I pay for it!!!

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  32. Bobby Karimi says:

    That’s 2 pts out of a shitload of points by the way, why cuz I love MMA and I’d love to watch Fight Network a ton! BUT Fight Network has made it clear to me that they don’t want me watching their channel by the programming/scheduling choices they make.

    That is really too bad.

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  33. BigBoi says:

    I got rid of my FN after weeks and weeks of Extreme Alaskan Cage Fighting. Man it was bad enough to watch it the first time let alone the 15th.

    I did get a kick out of the scottish guy who does the color for ‘so you think you can fight’. Then I quit drinking as much and didn’t find him as entertaining as I thought I did.

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  34. Bobby Karimi says:

    Another major gripe I have is with the Japanese/Foreign content.

    So FN gets this foreign stuff like Deep, Jewel, Pancrase, etc BUT it seems to the uneducated eye and brain of Bobby they don’t actually spend anytime making it anything more than just viewable for the “english” audience. I see them basically going: “hey here’s some content lets throw it on TV and not put any effort into it other than throw Ramdeen and Black on the audio track to do commentary and pbp” (Good work, appreciate the effort you guys put in, John Ramdeen and Robin Black!). “But hey this is FN so let’s not fix anything else up” like lets keep the the intros, subtitles, outtros etc all in Japanese or whatever foreign language it’s in, so that the viewer is totally confused on anything other than the fight itself.

    I don’t see other channels ever doing that (maybe they did in the 60s and 70s)
    If it’s packaged, then unpack it and make it consumer friendly, like any consumer would want.

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  35. Robin Black says:

    Alright put up your dukes (except you Keith thanks for the props to Rammer and I)….

    No messin’ wif da fight network.

    Actually, it’s cool I’m sure most people in tv value real feedback from real people.

    Guys instead of all the thumbs down-ing, any advice or ideas that could make Fight Network more appealing to the mma core audience?

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  36. BigBoi says:

    I would rather watch the home shopping network than the FN most days.

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  37. Robin Black says:

    oops just saw props from Bobby as well there on the Ramdeen Black combo and I thank you greatly sir we do our very best

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  38. Bobby Karimi says:

    Another thing.

    Why the lack of Canadian content?!?!?!
    So many shows in Canada (at least 10years worth) and more and more every month. But we get the same stuff over and over again. PLEASE!!!!

    Obviously FN loves Boxing! Look at all the Boxing Press Releases (LOL!!!) on their website, as well as the brutal old ass TV shows (Banner, Golden Boy, GYM, Hennessy, etc), they love boxing cuz it fits their content guidelines. CHEAP or FREE and Poor Quality!

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  39. Jamie Locke says:

    I choose not to pay for TFN, so I can’t critize.

    I can say that the main reason I don’t pay for it is the lack of live shows. If the XCanadian shows that I want to see were shown live on there I would definitly subscribe HD or not.

    I do enjoy getting the free month here and there though, so keep that up. I am a cheap bastard, just ask BKB, I still owe him a $50 sheet.

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  40. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m not a big wrestling fan, but the wrestling guys, Pollock and some other guy, seem to work hard and pump out good material.

    Too bad they get limited support from FN, like Ultimate Classic Wrestling, ROH (OLD!), etc.

    These guys work hard and get rewarded with GARBAGE content to support their work.

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  41. Bobby Karimi says:

    Big Boi I agree cuz at least Home Shopping Network puts in effort and has new product.

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  42. Bobby Karimi says:

    By the way, I am totally in love with Sarah Davis /sigh

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  43. Bobby Karimi says:

    I gotta ask are the guys running FN actually “fight/combat” fans.
    Are they fans of the crap that they put on their TV station. Cuz I sure doubt they actually watch the content that they broadcast to the masses.

    I sure as hell wouldn’t if I was them, oh but I also wouldn’t put that stuff on TV. It’d embarrass me to be associated with that stuff.

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  44. Bobby Karimi says:

    Ramdeen and Black are a good team, always improving, put in lots of effort, and fuckin hungry! They actually give a shit, unlike what seems to be some at FN! Let’s give them stuff they can work with like they have with Ringside, CFC, etc.
    If you’re gonna have them work on per-packaged content, then produce the content. Don’t just throw them into the fire and not support the programming that you have them work on.

    Sorry if I’m all over the place on these posts, I’m just losing my mind.

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  45. Bobby Karimi says:

    You got great guys like Marc-Andre, Robin, Ramdeen, Pollock, Davis and a few others. USE THEM EFFECTIVELY!

    MAD: website, MMA knowledge/content, contatcs, etc

    Black/Ramdeen: Mma knowledge, presentation, pbp/commentary, chemistry, etc

    Pollock: interviews and wrasslin, etc

    Davis: presentation/hosting skills, etc

    Some of the producers or content guys at FN obviously don’t really love combat sports or give too much of a shit. The product doesn’t lie.

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  46. Graham Weenk says:

    with the amount of Canadian shows there are, Aggression, MFC, EFC, Wreck, Ringside, Instinct, Armagaddon, CFC, CFM and other good ones i know i’m missing, the fight network should be able to fill at least there prime time schedule with good Canadian MMA, help the exposure of our fighters and make a network worth watching.

    who is actually watching old boxing, old pro wrestling and ninja warrior??

    come on guys support these Canadians Shows and Canadian Fighters. I know I’d be watching the fight network allot more than i do now if it was filled with recent Canadian MMA.

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  47. Jamie Locke says:

    Maybe they just don’t want to pay for quality content and are happy making whatever profits they make showing the free or cheap content they do now?

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  48. Jamie Locke says:

    It would be cool if they showed some live Canadian shows though.

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  49. Graham Weenk says:

    Also… A little off track with the TSN/MFC deal, but what’s with score?

    Why are they not broadcasting the Score Fighting Series events live? We had a huge demand when Kurt Southern faught there to see the show live but all they had was a webcast that fell apart.

    While there i got at least 30 texts messages from people watching the score hoping to see the fights live but instead some under 16 overseas soccer was on??? Really?

    just saying a live broadcast would get allot more viewers than the current month later replay thing happening now gets. Could probably do both, unless of coarse the Spain/Italy under 16 soccer game is killing it in the ratings.

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