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Mark Pavelich made a big announcement for his organization and for Canadian MMA fans at the Maximum Fighting Championship MFC 31 press conference today.  The MFC president stated that MFC had signed a one year deal with TSN/TSN2. Pavelich also announced that MFC 31: The Rundown will be the first MFC that will air on TSN/TSN2 in HD. Fans can expect MFC 31 to be rebroadcast on TSN2 in mid- to late-November. Further details will be provided on Friday by TSN & the MFC.

In other press conference news, Scott Zerr stated that in a “stacked Lightweight division”, the winner of the Mukai Maromo vs Sabah Fadai bout may likely get a shot at the MFC Lightweight Title. Zerr also mentioned that the current Lightweight Title situation is set to be resolved with Brian Cobb taking on Antonio McKee in January. “Ragin” Kajan Johnson and Richie “Hellboy” Whitson are both excited to return to the cage after layoffs due to injury and are both looking to bring a battle to the cage. Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo – who defends his Light Heavyweight belt against Thierry Sokoudjou- simply had one thing to say: “I can’t wait to fight on Friday night”.

MFC 31: The Rundown takes place this Friday at the Mayfield Conference Centre and Top MMA News urges you as always to support your local MMA. Limited tickets are available from the MFC hotline by calling (780) 504-2024.

MFC 31 also airs live on HDNet starting at 8pm MT.




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  1. Graham Weenk says:

    FN does look like its either free or cheap crap no one else wants to show

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    You know when The Fight Network started up it wasn’t available in Edmonton/Shaw TV. I called and asked for it and they said that they hadn’t seen the demand for it and would gauge customer interest. The customer service lady mentioned that Shaw registered every “interest” call as 50calls. So I asked everyone I knew to call their tv provider and request the channel. Many times I dialed and went through the menus for them, then just passed the phone to them for the request. I musta had 50+ people call at least once (if not more) each and I called a ton myself. Hopefully that little grassroots campaign helped get the channel on my tv.

    Now in hindsight had I known the mess FN was going to turn into, I would not have put any effort into getting the channel initially.

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Maybe you should apply to be their new content manager BKB?

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  4. Ryan says:

    There are a lot of things the fight network can do. They have improved greatly from like 8 hours of “quick hits” or whatever it is their highlights show is. I think putting the mma hour on TV is great, I also LOVE MMA Meltdown.

    Personally, they should show more live content. AFC, Aggression, Ringside, Instinct, Elite 1.

    They must be able to pay more than GFL can make them.

    Even things like KSW in poland, One FC in asia, Pro Elite. Im sure most of these orgs would just love to have their stuff seen to increase sponsorship money.

    Maybe new TV shows? Robin Black going accros the country to visit with the top prospects in the country. Kinda like UFC All Access, just with a sexier host.

    If you’re going to show pro wrestling, how about Ring of Honor. I’m not a wrestling fan, but they are the #3 promotion out there from what I can tell.

    As for boxing, maybe get fights that aren’t big enough for HBO, but shouldn’t be on internet TV. James Toney fights, Evaynder Holyfied, old guys and stuff that would be cheep to get, but more interesting than “Gotta Grudge?”.

    Just add some better programming, They were doing good with airing BAMMA and reducing the BAS ads to only two hours of play a day, but still. Lol.

    Still though, the Deep, it’s showtime and stuff like that is awesome. Thanks guys.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Now, I’m not some kinda dumbass who thinks businesses have no budgets and money is infinite. I understand all that, but the the lack/quality of content/effort/knowledge. Especially if I had some quality guys hussling and giving a shit. Free or cheap stuff is great if the product/info etc you receive is actually worth it. If it’s not satisfactory (as with most of their FN content) then don’t show it. But there surely must be better “affordable” content available out there, if the others at FN are just taking it easy(which it seems many are), then replace them and go with the hustlers!

    Shame on FN

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  6. harry balls says:

    Alaska Fighting was lulz when i watched it; Sam Hogar tripping over the ring girl. Some schmuck dropping his mouthpiece on his way in and everyone searching for it while his entrance music played, shlubs fighting.
    Wrestling is probably the main reason I wouldn’t get TFN. i could give two shits about choreographed juice-monkeys . they can’t even wrestle, for the most part.

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  7. ShittyBill780 says:

    Personally, I’d really like to see more infomericals for the Body Action System, and Bowflex on the Fight neetwork, they are seriousely lacking in those.

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  8. BigBoi says:

    When the guy lost his mouth piece on the way to the ring was probably the high light of that entire event. I mean come on guys, its not like its live you can edit that shit out.


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  9. Ryan says:

    Yeah, thats something I had ment to say but left out, I’m aware they don’t have the budget for many, many of the things i suggested. But I was just saying things id like to see on TV/things that I think it would be cool for the fight network to do.

    And you all know you’d love to see Robin’s shenanigans as he travels cross country hanging with the like of Penner, Kent, Ford and Kajun lol.

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    Bottom line they are simply not a good tv station, and its painfully obvious that they don’t care

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  11. Graham Weenk says:

    There are so many events in Canada that put Alaska Fighting Championships to shame and no one other than the live crowd in attendance ever sees it… it makes no sense that a Canadian Network based on Fighting can’t come to terms with these promoters to get these events televised.

    Even if FN doesn’t want to pay big money to the promoters, isn’t some money and a good amount of exposure appealing to the Promoters, instead of no tv money and zero tv exposure as is the current case??

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  12. Robin Black says:

    You guys are a bit harsh.

    The network is full of good people who want to continually improve and get better and better, and its a constantly discusses priority to improve content that will excited the Canadian core MMA audience. Fighters, coaches, hardcores like the people on this site and the hundreds of thousands of people who train MMA across the country.

    How bout some constructive ideas?

    Or anyone wants to give constructive ideas to management or owners feel free to email any of the on-air types (,, and we’ll pass on your thoughts and ideas if they are not insane.

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  13. Sayit says:

    Someone likes mma meltdown?

    My gawd its true that there’s no accounting for tastes. That guy is just a screaming cokehead who knows nothing about mma. He talked about drugs and hookers in all 3 of the 10 minute watching efforts I gave to that crap.
    That is a blackeye on the fight network for sure and them liking that show and thinking that’s what viewers like a hundred percent tells me they are don’t know their market. Idiots like that are the opposite of what mma in this country and mma fans are about.
    That show proves what you guys are saying. If they think that’s good tv for hard core mma fans then your right they don’t know or don’t care.

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    ^^^ Never seen the show

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  15. I must come clean. I am a late night fan of Ninja Warrior.

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    “The network is full of good people who want to continually improve and get better and better, and its a constantly discusses priority to improve content that will excited the Canadian core MMA audience.”

    I think that’s not true. If the network was “FULL” of these types of people, then FN would improve and not be as bad as they are.

    FN obviously has a few good employees, but who are these people that procure the content for FN?
    For instance the programming and content directors at FN?
    Some examples:

    Who in their right mind thinks it’s a good idea to play the same handful of shows week after week (re-runs on FN are constant and non-stop, same crap on multiple times a week).

    or, have pre-packaged Japanese stuff that FN barely touches other than throwing Ramdeen and Black on commentary.

    or, having totally irrelevant Japanese content. Like who the fuck cares about Best of Jewels (mma people in japan hardly care). FN is telling me that can’t find better “cheap/free” content than Jewels in Canada or the US?

    Outdated, irrelevant, poor quality boxing shows.

    Lack of new content.

    Low quality content.

    Outdated, irrelevant, poor quality, low level wrestling shows.

    Military style shows (I thought this was a combat sports channel not a “combat” channel, let’s put on some tanks and stuff too cuz they’re cool)

    Lots more…

    Content????? Checking out the schedule it looks like FN is just recycling the same 10-15 shows all week. They must just plug their content for the week/month into a randomizer program hit start and then play it.

    FN barely has any content. Don’t even get me started on their awesome content on the website. Which is basically a press release forum. Go check it out, easily over half of their “content” on the front page is press releases.
    Podcasts are all wrestling.
    The guy providing content to the web just seems to cut and paste info sent to him or found on the web, then post it on the site. Hardly any original content outside of the stuff the wrestling guys do.

    Here’s how I look at FN as a business. A few work hard, the others DON’T (those guys seem to be in decision making positions, BRUTAL)

    It’s obvious the content on FN is brutal and has been brutal for a VERY LONG TIME.

    You’d think FN would realize this and look for a change, but unfortunately that’s obviously not the case.
    Why is there so little Canadian content on the channel? Cuz I’m not involved in any media type work in mma but I get a slew of promoters or matchmakers etc contacting me quite often asking on how they can have their content on Fight Network.

    I would think that for instance the MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, other combat sports content guy(s) for FN would actively seek out promotions and contact them to work together on a content partnership.

    Are the content managers even fans of combat sports? Do they regularly attend events? How much knowledge do they have?

    Leonard Asper please help!

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  17. COKEHEAD says:

    Who the hell is Gabe Moroncy?

    drugs? hookers? Street fights?

    This is bullshit

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  18. Bobby Karimi says:

    ^^^ Robin, you’re a smart guy, use some of those questions and observations on this thread and formulate some “constructive criticism”

    FN needs to either replace/demote some people that are in control such as Producer, Content Managers, Web Content Managers, Editors, etc.

    and/or put people that actually know shit and care into more influential positions. FN has some of these people.

    Marc-Andre Drolet, Robin Black, John Ramdeen, John Pollock, Wai Ting (I think that’s his name).

    you have brand recognition, COMBAT SPORTS KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT in the community, HARD WORKERS, TALENT, and a ton of other stuff. The MMA community knows this, FN needs to as well!

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  19. Edmonton MMA says:

    Bobby can really annoy me but hes 100% right. I agree with everything he says here

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  20. Bobby Karimi says:

    LOL, who are you that we know each other (I can be super annoying)

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  21. CM says:

    Isn’t MAD the manager of online content (or something like that) for TFN?

    I do agree that the lack of Canadian content is a huge draw back for me. I would watch that channel way more often if there was more Canadian content (even if it’s not new).

    For example, UCW in Winnipeg had a deal with TFN and some of their stuff got briefly shown once upon a time. Why not play some of that again? I was looking through some of the results of those shows and they had some guys fight for them who are now fairly well known (Menjivar, TUF 14’s Delorme & Dodson, Jordan Mein, Horodecki to name a few) & some fights worthy of PPV (Doerksen/J-Mac #1 or Alexis Davis/Sarah Kaufmann). I even got to see my 1st gogoplata at one of their 1st events back in 2005!

    I’d love to see some of that footage again.

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  22. CM… Marc-Andre is the Manager of Online Media. Here is his final TMN piece where he talks about it.

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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    CM, I think you’re a bit off on MAD’s role at FN.

    Marc-Andre is the Manager of Online Media.

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  24. CM says:

    Thanks, I knew it had something to do with the online stuff as opposed to the tv end of things.

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  25. Sean Quinn says:

    Thank gawd MAD is not here anymore. What an overbearing jackass he was.

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  26. Graham Weenk says:

    constructive criticism: talk to Aggression, EFC and so on and get a deal worked out to show recent events, everyone wins. shows get exposure, more fans will come to a show they are familiar with than a show they have never seen or heard of.

    the fighters will have more exposure and become more well known if people are watching them on tv. fighters can get more sponsorships as the sponsors will have tv exposure, which is the number 1 question every potential sponsor asks me about my fighters.

    and the fight network will have programing that mma fans, fighters and their friends and families will want to watch=more people buying the channel.

    obviously its a 2 way street tho, promoters may have to sell television rights for less than they think its worth depending on FN budget, but like i said, you’d think it would double as good advertising for their event.

    Currently so many good fights, good events that are being recorded by production crews that don’t end up televised anywhere. that is no good for anyone.

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  27. Dean says:

    Whats that guys 1 hour show that does all the interviews and such? I dont wanna sound like a douche (I am a douche btw) but that show is terribly painful to watch. Its like he has no outline on what he wants to get out there or accomplish and really seems half baked most of the time. I appreciate the efforts of anyone that does things to promote MMA but man, that show is bad! Only one mans opinion but I bet Im not alone. Thanks for the contact info Robin, I will be sending in my wicked cool idea very soon and beleive Canadians would love it.

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