Ryan Jimmo Talks Sokoudjou on Top MMA Radio


photo by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com

Top MMA Radio talks with an angry’ Ryan Jimmo this week.  Jimmo talks about Thierry Sokoudjou disrespecting him on Inside MMA and how ‘The Big Deal’ wants to make a statement of him on October 7th at MFC 31.  Jimmo threatens to separate the African Assassin from his teeth and many other things on a great Top MMA Radio appearance.

The boys also talk about the past weekend in Canadian MMA and breakdown the upcoming MFC 31, Instinct MMA, and UFC 136 cards.

Check it out by pressing play:

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or download the file by right clicking and Save As: Episode 35 – Ryan Jimmo.

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6 Responses to “ Ryan Jimmo Talks Sokoudjou on Top MMA Radio ”

  1. Great interview with Jimmo guys!

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  2. ryan farse says:

    Go Jimmo

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  3. Mighty Mouse says:

    Having ‘ryan farse’ = Pavelich constantly cheerleading for Jimmo is a major conflict of interest. Reminds me of when he used to manage JMac and Ford all the while promoting his own show.

    I know a lot of fighters that wouldn’t feel overly comfortable with the owner of a promotion rooting for their loss as a nice welcome. And how does Dwayne Lewis even stay friends with Pavelich knowing all the ignorant shit Farse says about Jimmo being way out of Dwayne’s league? How do you do that to a guy who made you all that money by bringing down the Lewis Army?

    Not cool.

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  4. Edmonton MMA says:

    I’m beginning to jump on the same wagon mighty mouse. I’m having a tough time respecting mark with all the things he is doing/saying. He’s beginning to burn his own bridges pretty bad and I hear a lot of fighters slowly feeling the same way.

    It’s really to bad for MMA in Canada. I hope mark shapes up and conitinies to grow rather than go down the drain because of how he runs his business. If he keeps this up no fighters will fight for him. I hear jimmo has one fight left on his contract. If jimmo wins and with his teammates “contract issues” with mark, I can’t see him resigning. He has far to much to lose. Especially if what I’m hearing is true and how mark is trying to screw over Penner and Ford with false contracts

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  5. ryan farse says:

    Mark P. That’s funny

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  6. Edmonton MMA says:

    Going after ford hague penner aggression and saying j-mac is nothing after being managed by pavelich.

    Pretty sound evidence

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