Canadian Rumour Mill – October 3


All the complaints I have been getting about boring rumour mills are driving this girl to drink and making me sadder than a BigBoi rant!  I am trying, but you can always help me out by emailing me at

  • Sounds like Josh Hill won’t have any more problems finding opponents in the near future as he seems to be moving up to the UFC.
  • Instinct MMA has already sold 3,500 tickets for their debut show on October 7th.   Looks like Stephane Patry still knows how to promote.
  • Still on Instinct MMA, their second show will be December 2nd. The event is scheduled to feature 3 big international names. “One is a legend, one is very exciting and one is an icon.”  Look for the show to be in Quebec City.
  • Watch for Jeff Joslin to make his acting debut in the psychological thriller “The Secret Cross. The film premieres October 22nd in Toronto at the Royal Theatre/Cinema.
  • Look for Robin Black, as well as some other recognizable MMA fighters and personalities to appear in the upcoming movie, Own3d, which will start filming in early 2012. This will be the first film from the MMA/Action movie dedicated Owned Entertainment based out of Toronto.
  • Former/Current/??? MFC Lightweight Champ Antonio McKee is saying that he’s out to prove that he’s the MFC’s only African Assassin. Look for him to make his return MFC 32.
  • Is Butterbean going to last all the way through his October schedule? Instinct MMA – Oct 7, Boxing in Indiana – Oct 14, Prestige FC Oct 21.  Here’s hoping that he lasts all the way to the end of the month and Prestige gets to use him.
  • Look for a Cage Fighting Manitoba card November 25.
  • Promoters interested in Ontario MMA dates for the first half of 2012 can start scheduling them with Ontario commission in October.
  • Both Machan brothers will be appearing on the October 15th EFC card in Grande Prairie. Ryan Machan is likely to face TUF vet Javier Torres.
  • Mike Malott is entering the Elite 1 Lightweight tourney.  Mr. Pretty Young Thing becomes my #1 pick to win it all.
  • Now to some contract issues… It sure sounds like Ryan Ford is out of Bellator before even getting started. I’m hearing that Bellator did not feel warm and fuzzy after hearing about his lingering(?) MFC contractual issues.  Seems that the MFC informed Bellator through channels that he is still under contract with them and Bellator decided it was not worth pursuing the added hassle. Surely, the shocking Hulett loss didn’t help matters.  The MFC is claiming Ryan Ford is bound to them for a few more fights.
  • Nick Penner seems to be in a similar predicament with the UFC.  The MFC seems to also be challenging that they have a valid contract and that Nick could owe them as many as 3-4 more fights.
  • Big MFC announcement this Wednesday. I wonder what it is?!?!   My guess: A US event or a Canadian TV deal.
  • Sandy Bowman of Prestige FC has offered to set up the Tim Hague vs Mike Ciesnolevicz grudge match on the 4th instalment of his event. Neutral site, neutral UFC vet ref, neutral judges (Manitoba), same purse, catch weight. Let’s make it happen!

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  1. Alex says:

    Wow that sux for Penner and Ford, Pavelich ruined 2 Canadians chances at big shows….to all the up and coming fighters out there let this be a lesson. DO NOT SIGN WITH MFC lol.

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  2. BigBoi says:

    Wait….. my rants make you sad or the contents of my rants are sad or am I such a bad writer that my rants make you sad before you even read them.

    I’m so confused.

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  3. yuuuuup says:

    Awesome that Hill got the call. Well deserved!

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Congrats to Hill.

    You can’t blame MFC for “ruining” anything. If the boys signed on than they signed on, they should have included a clause that alows them to leave for ZUFFA or Belator.

    I suppose it’s all in how their contracts were layed out? I havn’t seen either so I can’t really speculate, but if the MFC owns them, than simply calling the other promoter and tleling them that is alot cheaper than taking it to court.

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  5. ryan farse says:

    Pavelich is straight business. I see these guys crying but they signed contracts, there big boys, they know what they signed.

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  6. BigBoi says:

    Do you guys not care that she said I make her sad?

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    I care that you made Tyler Davis sad

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  8. Tyler Davis says:


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  9. peruvian neckbone says:

    God forbid Butterbean isnt able to gas out in 3 matches during October.

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m a Butterbean fan!

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  11. Bobby Karimi says:

    Robin what’s your role in Own3d?

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  12. Robin gets Pwn3d in Own3d.

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  13. Mighty Mouse says:

    It is unfortunate that these two cannot move onto to bigger opportunities but I agree with Jamie 100%. Fighters think its ok to break contracts whenever they feel like it. If a promoter does it to a fighter, you would never hear the end of how they got screwed over.

    Pavelich might be a pain in the ass…but in this case, he has every right to be.

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  14. ryan farse says:

    Pavelich is right in this case and promoters who sign fighters when they know they are under contract with other shows say’s something about them as well. You never see UFC, Strikeforce, MFC do that.

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  15. harry balls says:

    You should send her flowers , BigBoi..

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  16. Robin Black says:

    I play a bad guy. A straight up scumbag. Stone cold killer.

    Y’know, like real life.

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  17. Devon says:

    ryan farse aka pavelich, how do you sleep a night you goof. You know what you did and you wont be getting away with it thats for damn sure. Good luck trying

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  18. Kevin says:

    That sucks for Ford and Penner. Interested to see what they have to say about all this.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    A contract is a contract.

    The onus is on the fighter and his manager to negotiate the contract that best suits them.

    The are contractually bound by the contract they sign.

    Guys, get good managers.

    And managers, hire some lawyers to read the contracts.

    Everyone always gets mad at the organization and, yes, it’d be nice if the org would help the fighter achieve his dream. But they are in business.

    It’s the manager or the fighter’s advisers that are to be blamed.

    Only sign contracts that are right for you.

    When you sign a contract, you are implying that you feel the contract is right for you. Then you are legally obligated to honor it.

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  20. ryan farse says:

    Devon who ever,you are the goofs of goofs

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  21. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Mike is a BEAST, cant see anyone beating him in the wild card

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  22. Mike Davis says:

    Have to agree with Mark P situation you signed contract and know what you signed if you did not then have to handle that. Sucks bad interested too see what comes of this.

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  23. Looking forward to it Robin! Straight up badass… wish I could be in a movie :P

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  24. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Mike Malott is a beast. He will be leaving with the 155lb strap

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  25. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Malott is not in the 155 wildcard. But one of his teamates is..

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  26. ryan farse says:

    Robin is a badass

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  27. Devon says:

    Robin, wait till they go to court before you bash the fighters. You will quickly learn who the “goof of goofs” is.

    Any of you making any suggestion towards ford or penner without hearing what they have to say is a bit ridiculous. Yes I agree, if there something in the contract and the fighters dont fulfill their obligations than the fighters are 100% responsible.

    Again, wait for court. You all know Pavelich, you all know what he is like and what he says. When the court dates come, you will know the truth

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  28. Robin Black says:


    I do not bash fighters. I respect fighters.

    My opinion on contracts is you have to know what you are signing. That is not bashing.

    I’m hearing all kinds of interesting sources saying there is much more to the Penner issue than a simple contract thing.

    I’ll look into it without bias.

    I think people should always hear all sides.

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  29. Confused says:

    1/2 point to Black!

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  30. Devon says:

    exactly, wait till both sides in both cases are disputed in court

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  31. Robin Black says:

    That’s not what media does. Media reports info as it becomes available.

    And analysts give their opinion on that info.

    I’m askin around and trying to get info. If you have some insight you should share.

    People always want to hear all the sides.

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  32. Mark Sinclair says:

    If Pavelich had legit contracts with Ford or Penner why did he not stop them from fighting for other organizations ie Aggression MMA. It is because he doesn’t have legit contracts with either. He is just being himself………

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  33. Mark Sinclair says:

    …a farse!

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  34. Mike Kent says:

    Gavin Tucker not mike Mallory is entering the wild card ! Both warriors titans has three of the best 145ers in Canada ! They’ll show it this year

    Mike mallet , mike Murphy , Gavin Tucker , Joe dugas !

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  35. Bobby Karimi says:

    that’s 4 :)

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  36. Jana says:

    Mike can only count to 3 Bobby ;)

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  37. Kris says:

    Blah…. Got psycho?

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  38. Edmonton MMA says:

    Heard through the grape vine about the contract issues. I just lost an incredible amount of respect for Mark. That’s very unfortunate he is trying what he is. A man with so mug potential but if he keeps this up i simply can’t see fighters wanting to go there

    On to something worth Talking about. Congrats Hill and instinct MMA. I’m really looking forward to the shows they will have

    Also, good luck to mike and tim. That will be an excellent fight

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  39. eastcoastwarrior says:

    Jana can only count to bitch ;)

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  40. Bobby Karimi says:

    Why are you guys so rude always. Ridiculous.

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  41. mike kent says:

    Bobby taking over for robin being site peer mediator ?

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  42. mike kent says:

    All jana does in insult fighters and their coaches and runs her mouth about things she has no idea about and were supposed to be polite . Get a life

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  43. Bobby Karimi says:

    No not at all, I just don’t understand why you guys always feel the need to use derogatory words.
    We rarely see others call someone a bitch this or a … that. I think there’s better ways to voice ones displeasure than to resorting to that, that’s all.

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  44. MIKE KENT says:

    to me its a dead issue and i havent delt with jana or her nonsense in over a month , just curious as to why she feels the need to come out of the whole that shes been hiding in everytime i make a comment . i was telling her to get a life btw . not you . anyway im done with this shit

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  45. MIKE KENT says:

    lol hole * i get hit way to much

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  46. Bobby Karimi says:

    Mike you never answered my question, do you guys have 3 or 4 of the best 145ers in Canada? :)

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  47. MIKE KENT says:

    4 of the best up and comers ! i really think they are gonna make some waves this year .Way too soon to say best in canada compared to what some have accomplished but all have the potential to make the top 10 eventually imo

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  48. Derek LeBlanc says:

    Funny that williams told me malott but now ts Tucker. But Tucker is the fav going into the tourament.

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  49. jamon says:

    i think fords loss has as much to do with it then the MFC situation, it sounds like an out for bellator

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  50. Jana says:

    I never insult fighters or their coaches. I reserve that just for you and your buddies Mike :) Very best of luck on the 15th …

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