Canadian Rumour Mill – October 3


All the complaints I have been getting about boring rumour mills are driving this girl to drink and making me sadder than a BigBoi rant!  I am trying, but you can always help me out by emailing me at

  • Sounds like Josh Hill won’t have any more problems finding opponents in the near future as he seems to be moving up to the UFC.
  • Instinct MMA has already sold 3,500 tickets for their debut show on October 7th.   Looks like Stephane Patry still knows how to promote.
  • Still on Instinct MMA, their second show will be December 2nd. The event is scheduled to feature 3 big international names. “One is a legend, one is very exciting and one is an icon.”  Look for the show to be in Quebec City.
  • Watch for Jeff Joslin to make his acting debut in the psychological thriller “The Secret Cross. The film premieres October 22nd in Toronto at the Royal Theatre/Cinema.
  • Look for Robin Black, as well as some other recognizable MMA fighters and personalities to appear in the upcoming movie, Own3d, which will start filming in early 2012. This will be the first film from the MMA/Action movie dedicated Owned Entertainment based out of Toronto.
  • Former/Current/??? MFC Lightweight Champ Antonio McKee is saying that he’s out to prove that he’s the MFC’s only African Assassin. Look for him to make his return MFC 32.
  • Is Butterbean going to last all the way through his October schedule? Instinct MMA – Oct 7, Boxing in Indiana – Oct 14, Prestige FC Oct 21.  Here’s hoping that he lasts all the way to the end of the month and Prestige gets to use him.
  • Look for a Cage Fighting Manitoba card November 25.
  • Promoters interested in Ontario MMA dates for the first half of 2012 can start scheduling them with Ontario commission in October.
  • Both Machan brothers will be appearing on the October 15th EFC card in Grande Prairie. Ryan Machan is likely to face TUF vet Javier Torres.
  • Mike Malott is entering the Elite 1 Lightweight tourney.  Mr. Pretty Young Thing becomes my #1 pick to win it all.
  • Now to some contract issues… It sure sounds like Ryan Ford is out of Bellator before even getting started. I’m hearing that Bellator did not feel warm and fuzzy after hearing about his lingering(?) MFC contractual issues.  Seems that the MFC informed Bellator through channels that he is still under contract with them and Bellator decided it was not worth pursuing the added hassle. Surely, the shocking Hulett loss didn’t help matters.  The MFC is claiming Ryan Ford is bound to them for a few more fights.
  • Nick Penner seems to be in a similar predicament with the UFC.  The MFC seems to also be challenging that they have a valid contract and that Nick could owe them as many as 3-4 more fights.
  • Big MFC announcement this Wednesday. I wonder what it is?!?!   My guess: A US event or a Canadian TV deal.
  • Sandy Bowman of Prestige FC has offered to set up the Tim Hague vs Mike Ciesnolevicz grudge match on the 4th instalment of his event. Neutral site, neutral UFC vet ref, neutral judges (Manitoba), same purse, catch weight. Let’s make it happen!

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  1. Kris says:

    Idk if she’s hot, I have heard she’s a hobitch though.

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  2. eastcoastwarrior says:

    She has a face for radio, or internet boards..

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  3. Kris says:


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  4. EastCoastWarrior says:

    So Jana,
    Can you tell me why your husband retired from MMA and is now taking up boxing? Doesn’t that contradict the reasoning you had given for making him retire in the first place? Or is this just the most elaborate way of ducking a fight ever?

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  5. Jana says:

    Oh great BigBoi …. start a whole other stream of insults for me … thanks a bunch :)

    Eastcoast Warrior – no comment … keep hiding :)

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  6. Jana says:

    Enlighten me EastCoast Idiot – what was this reason I gave for “making” him retire from MMA? How about this – you tell me who you are and I’ll answer any and all of your ridiculous questions …. in person!!! Hhmmmmm, I can’t see that happening.

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    Hobitch…just sayin.

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  8. mike kent says:

    Jana. No trash talk , no insults or anything like that. Would steve gonfuder fighting me on januarys elite 1 card ? Think about it atleast :) thanks

    Your old pal mike

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  9. canadx says:

    Gordy Howe had his wife as his agent manager so its not unusual. Stick to the issue.

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  10. harry balls says:

    Gordie’s wife wouldn’t get on the teevee and harangue people.

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  11. eastcoastwarrior says:

    you made him retire because you would rather keep his testicles in a jar in your pantry, next to the pickled cabbage…

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  12. BigBoi says:

    My friend brought me one of them harangues back from Australia. I don’t know why people think they’re so special. Thing was just a bent stick.

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