The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 2 Recap


“Home sweet home, baby.” The fighters enter the house and I got to agree with Caraway, this will be the toughest TUF yet and whoever is mentally toughest will do well.

Who will go on who’s team? Let’s find out! Bisping gets flip and takes the pick

Team Bisping
1 Louis Gaudinot
3 TJ Dillashaw
5 John Albert
7 Josh Ferguson

1 Diego Brandao
3 Akira Corassini
5 Marcus Brimage
7 Stephen Bass

Team Mayhem
2 John Dodson
4 Johnny Bedford
6 Dustin Hague
8 Roland Delorme

2 Dennis Bermudez
4 Bryan Caraway
6 Justin Neace
8 Steven Siler

Canada’s Roland Delorme was the last pick of the Bantamweights. Steven Siler, the guy who submitted Micah Miller, is the last Featherweight selected.

After both camps hit the mats, Mayhem brings in compression suits or “astronaut looking space suits” as Delorme called them. Apparently, they help recovery.

Mayhem gets to pick the fight and he picks Bryan Caraway vs Marcus Brimage. Bisping thinks Marcus has the killer instinct and Caraway does not, while Mayhem believes Caraway is more well-rounded.

Marcus Brimage says Dragonball Z and Quinton Jackson are the two reasons he is in MMA right now. Brimage is 157 and will have to cut 12 pounds. Great weight cutting technique displayed included jogging, salt baths, and being in bed under covers.

Team Mayhem puts all the workout tires into Bisping’s room.

Weighin time: Brimage (145) vs Caraway (145)

Dana White weighs in and set it was a ballsy pick by Mayhem. Says its Brimage’s fight on the feet and anyone’s on the ground.

Team Bisping sings a song about how “Darkness” will leave Caraway’s body in a ditch.

Caraway seems nervous and Brimage seems confident heading into the fight.

Marcus Brimage vs Bryan Caraway
R1. Caraway dives for a double and takes Brimage down. Caraway in his half guard landing lefts. Caraway gets Brimage’s back and flattens him out. Caraway and Brimage are hand fighting with Brimage trying to avoid the RNC. Occasionally Marcus throws a punch over his head and one lands hard on Caraway’s eye. Caraway is owning the round, spending four and a half minutes on Brimage’s back but he could not sink the choke.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Caraway

R2. Caraway lands two lefts off the bat. He gets a single and gets Brimage down and passes to side and then gets his back again within 40 seconds. Brimage gets to his feet and lands an uppercut and stuffs a couple takedowns. Marcus lands a knee during a Caraway takedown attempt. Brimage lands some body shots. Caraway slowing down and is slow to get up during a stand up. Thai plum by Caraway who lands some knees and then drags Brimage down. Brimage has his back taken and then taps out to Caraway’s Rear Naked Choke.
Bryan Caraway submits Marcus Brimage by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2

Next week: Antics in the house start and a couple of Bisping’s guys go at it

7 Responses to “ The Ultimate Fighter 14: Episode 2 Recap ”

  1. Jake204 says:

    I thought Roland Delorme put on an impressive performance in his last fight for him to be last pick. He submitted his opponent in less than 2 mins ffs!

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  2. Dixie Normous says:

    it’s cause he’s canadian and was fighting off his back…rolly will show mayhem and bisping what he’s all about

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  3. Jake204 says:

    Steven Siler as last pick too midly surprised me. Dude beat a heavy favorite in his last fight and has a lot of experience to back it up. I’d love to see Roland and Steven both show the world what’s up!

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  4. We only saw pieces of the Miller fight. I am beginning to wonder if Miller fought absolutely terribly and Siler was unimpressive against a terrible Miller.

    Why else would they not show the whole fight and pick Siler last?

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  5. rolly says:

    The steve and micah was one of the most exciting fights that night and i was shocked that they fast forwarded it. Steve came out and fed micah right hands like he was hungry and it was back and forth the whole fight but micah didn’t have an answer for that right hand and ended up getting carried out of the cage and then collapsed on the floor in the fetal position. Trust me steve earned that victory.

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  6. harry balls says:

    I’m delighted Team Bisping loss after the bullshit chant. The fight was pretty compelling. This show is winning me back.

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  7. Jake204 says:

    @Rolly. Source???

    Just kidding bud. Have fun this Saturday at the meet & greet man!

    @Mr Balls. Agreed. This show has got to be one of the better rosters lately.

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