Top MMA News – Canadian Featherweight Rankings – September 2011


After Mark Hominick and Antonio Carvalho, the Canadian Featherweight division is wide open. No other division is in flux as much as the 145ers due to fighters becoming inactive. On top of this, more will be leaving these rankings in the near future as Yves Jabouin and Mitch Gagnon have dropped down to 135, just as Nick Denis and John Fraser have done.

The fighters near the bottom of the top 10 should not get too comfortable as their positions are precarious. Top MMA News gave Nick Driedger and Rejean Groulx the spots due to bigger wins against Baz Cunningham and Stephane Bernadel, but there is a thin line between these two and fighters like Lyndon Whitlock and Brad Duguay. As well, if Mike Adams, Tim Wadsworth, or Thierry Quenneville strap on the gloves in the near future, they could easily claim higher spots.

Top 10 Canadian Featherweights

Top Canadian Featherweights
1. Mark Hominick (20-9) – Previous Rank (1) – A loss to Jose Aldo and a loss of a close friend have led to a difficult summer for Mark Hominick. Easily Canada’s #1 Featherweight, Hominick will return to action in Toronto at UFC 140 against the Korean Zombie. Next Fight:  vs Chan Sung Jung at UFC 140 on December 10.

Carvalho lands a kick (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

2. Antonio Carvalho (13-4) – Previous Rank (3) – Carvalho keeps moving up the ranks of the Canadian Featherweights. His Score Fighting Series win over Doug Evans not only moves him up to number 2 on the list, but it also got him a UFC contract. Unfortunately, injuries held him out of his scheduled UFC start, but expect Antonio in the UFC octagan when he is healthy. Next Fight: TBD

3. Yves Jabouin (16-7) – Previous Rank (2) – Since last rankings, Yves Jabouin lost at Featherweight at UFC 129. He then moved down to Bantamweight and picked up his first UFC victory at UFC 134 over Ian Loveland. Yves moves down one spot for going one for four in his four Zuffa Featherweight fights. However, in the future, Yves will be removed from these rankings altogether as he continues his assault on the Canadian Bantamweight Rankings. Next Fight: TBD.

4. Adam Lorenz (5-2) – Previous Rank (4) – Adam Lorenz took a big step up at Aggression MMA 8. A win over Alvin Robinson could have led to a UFC contract. Unfortunately, Lorenz was dominated by Robinson and put to sleep. However, with wins over Bellator veteran Will Romero and Strikeforce/WEC veteran Rolando Perez, Top MMA News did not feel he should be dropped as Adam is facing tough opposition that lower ranked fighters are not facing and he is beating quite a few of them. On top of that, fighters ranked below him are not winning big enough fights to surpass him. Expect Lorenz to rebound with a win, possibly at Aggression MMA 9. Next Fight: TBD

5. Mitch Gagnon (7-1) – Previous Rank (7) – Gagnon moves up two spots after successfully defending his Ringside title against the previously unbeaten Rejean Groulx in a Fight of the Year candidate match.  Unfortunately, this may be as high as Gagnon gets on the Featherweight rankings, because he , like Jabouin, will drop to Bantamweight.  He will take on Ringside Bantamweight champion Stephane Pelletier next.  Next fight: vs. Stephane Pelletier at Ringside 12 on October 21.

6. Graham Spencer (7-1, 1 NC) – Previous Rank (10) – A lot has happened with Graham Spencer since the March rankings.  First he was winning his BFL 7 bout with Roy Bradshaw before the two crashed through the cage door and then he defeated Bruno Capdeville in three rounds at BFL 8.  Graham also benefits from the departures of Fraser, Quenneville, and Adams to jump four spots up the rankings.  Next fight: TBD

Johnson lands a right (photo by Mike Fischl)

7. Tristan Johnson (6-2) – Previous Rank (NR) – Previously ranked as high as #6, Tristan returns to the top 10 on the heels of his decision win over William Romero at the Score Fighting Series.   The win was the biggest of his career and helped rebound Tristan’s career after losing his previous two fights.  Tristan will be fighting Romero’s teammate next at SFS 2.  It will be another big test. Next fight: vs Lyndon Whitlock at Score Fighting Series on October 14.

8. William Romero (6-3) – Previous Rank (5)– Leon lost three in a row since his debut in Bellator and has dropped three spots to number eight on these rankings.  Thankfully, things are looking up for Romero as he righted his ship and defeated Daniel Langbeen at Bellator 47 and then stopped Mark Durant in a kickboxing match.  Now that Romero has got that winning feel back, look for him to make another run up these ranks. Next fight: Stephane Bernadel at Score Fighting Series on October 14.

9. Nick Driedger (5-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – With three fighters leaving the top 10 due to inactivity, Nick Driedger makes his debut on this list.  Driedger is undefeated since 2009 and is tearing up the BC Featherweights – having gone 4-0 since that loss. It seems that Driedger and Spencer are on a collision course to see who is the top 145er in the province.  Next fight: TBD

10. Rejean Groulx (5-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – This was an extremely difficult pick as fighters such as Brad Duguay and Lyndon Whitlock certainly can make a claim to the same spot.  However, Groulx’ win over a very tough Stephane Bernadel was judged ‘best recent win’ and his only loss was a very good showing against the Ringside Featherweight champion Michel Gagnon.  Congrats to Rejean! But also a warning – his hold on 10th is tenuous and wins by Whitlock or Bernadel in their next fights or a return of one of the inactive fighters will knock Rejean out of his spot. Next fight: TBD

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – John Fraser (was 6th, out due to inactivity at 145), Thierry Quenneville (was 8th, out due to inactivity), Mike Adams (was 9th, out due to inactivity)

Close to the Top 10:
Lyndon Whitlock (5-1) Next fight: vs Tristan Johnson at Score Fighting Series on October 14
Brad Duguay (9-5)
Greg Welsh (5-1) Next fight: vs Matt Veal at EFC 10 on October 1

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17 Responses to “ Top MMA News – Canadian Featherweight Rankings – September 2011 ”

  1. MMA Scoop says:

    Wadsworth wipes the floor with any of those guys except the top 2.

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  2. We like Wadsworth, but he has to get some fights. Right now he is not rankable due to inactivity, if he was active in the past year, I believe he would be in the top 10 right now.

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  3. MMA Scoop says:

    He had two fights canceled in the past five months. Should hopefully be fighting in the next two months, if anyone wants to book hi he’s available.

    Would love to see him fight any of 4 through 8.

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  4. With Pelletier off of Ringside 12. How about Gagnon defend his title his title against Tim?

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  5. BigBoi says:

    I think something MMA Scoop alludes to is how thin Canada’s Active Featherweights are. You can make some solid arguments for Mark and Antonio to appear on some global Top 20 lists but after that there is a serious drop off in experience and exposure.

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  6. booboo says:

    TY KIETH ,GROULX FINALLY getting some love !!!!!!!!! ur the best topmmanew !

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  7. booboo says:

    Wadsworth and Gagnon is THE BEST FEATHERWEIGHT MATCHUP , for Ringside , BUT , Tim doesnt fight but mabe once a year , so if that dont work , I know someone right now who would not think twice about a REMATCH ! I know the fans want this too !!

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  8. Dixie Normous says:

    make way for bernie

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    I agree with the rankings for the most part.

    Veal should be listed in the “Close” list

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  10. Dixie Normous says:

    no not bernie antle

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  11. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see Graham vs. Driedger on the next AFC, it only makes sense!

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  12. Tyler Davis says:

    Welsh will soon be knocking on the door

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  13. Jamie Locke says:

    Graham is signed with BFL right now so if the Driedger fight happens it won’t be with AFC.

    I hear BFL is going to have a big fight lined up for Graham at their next Nanaimo show….

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  14. mmafan says:

    Should Tim Wadsworth make this list now ? ( not ) Gagnon would sub him in 1 round. He needs to fight more often and some good local talent before , sorry for his loss , but thats a big ass step he took tonight against a REAL fighter and he was not ready for that by no means should a guy with 5 rounds of exp.. fight a ufc vet . Fucking nuts .

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  15. Robin Black says:

    Well ya, a guy with 16 minutes and 14 seconds of cage time vs a guy with 150 minutes and 40 seconds of cage time (over 2 1/2 hours!) is crazy.

    Plus Lowe has great hands. Plus he’s a former NCAA national wrestling champ.

    Its a crazy decision for whoever accepted that fight to do that to Wadsworth.

    Yes, all that is true.

    But man Wadsworth just took this challenge and had a tough night. Take it up with his managers. Give him a break.

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  16. mmafan says:

    Y did the commission allow this fight in the first place ?

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