Victory MMA 3 – Montreal – October 8


Date: October 8th, 2011
Location: Academie Sportive in Montreal, Quebec

Amateur Fight Card

Josh Harley vs. Xavier Langley
Francis Paquette vs. Eric Girard
Monica Genest vs. Jordan Felix
Nabil Kader vs. John Wilson
Johan Cuevas vs. TBA
Meroune Ghalmi vs. TBA
Kevin Legris vs. Eric Turgeon
Joe Elliot vs. Luke Gavin
Tyler Sands vs. Pema Dorji
Stephen Oppong vs. Patrick Sauriol
Jesse Monette vs. Xavier Langley
Alex Punin vs. Olivier Althot
Steve Bikram vs. TBA
Hayden Bye vs. Justin Barnes
Mike McKenna vs. Donald Emerson
Chris Cleveland vs. John Byrd

12 Responses to “ Victory MMA 3 – Montreal – October 8 ”

  1. remy says:

    the hotel link is below

    main event is a 140 lb max title fight and the co main is a 155 number one contender fight for alex morgans title.

    good event to check out if your free on a saturday night

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  2. Anonymousette says:

    Is this or is this not Vic Valamaki’ card?

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  3. Not V.V’s card.

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  4. remy says:

    very well made card. harley vs langley is a great main event. i cant choose a winner in that fight.

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  5. Ryan Ch says:

    I agree! card is well made for the fights that are setup. Josh hits hits the switch to well and has to good of a chin for Xavier to get in and make the fight about the clinch. I am not sure of there relationship these days but Wall and Harley were great together, truly great. Like a single unit working towards a single goal.

    granted Harley was 14 at the time but I am sure he has only gone in the route of improvement. Harley wins on Pu

    I will take Harley by knockout in the second round by simple striking prowess

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  6. Michele says:

    Harley will win by knockout by a nasty punch or being stronger in the clinch!

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  7. Crystal Romaniuk says:

    Josh Harley and Hayden Bye are going to KILL in this event!! No doubt about it!! Miss you boys!! <3 Can't wait to see the vids for these!!

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  8. Crystal Romaniuk says:

    Wish I could be there to witness my boys smash their opponents!!

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  9. sharp says:

    agreed josh looks unreal for his fight coming up. smallest guy there with the biggest power and the best technique. granit chin with an even bigger heart.

    he wins easilt

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  10. sharp says:


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  11. Blaire says:

    Josh Harley is one of the most determined people i know. He has been training so hard and i know hes going to kick some ass :)

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  12. Mikez says:

    cant w8 to c my boy JOSH HARLEY wins by an amazing KO.


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