School of Hard Knocks 14 Play-by-Play – Buckland Wins WW Title


Cody Bargholz is in Calgary covering Hard Knocks 14th show. You can watch it live here or your can read his play-by-play here:

Top MMA News Awards

  • Submission of the Night goes to Andrew Buckland. Andrew just powered Keto from the turtle position into his guard after he secured his arm under Keto’s chin. I’ve never seen that before.
  • Knockout of the Night goes to Shane Ryan. By default. It was a strange stoppage.
  • Fight of the Night goes to Elias Theodorou vs. Steve Hodgson. The pace these men kept during this action packed fight was super human.

Keto Allen vs. Andrew Buckland
Round 1: The fighters start off by feeling each other out in the centre of the ring. Andrew opens with a leg kick then lands two hard left hooks in quick succession leaving Keto swinging at air. Andrew forces Keto against the cage and Keto turns him and sweeps a leg out securing a take down to half mount. Keto is landing peppering strikes from the position and passes to side control. Andrew is grasping Keto’s head and trying to reverse Keto but Keto is showing impressive top position control. Keto traps an arm but Andrew explodes to avoid the crucifix position. Keto is forcing Andrew to work had from the bottom and settling for a very safe game of top position control. Andrew works his way towards the fence and explodes off it to roll back to his feet. Keto immediately takes him down again with a double leg and starts pounding Andrew from his guard. Andrew gets back up to his feet attempts a single leg but Keto counters by working for a guillotine forcing Andrew to defend the choke and give up the single leg.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Keto Allen

Round 2: Keto opens round to with a right hook and Andrew responds with a leg kick. Andrew charges forward and Keto takes him down with a well-timed hip toss. In half mount Keto starts peppering Andrew with body shots before passing into side control. Keto moves to north south position and Andrews rolls Keto obtaining top position. Andrew is now peppering Keto with shots to the body. Keto now rolls Andrew recovering top position. Keto moves again to North South and Andrew uses the cage to roll him again. Andrew lands a few hard shots to the body and moves to side control. Andrew is mixing it up with hard elbows to the face and the body of Keto. Andrew traps an arm but Keto gets it back . Keto turtles and Andrew sinks in a guillotine choke and somehow pulls guard on the turtled up Keto. Keto tries to roll out of it but Andrew eventually forces the tap. Andrew is officially the first School of Hard Knocks Welterweight Champion.
Andrew Buckland submits Keto Allen by Guillotine Choke in Round 2, 4:55

Elias Theodorou vs. Steve Hodgson
Round 1: Elias opens with a high kick then takes Steve down in the middle of the cage. Elias easily passes into side control. Steve powers up to his feet but Elias drags him right back down and moves quickly from half mount to full mount. Steve is is trying to recover position and Elias drops down for an arm bar. Steve escapes the arm bar attempt and the fighters return to their feet. Stevepushes Elias against the cage and lands a knee to the groin. The referee calls time and warns Steve. Elias lands a hard leg kick and takes Steve down in the centre of the ring. Elias moves to North South position and Steve attempts a D’Arce choke from the bottom. Elias easily escapes then takes Steve’s back. Steve is trying to turn into Elias and eventually powers up to his feet. These fighters are keeping up an frenetic pace. With Steve’s back against the cage Elias drops down and secures a double leg takedown. From the bottom Steve locks in a guillotine and almost reverses Elias with it. Elias escapes, recovers and moves immediately to mount. Steve is bucking up but Elias is maintaining position with excellent top control while reigning down punches. Elias opens up a cut above Steve’s eye and is really damaging Steve from mount. Elias is close to finishing as Steve struggles to buck up and reverse Elias but to no avail.
Topmmnews scores the round 10-9 Elias

Round 2: Despite the insane pace both fighters kept in round 1 they both look fresh. The crowd is completely behind Steve which is to be expected. Elias lands a hard leg kick then body locks and presses Steve against the cage. Elias is working for a guillotine as Elias scores another take down into side control. Elias passes right into mount then takes Steve’s back. The choke is deep and Steve is forced to tap.
Elias Theordorou submits Steve Hodgson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 1:12

Jared McComb vs Jordan Murray
Jordan enters the cage looking like an absolute savage. Jordan drives Jared against the cage and starts looking for a single leg. Jordan gives that up and lands an elbow before Jared body locks with double under hooks. The fighters are in a stale mate against the cage as both fighters pummel for under hooks . Jared lands a hard leg kick then a body kick before pressing Jordan against the cage. Jared picks Jordan up and drops him down with a huge slam into side control. Jordon gives up his back and Jared takes top position sinking in both hooks. Jordan rolls again and gives up mount then explodes back up to his feet. Jordan takes Jared down but Jared quickly reverses Jordan securing mount again. Jared is dropping down elbows but Jordan uses the cage to escape and get back to his feet. Jared lands a straight left and presses Jordan up against the cage. Jordan slips his arm underneath Jared chin and pulls guard with a guillotine attempt. Jordan gives that up and attempts an armbar. Jared shucks off the armbar attempts and passes into side control and starts scoring with hard knees to the body before the end of the round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 for Jared McComb

Round 2: Both fighters are looking exhausted but come out strong. Jared lands a low kick left hook combination and pushes Jordan up against the cage. Jordan is threatening a guillotine as Jared works for the double leg. Jared passes to mount and starts landing fierce body shots. Jordan pushes off against the cage and Jared maintains position by moving into side control. Jordan bucks up and reverses Jared gaining top position but Jared returns the favor by rolling Jordan and obtaining half mount. Jordan shrimps and regains guard. Jordan is controlling Jarred well from the bottom and the fighters reach a stalemate on the ground. Jordan lands a left hook and starts working for a triangle. Jared stands up and Jordon drives forward taking him down but on the way to the canvas Jared slips one arm under Jordan’s chin securing a guillotine choke from guard.
Jared McComb submits Jordan Murray by Guillotine Choke in Round 2, 3:51

Matt Krayco vs. Aaron Gallant
Matt starts off with a crisp leg kick that lands. The fighters clinch and Aaron lands a few uppercuts before pressing Matt up against the cage. Aaron is landing hard lefts to the face of Matt against the fence until Mat falls to the canvas. Matt attempts a couple of arm bars from his back but Aaron escapes easily and continues to score with strikes from top position. Matt tries to get back up to his feet but Aaron pounces taking Matt’s back and sinking in a rear naked choke.
Aaron Gallant submits Matt Krayco by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:15

Jesse Enns vs Shane Ryan
Shane chooses not to tough gloves. Shane charges in and lands a front kick to the body. Shane runs forward again forcing Jesse against the fence. Jesse turtles up and Shane is swinging like crazy. Shane lands a hard knee to Jesse’s chest and the referee moves in and stops the fight. The referee thought the blow to the chest landed to the face. Shane is yelling for a replay because he knows the blow was not to the face. Jesse was not on his knees when the blow landed. Under amateur MMA rules a knee to the head at any time is illegal. Looks like they are giving the fight to Shane.
Shane Ryan defeats Jesse Enns by TKO (referee stoppage due to unanswered blows) in Round 1, 0:24

Brydon Butt vs. Tyler Kneiss
Round 1: Tyler charges in and lands three big right Brydon starts swinging back and now both fighters are swinging for the fences. Tyler lands a hard left knocking Brydon down. Tyler jumps on Brydon taking his back. Tyler and Brydon start off hand fighting but Tyler eventually locks in the rear naked choke forcing the tap.
Tyler Kneiss submits Brydon Butt by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:52

Justin LaFrance vs. Rick Pfeifer
Round 1: Rick drives in with a one two combinations and lands a hard right that drops Justin. Justin stands back up but Rick immediately shoots for a takedown and winds up in mount but is quickly reversed. Rick locks in an arm triangle from the bottom and uses it to roll Justin and then take his back. Awesome. Justin recovers and the fighters stand up again. The fighters exchange right hands. Rick pins Justin against the cage but Justin is doing a lot of damage from the clinch with his back to cage by landing hard knees and right hooks. Rick drops down, picks Justin up and slams him down landing in side control. Rick transitions to Justin’s back but can’t lock in a choke before the round comes to a close.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Rick Pfeifer

Round 2: Rick lands a hard kick to the body then moves in a clinches up with Justin. Just is landing hard knees and from the clinch though. The fighters break and Rick pins Justin against the cage. Justin lands a few crushing knees and punches to the body before Rick takes him down. The fighters stand back up and Justin starts landing some hard leg kicks but Rick responds by taking him down again. Justing pushes him off and the fighters stand back up. Rick scores another huge takedown. Justin from the bottom throws out a weak attempt at an arm bar and Rick passes into side control. Justin recovers guard and the round ends with Rick in top position. This was a close round with Justin doing more damage but Rick scoring more takedowns.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Justin

Round 3: Justin lands a left and three hard right hands before Rick takes him down. Rick moves to mount and starts working for a shoulder lock. Rick sits up and is really close with the omoplata but Justin uses the cage to escape. Rick moves back to mount and attempts and arm bar. Justin is rolling out of the arm bar and Rick attempts a triangle but gives it up. The fighters stand back up and Rick takes Justin down again. Rick locks in a guillotine and pulls guard. He lets it go just before the bell rings. That was almost a 10-8 round for Rick.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Rick
Rick Pfeifer defeats Justin LaFrance by Unanimous Decision

Matt Kaiser vs. Gerallt Owen
Owen lands a right hand then rushes in for a takedown landing Matt’s guard. Matt immediately locks in a triangle which looks tight. Owen try’s to escape by standing up but Matt hooks his leg then starts attacking Owen’s arm from the triangle forcing Owen to tap.
Matt Kaiser submits Gerallt Owen by Arm Bar in Round 1, 0:59

Robin Combs vs. Chaleur Jones
Round 1: Chaleur charges is in and Robin circles and starts landing disciplined one two combinations. Robin looks a lot more comfortable on her feet than Chaleur. Robin lands a hard right. Robin lands a hard body kick and Chaleur throws a spinning back kick to Robin’s face but Robin defends. Chaleur shoots in for a takedown and eventually gets it. Robin immediately locks in an arm bar but Chaleur roles out and winds up in mount . Robin rolls on to her stomach and Chaleur takes her back. Chaleur is landing big punches to the body from top position which are really scoring. With ten seconds left Chaleur attempts an arm bar but Robin wasn’t truly in danger. This was a close round with Robin scoring on the feet and Chaleur on the ground.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Robin

Round 2: Robin lands a hard kick to the body and Chaleur lands one of her own. Robin lands two hard right straights that hit their mark. Chaleur is coming in with kicks to the lead leg and body but Robin is countering all day with straight rights which are throwing Chaleur off balance. Chaleur attempted a takedown but is obviously tired and Robin just shucks it off. Chaleur shoots this time driving Robin backwards but robin defends and lands a hard body kick. Chaleur is looking very tired and Robin is keeps landing that right hand. Robin starts to get a little more aggressive prompting Chaleur to clinch up and pull guard. Robin lands a punch to Chaleur’s head from top position and the referee warns her for the illegal blow. Robin lets Chaleur up as the round comes to a close.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Robin

Round 3: Chaleur starts with the kicks again and Robin moves forward with a one two combination. Chaleur is looking desperate for a takedown but is defending Robins jab well. Robin charges forward and lands a hard right hand. Robin lands a hard left straight and now goes to the body with her right hand visibly stunning Chaleur. Chaleur shoots for a takedown but is way too tired. Robin lands a kick to the body and the referee nearly stops the fight. Chaleur winces in pain. Robin is finding her range and getting more aggressive. She lands two more kicks to the body before the round is over.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Robin
Robin Combs defeats Chaleur Jones by Unanimous Decision

Jean-Marc DeGroot vs Keegan Oliver
Round 1: Keegan immediately shoots in for a double leg but DeGroot defends. Degroot lands a hard right hand in return. DeGroot lands another combination before Keegan shoots in on a single and takes DeGroot down landing in guard. Degroot locks in an omoplata and uses it to roll Keegan and winds up in mount. Keegan gives up his back and DeGroot responds by sinking in his hooks maintaining top position. Keegan rolls and recovers guard. Degroot moves forward and lands a few looping hooks. Keegan responds with a head kick that Degroot defends. The referee stops time and warns Keegan about kicking to the head which is not legal for amateur fighters. The action resumes with only ten seconds left in the fight.
Topmmanews scores the bout 10-9 DeGrout

Round 2: Keegan shoots in for a double but Degroot defends and the fighters separate. Degroot is swinging hard. Keegan takes Degroot down but Degroot immediately ties up Keegan and starts working for a triangle. Keegan is doing a good job defending the triangle and nearly passes to side control. Degroot recovers from Keegan’s attempt to pass guard and loks Keegan up with the rubber guard. Degroot is working for a Gogoplata his foot nearly slides under Keegans chin before the round comes to an end. Degroot won that round from the bottom!
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Degroot

Round 3: Keegan lands a big kick to the body. Degroot lands a hard left and Keegan takes Degroot down. Keegan is pinning Degroot against the cage inside Degroot’s guard but not much is happening. Keegan lands a few shots to the body and the referee stands the fighters up due to the stalemate. Keegan shoot in again but Degroot defends and lands a knee. Degroot comes in with a body kick that misses. Keegan counters with a right hand and takes the off balance Degroot down. Degroot starts working the rubber gaurd again then explods out of it and Keegan lets Degroot up again. Keegan shoots but Degroot defends with enough force to take Keegan down. Keegan reverses and winds up on top to close out the round.
Topmmanews scores the round 10-9 Oliver.
Keegan Oliver defeats Jean-Marc DeGroot by Split Decision

MacKenzie Senger (blue) vs Ryan Preston (red)
Round 1: Ryan opens the action with two massive left hooks that don’t find their mark. The fighters scramble and start swinging wildly. Ryan lands a few shots prompting Senger to move in for a clinch but he falls backwards and Ryan lands in side control. Ryan starts punching Senger in the head from side control which is illegal for amateur fighters. The referee separates the fighters and docks Ryan a point for illegal blows. The fight resumes and Ryan is again throwing nonstop haymakers. Senger avoids the heat by clinching with Ryan and pinning him against the cage. Against the cage Ryan bends over and literally gives Senger his neck. Senger obliges by locking in a front choke. Ryan drops to his knees and backs up in an attempt to escape. Senger rolls him over but still can’t force the submission. Senger was controlling Ryan’s position with the front chock attempt but Ryan didn’t look like he was in serious trouble.
Topmmanews scores the bout 10-9 Senger

Round 2: Ryan is breathing heavy after that flurry of haymakers in round  1. That doesn’t stop him though. Ryan charges in towards Senger with massive looping punches. Senger backs up against the cage and lands a kick to the body and Ryan responds with a heavy overhand right that connects. Senger moves in to clinch and then Ryan falls back rolls and gives up his back. Senger jumps on top, sinks in his hooks and begins to flatten out Ryan. Senger quickly locks in a rear naked choke forcing Ryan to tap.
Mackenzie Senger submits Ryan Preston by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 0:54

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