RITC 44 Results – Kilkenny Breaks Arm, MacArthur Wins


Rumble in the Cage is having its 44th show tonight in Lethbridge, Alberta. You can watch it live here. Here are the quick results:

Top MMA News Awards

  • KO of the Night – Brendan Blacquier
  • Sub of the Night – Brandon MacArthur
  • Fight of the Night – Brandt Dewsberry and Nolan Clark

Brandon MacArthur submits Dan Chambers by Guillotine Choke in Round 1
* did not catch the exact time, 20 something seconds

Moise Rimbon defeats Jared Kilkenny by TKO (Injury) in Round 1, :30
* Kilkenny tried to break his fall with his right arm when Rimbon was taking him down with a slam. It appeared that he broke his forearm.

Brandt Dewsberry defeats Nolan Clark by TKO (Strikes) in Round 2, 0:43
Brendan Blacquier defeats Rob Ryan by KO in Round 1, 1:05
Tim Tamaki defeats Jesse Seberg by TKO in Round 1, 1:16 (Kickboxing)
* Seberg drops like a rock every time he is touched. Most of the fight was 8 counts.

Allan Munroe defeats Maged Hammo by Unanimous Decision
Jordan Tracey defeats Ali Saif by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 2:23
Josh Kitchen defeats Jeff Johnston by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 3:43
Nathan Harrison submits Rylee McKay by Triangle Choke in Round 2
Miles Armstead defeats Kale Barr

**Thanks to Erin McDougall for providing the results from the first two fights!

23 Responses to “ RITC 44 Results – Kilkenny Breaks Arm, MacArthur Wins ”

  1. Clark had Dewsberry’s back for most of the first round. Dewsberry fought off the RNC pretty much for 4 minutes and came back to win.

    Seberg is embarassing.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Shitty deal for Kilkenny… hope to see him heal up soon and get back in the cage!

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  3. Alberta Jack says:

    Was it a big KO from Blacquier? Was Ryan out cold?

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  4. lady_luck says:

    maybe chambers shouldnt have been out drinkin the night before…

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  5. Ryan was out cold. Dewsberry was throwing those Lee Mein trademarked left and right hooks and one of the left caught him right on the chin.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:


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  7. Bdc says:

    Was he really out drinkin the night b4 ??

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  8. Jake204 says:

    What’s the deal with Seberg? I’ve seen him hit pads like a monster but shatters when touched? 0-6 in his last 6 fights. Poor guy! Best of luck bud!

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  9. Le Roi says:

    seeberg would take a dive if he was thumb wrestling

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  10. Dan chambers says:

    I wasn’t out fucking drinking the night before.. I was at home in bed at 10. I lost I’m not making excuses so don’t make them for me or say shit that isn’t true

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  11. harry balls says:

    Sorry for the loss, Dan. You WILL be drinking plenty if you come down for another Wreck show. I guarantee it.
    I was gonna ask about Seberg. He won his first fight, but has some Ebejer-like stats in the rest of his fights. I found some pics of him and he actually looks like he’s fit. Is he the same guy that caved to some leg kicks a while back?

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  12. Jake204 says:

    Yup. Same guy. I was actually watching him warm up leading up to his fight and thought man this guy is a monster. So yeah…I dunno man…

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  13. Joe Doerksen says:

    WTF??? You’re not supposed to drink before a fight?

    I’ve been doing it all wrong.

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  14. Brendan Blacquier says:

    anyone like dan wouldnt be out drinking before a fight he has had numerous fights and is a great friend and training partner and for you to say something like that is alittle offensive to the hard work he puts in at the gym. a loss is a loss but dan will come back even stronger and put another w under his belt.

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  15. Jake204 says:

    @Joe Doerksen LMAO! Classic. He fights for beers!

    It was a little busy the last time we had a drink my friend. Message me after you win your next fight and I’ll make it up. Thanks for helping me out with my event at Dylans. You’re definitely one of the nicest guys that likes punching peeps in the face!

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  16. McDooogs says:

    Dan Chambers is a f’n beast, a HUGE leader at the gym and an unreal person. Fuck the haters. He has not only paved the way for many up and comers at the CMC gym, but also for the sport as a whole… “Drinking?” Lol… thats what we get for JOKING around on Twitter (Dan, Hacksaw and I) about beers the day of weigh ins. People are always watching, filling in what they don’t know. Lame. Get a life.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Show some respect for Dan Chambers. Dude is still young but he’s been around having exciting fights for a LOOOONG time. Great fighter and great dude.

    Hi McDooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooogs!!!


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  18. Still a Dan Chambers fan! Great dude and fun fighter to watch.

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  19. mike kent says:

    Dan lost. Everyone loses ! Dans a beast who’s record doesn’t reflect what he’s capable of ! Tough guy ! From the sounds of it he just got caught . Could happen to anyone

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  20. Bdc says:

    Ya i highly doubt a guy like chambers would go drinkin the night before a fight!

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  21. McDooogs says:

    Lol… HI Robin!! :)

    Hacksaws KO was wicked! Awesome fight.

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  22. CM says:

    Seberg has taken his act to boxing. 15 seconds & 1 punch was all it took in his pro debut in Edmonton.


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