TUF 14: Episode 1 Recap


It’s season 14 and the Bantamweights and Featherweights are on the show with Mike Bisping and Jason Miller coaching the teams. As well, Winnipeg’s Roland Delorme is representing Canada on the show. Will he be the first Canadian TUF winner?

The episode opens up with Dana White in the cage at an empty Mandalay Bay venue. He explains that elimination bouts will be held. Lose and you don’t go to the house. He also explains that KO, Sub, or Fight of the Season gets $25,000 and will be voted on by fans.
He then introduces Mike Bisping and Mayhem Miller.

135 – Josh Ferguson vs Casey Dyer
Ferguson lands a bunch of left jabs and then drops Dyer with an overhead right. GNP and stopped in under 20 seconds.
Josh Ferguson defeats Casey Dyer by TKO in Round 1

145 – Diego Brandao vs Jesse Newell
Leg kick by Brandao. Newell steps in with punches before being taken down by Brandao. Diego gets Newell’s back but they get to there feet. Brandao clips him with a left that drops him. He flies onto Newell with a flying forearm drop that KOs him.
Diego Brandao defeats Jesse Newell by KO in Round 1

135 – John Dodson vs Brandon Merkt
Merkt throwing at air while Dodson is landing leg kicks. Dodson has the crisp strikes. Dodson lands a knee to the midsection and continues to push the pace. Dodson lands a hard left body shot, follows up with lefts to the head and TKOs Merkt at the 3:24 mark.
John Dodson defeats Brandon Merkt by TKO in Round 1

145 – Dennis Bermudez vs Jimmie Rivera
Big right by Rivera to start things off. Then he goes for a single. Rivera pushes Bermudez against the cage and throws some rights. They break and Rivera is winning the standup with accurate striking. The two trade and Bermudez gets dropped with a right. Rivera gets Bermudez’ back. Still on his back and Bermudez stands up. Rivera finally slips off and the trade in the middle of the cage. A left connects with the Bermudez’ head and he stumbles to the ground. Rivera gets his back again but can’t sink the choke.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Rivera

Bermudez looks fresher but he is eating a few counter lefts then Dennis lands a left that puts Rivera down. Now Bermudez has Rivera’s back with both hooks in. Bermudez with the back mount ground and pounding and wins by TKO.
Dennis Bermudez defeats Jimmie Rivera by TKO in Round 2

135 – BJ Ferguson vs Roland Delorme
The two trade and Delorme gets the choke on while standing and lands a few knees. Ferguson gets the single and puts Delorme on his back. Delorme works his way to his feet and lands a left hook. Ferguson works the single but Delorme has his arm. Roland transitions to a Triangle and and Ferguson taps. Delorme shouts that he’s “In the fucking house!” Awesome sub by the Canadian. He warns that if “you take me down, you might be choked unconcious.”
Roland Delorme submits BJ Ferguson by Triangle Choke in Round 1

145 – Marcus Brimage vs Bryson Wailehua-Hansen
Big shots by Brimage to answer Hansen’s leg kicks. Brimage has his leg kick caught by Hansen who pushes him against the cage. Hansen body lock takes him down and works to get Brimage on his back. Brimage with nice punches from below. Brimage gives up his back and Hansen sets the hooks. Brimage lands some decent punches while Hansen has his back. Brimage turns into Hansen’s guard. Hansen eats a bunch of shots as he gets up. Knees and punches land by Brimage. Head kick lands on a shoulder and Brimage is hurting Hansen bad. Hansen has a good chin and takes Brimage’s best shots. Brimage continues landing at will and Hansen is almost out on his feet.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Brimage

Brimage lands to start the round again. He lands kicks and continuously blasts him with punches. Mazagatti stops this one while Hansen is standing. Good stoppage.
Marcus Brimage defeats Bryson Wailehua-Hansen by TKO in Round 2

135 – Carson Beebe vs Johnny Bedford
Chase Beebe’s brother wants to make a name for himself against a 35 fight veteran. Beebe immediately gets put on his back by Bedford but Beebe escapes. Beebe pushing Bedford against the cage and the two crash to the ground. These two seem very even on the ground so they start trading on the feet. Beebe landing the better shots including a stiff right that tells Bedford to get this to the mat. Nice knee by Bedford. Beebe goes for a Guillotine but Bedford gets to his feet calmly. Nice kick by Bedford that does not even make Beebe flinch. Stiff left jab by Beebe. Uppercut by Bedford lands and a hard overhand right. A right stumbles Beebe and Bedford rushes for the choke and taps Beebe out.
Johnny Bedford submits Carson Beebe by Guillotine late in Round 1

135 – Dustin Pague vs Tateki Matsuda
Very quick pace to start with Pague much taller than his Japanese foe. Matsuda throws great kicks low and high. Pague is game and lands a nice spinning back fist thta Matsuda shakes off. Pague gets Matsuda’s back but slips off. Matsuda on top now and lands a forearm and some nice lefts.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Matsuda

More kicks by Matsuda but Pague blocks them. Matsuda goes for a single and gets Pague’s back. Side control now by Matsuda who lands right elbows. Pague back on feet works body and drops Matsuda with a left. Pague on top now but Matsuda lands a nice up kick. Pague gets half and lands some forearms.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Pague
Dustin Pague defeats Tateki Matsuda by Majority Decision (19-19, 20-18 x 2)

Fight Highlites
135 – Paul McVeigh vs Louis Gaudinot
Green haired Gaudinot faces Scotland’s McVeigh. Fight goes three rounds. In round 3, Gaudinot lands a back elbow that rocks McVeigh and almost stops him before last bell goes.
Louis Gaudinot defeats Paul McVeigh by Unanimous Decision (3 rounds)

145 – Eric Marriott vs Bryan Caraway
Dana White says Caraway played it safe on top to win his way to the house.
Bryan Caraway defeats Eric Marriott by Unanimous Decision

145 – Dustin Neace vs Josh Clopton
Bisping and White both think Clopton won. Bisping does say Neace was on top at the end of the round and judges love that.
Dustin Neace defeats Josh Cloption by Unanimous Decision

135 – Matt Jaggers vs TJ Dillashaw
Left by Dillashaw to start things off and misses with high kick. Dillashaw has some quick strikes. Leg kick by Dillashaw is answered with a straight right. Dillashaw lands an overhand right. Jaggers has a bleeding nose. Jaggers opens up and lands a combo. Dillashaw hands are low. Dillashaw gets into Jaggers’s guard and lands some solid punches from the position. Full mount but Jaggers escapes to his feet. Jaggers lands a jab on a tired Dillashaw. Left catches Dillashaw who takes Jaggers down and lands in side control and mounts, but Jaggers pushes him off. Big elbow by Dillashaw and Dillashaw finishes Jagger with a few more just before the end of the round.
TJ Dillashaw defeats Matt Jaggers by TKO in late Round 1

145 – Steven Siler vs Micah Miller
Siler takes on Cole Miller’s brother who is a four time WEC vet. White calls Miller a favorite and crosses Siler’s name off before the fight even starts. Siler starts strong and takes Miller down. Second round Siler is winning but takes Miller down again. Third round Siler submits Micah Miller with a Guillotine.
Steven Siler submits Micah Miller by Guillotine Choke in Round 3

135 – John Albert vs Orville Smith
Bisping says Albert was kicking Smith’s ass and was putting combos together. Albert took Smith down and Rear Naked Chokes out Smith.
John Albert submits Orville Smith by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1

145 – Stephen Bass vs Karsten Lenjoint
Back and forth war. Lenjoint gases in the second. Bass submits him with a Triangle.
Stephen Bass submits Karsten Lenjoint by Triangle in Round 2

145 – Brian Pearman vs Akira Corassani
Pearman lands a decent combo. Corassani is a strong dude who tries to throw Pearman to the ground. Pearman has good standup. Pearman takes him down and locks in a D’Arce. Pearman drops an elbow but Corassani stands up. Corassani tries for a choke and then the two exchange hard shots. Corassani with a knee and the two work each other in the clinch. Spinning back fist catches Pearman and Corassini follows up with some hard shots and he wobbles Pearman. Pearman takes Corassini’s best shots and finally Corassini crumbles and the fight is over.
Akira Corassini defeats Brian Pearman by TKO in Round 1

White likes all the finishes and congratulates the guys for making the house.

14 Responses to “ TUF 14: Episode 1 Recap ”

  1. Rolly looked good! Congrats to him.

    Surprised Miller lost. That is a huge upset.

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  2. Jake204 says:

    Here is the link to Rolly’s fight! Congrats!

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  3. Rob says:

    Too bad that Wooley and Fraser didn’t make the cut. Haggis Basher would have took this show, just sayin.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Congrats Rolly.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Congrats to Delorme

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    I never watched, but some big names got eliminated, damn!

    Rivera, Beebe, McVeigh,Jaggers, Miller…

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  7. BigBoi says:

    I thought Tateki and Cloption both got robbed. Tateki was way more active and aggressive regardless of where the fight was. Cloption won 4:30 of both of those rounds (possibly more) and I don’t see how ending up on top for a quick flurry of nothing should get you the win.

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  8. Tyler Davis says:

    Great job roland, bjj clinic

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  9. Jamie Locke says:

    I agree with Big on the Cloption robbery. The Tateki fight was much closer though, could have gone either way.

    Great premier, congrats to our token Canuck Delorme! Lets see some more of those slick subs in your next ones.

    Looking forward to this season, little guys are always exciting!

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  10. WCH says:

    Im Just glad they have to fight to get into the house again. Looks like some good talent this year.

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  11. harry balls says:

    Decent fights. I thought the Micah Miller bit came off as canned. But I’m glad he lost anyways.

    I’m not crazy about them putting guys like him, Phan, Danzig or Lauzon (esp Lauzon; he’d actually had a UFC fight. Against the coach of his season no less. And won). But it looks like these guys can scrap.
    And I am delighted DeLorme beat a guy with a Bad Boy tattoo. Almost as corny as the Tapout tatt….

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  12. EPerez says:

    He said ‘WAMMA’s in the fkn house’

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  13. canadx says:

    dana white makes megamillions and gives out very small checks. Something’s wrong here- very wrong.

    ccccccome on! a huge revenue and peanuts for the fighter!

    I look a nfl paying $100m to a qb and ufc is in the same revenue catogory as these football clubs.

    Ok, so nfl has gone contract crazy, but the purse sizes in ufc are down there with a legion smoker nite level. Share some $$$ dana!

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