School of Hard Knocks 14 Weigh-In Results


Hard Knocks Fighting Championships will crown it’s first ever Champion with the main event of School of Hard Knocks 14, and on Thursday all fighters were cleared on their first attempt. Andrew Buckland weighed in first at 169.5 lbs and Keto Allen followed at 171 lbs. Buckland’s camp attempted to have Allen try and cut the additional pound, but the Commissioner responded that the one-pound allowance was for title fights as well as non-title fights.

All the other fighters, save Shane Ryan, weighed in within their alloted limits. Ryan weighed in at 197 lbs to Jesse Enns’ 190.5 lbs for their 195 lbs fight. Ryan said after that since Enns came in at 190.5 there was a less than 7 pound difference and their fight could proceed without him cutting the additional pound.

School of Hard Knocks 14 goes down at the Century Casino on Friday September 23rd, doors at 6pm, fights at 7pm.  Fans outside of Calgary can watch the show on Internet PPV.

Complete Weigh-in Quick Results:

Keto Allen 171lbs v. Andrew Buckland – 169.5 lbs
*there is some question as to whether he must cut the final pound but the commission decides he does not

Steve Hodgson – 184.5 lbs v. Elias Theodorou – 183.5 lbs
Aaron Gallant – 168.5 lbs v. Matt Krayco – 167.5 lbs
Jordan Murray – 198 lbs v. Jared McComb – 200 lbs

Shane Ryan – 197 lbs v. Jesse Enns – 190.5 lbs
*because there was a less than 7 pound difference in weight (w/ Enns being .5 lbs over 190) Ryan will not have to lose the extra weight.

Tyler Kniess – 149.5 lbs v. Brydon Butt – 155.5 lbs
Gerrallt Owen – 153 lbs v. Matt Kaiser – 156 lbs
Chaleur Jones -128 lbs v. Robin Comb – 129 lbs
Keegan Oliver – 124 lbs v. Jean-Marc DeGroot – 123 lbs
Ryan Preston – 164.5 lbs v. MacKenzie Senger – 167.5 lbs
Rick Pfeifer -135.5 lbs v. Justin LaFrance -134.5


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5 Responses to “ School of Hard Knocks 14 Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Gunner says:

    how the hell can rules just be adjusted and adapted to the situation at hand??


    What the F@#% does with in 7 lbs have to do with anything?

    Sorry bad morning but F$%^ me with horse shit

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  2. Joe Doerksen says:

    Gunner I agree about the title figh, not consistent with other commissions.

    The seven pound difference, they’re both technically in the LHW division, so I kinda get it.

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  3. kid lightning says:

    gunner gets grumpy when he doesn’t drink!xoxo gunner. why do ppl try to make weight these days. so many ppl miss the target. let’s just start drawing straws!

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Buckland will take the title regardless of the lb.

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  5. I think Keto slams his way to the title.

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