Summum Fight 6 Recap


In the midst of a two loss skid, Kevin ‘the Maniac’ Lampron returned Saturday at Summum Fight 6 to defend his amateur Welterweight title against Jonathan ‘the Raging Warrior’ Roblin, an opponent with a similarly intense fighting style.

Since winning the title at Summum 4 in May with a dominant 1st round submission of Jeff Blake, Lampron had dropped a close split decision to Jeremy Capony in June, followed by a decision loss to Rob Nickerson in July.

Coming off two months of intense training and headlining an event for the first time, Lampron, 18, appeared heavily focused on recapturing his winning ways as he entered the ring Saturday night with the Summum belt around his waist. Roblin, 24, most recently seen earning a decision win in April, looked equally hungry to take the title away from him.

Much to the delight of the 400 or so fans at Le Skratch bar in Repentigny, the battle proved an exciting affair, both fighters showing up in full force. Half-way between their home bases, the event’s location contributed to a division in the vociferous crowd’s support, contributing to the tension as the closely contested fight went the distance.

Julien Dumont served as referee for the evening’s nine bouts. Sanctioned by the ‘Federation Quebecoise de Boxe Mixte Amateur’ (FQBM), Saturday’s fights took place under amateur rules. On top of being in a ring, the three rounds are two minutes each (three minutes for title fights). Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads. Elbow and knee strikes, hammer-fists, and submissions involving twisting (e.g. heel hooks), are prohibited.

Full Results (weight divisions in bold, FC= Fight Club):
175Kevin Lampron (Kanreika FC) def. Jonathan Roblin (Team Barbarian) via unanimous judges’ decision. Lampron successfully defends his Summum welterweight title.
– Running at a high intensity from the opening bell, the fighters traded widly on their feet to start, before moving to the clinch. Out of the struggle for position, Roblin eventually landed a takedown, ending up in half-guard. Soon after Lampron swept him, and landed punches on him from his feet. After Roblin got up, Lampron hit him with an uppercut. Soon after back in the clinch, the fighters traded short punches and kicks until Lampron got a takedown, pushing Roblin into the ropes on either side of the ring on way to finding the momentum to get him to the ground. Roblin attempted a gogoplata from the bottom, but Lampron escaped as time ran out.

The fighters traded hooks early in the 2nd, before tying up in the clinch for much of the round. During a brief open period, Lampron managed to land a right hook, while Roblin hit back with a short kick to the head as they furiously exchanged. Again caught in the clinch soon after, Lampron nearly landed a takedown. Soon after, slipping behind Roblin, he attempted to drag him to the ground, only to have Roblin illegally hold the ropes to stay standing. Undeterred, Lampron finished the round by planting Roblin with a belly-to-back suplex.

The final round again saw the fighters trading, Lampron landing a right straight and a right hook. From the clinch, both manged to land punches to the head. Roblin attacked with a body kick, which Lampron caught, but failed to convert into a takedown. Lampron went back to his right hook, and Roblin fired back with kicks. After trading more in the clinch, Lampron connected with two more rights as time ran out. The bout ended with the fighters swinging punches at each other, and embracing after the bell.

Following the fight, the crowd loudly expressed their appreciation of the action. The decision, delivered with great gusto by announcer Eric Emard, gave Lampron the unanimous decision win. Though the fight was close throughout, especially in the 3rd,  he looked to have done enough to win each of the rounds.

With the win, Lampron evened his amateur record to 3-3. The loss dropped Roblin to 3-2-1.

Speaking after the fight, Lampron said he’d be keeping busy in the near future, expecting to fight at Fightquest 19 on October 15th against Zander McComber, at Summum 7 on October 29th to defend his title against Bruno-Pierre Dubois, and at EFL 3 a week later on November 5th, where he’ll rematch Jeremy Capony.

185Jonathan Rios Desjardins (Kanreika FC) submits David Provost (O’Gym/Dojo Kenergie) via arm-bar at 1:54 of Round 1.
– In the evening’s only bout north of welterweight, the action took place mostly on the ground. Sprawling an early Desjardins takedown attempt, Provost eventually ended up in full mount, before moving to Desjardin’s back. Desjardins later managed to escape, turning Provost over, and moving from side control to full mount. After attempting to land punches, Desjardins’s corner instructed him to go for an arm-bar instead, just as the ten-second clap was sounded. Without missing a beat, Desjardins rotated the requisite ninety degrees, extended the submission, and got the tap.

With the win, the 29 year-old Desjardins improves to 3-3 as an amateur.

155Miky Houle (Kanreikai FC) def. Moe Kazi (GAMMA) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– Sporting diametrically opposed demeanours, Houle moving with his usual swagger, Kazi calm and relaxed, the fighters also brought different styles to the ring. Kazi repeatedly looked to take the fight to the ground, especially when being hit, while Houle enjoyed a visible advantage in the stand-up department.

In the 1st, Kazi twice got Houle to the ground with takedowns, but never got past side-control. On the feet, Houle managed to connect with kicks to the body and head. Houle let his hands go in the 2nd, combining his punches with kicks, though Kazi did manage to block a fair amount of the shots. Though Houle worked to sprawl him, Kazi managed to make it to half-guard after a takedown attempt, only to be swept. On top, Houle chose to stand up, throwing some ground and pound from his feet towards the end of the round. The final round saw Houle land a push kick and several left hooks, while Kazi hit back with a left straight, and more takedown attempts, making it no further than Houle’s guard after for the most part being sprawled.

Houle gained the unanimous decision, the judges likely rewarding his stand-up aggression over Kazi’s limited gains on the ground. With the win, the ever-active Houle improves to 7-4 as an amateur.

Maxime Martens (Team Barbarian) submits Hugo Boisvert (Kanreikai FC) via arm-bar at 1:07 of Round 2.
– After almost connecting with a head-kick early in the fight, Boisvert landed a takedown, before nearly getting caught in an arm-bar as he threw down punches from Martens’s open guard. After getting hit with body punches, Martens swept to top position, achieving full mount. Boisvert powered his way up back into Marten’s guard, landing some punches as time ran out. In the 2nd, Boisvert again landed a takedown, but made the same mistake as in the 1st, throwing punches as Martens had his legs up, this time fully getting caught in an arm-bar, being turned over onto his back, and soon after tapping out.

Xavier Aloui (JKS) def. Junior Lantin (Kanreikai FC) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– Aggressive from the get-go, Aloui landed an early takedown, locked in a body triangle on Lantin, and worked for a rear-naked choke. Lantin successfully resisted, eventually turning over into Aloui’s guard as time ran out. In the 2nd round, Aloui again took Lantin to the ground with a trip takedown, landing a few head punches from half-guard. The action later went back to the feet, at which point Lantin landed a short single-leg takedown, staying in Aloui’s guard until the end of the round. The 3rd round saw Aloui connecting on the feet before once more landing a takedown, moving to the north-south position, and attempting a reverse triangle choke from mount with his legs, to no avail.

Jonathan De Smet (Team Barbarian) submits Jonathan Bibeau (Kanreikai FC) via rear-naked choke at 1:41 of Round 2.
– Battling each other at lightning fast speed, De Smet and Bibeau began the fight exchanging on their feet. De Smet landed left and right hooks, while Bibeau hit back with a head kick and jab before landing a takedown. De Smet attempted a guillotine from his back, which Bibeau escaped, before getting caught in an arm-bar that he survived by holding on for the round’s final ten seconds. In the 2nd, De Smet got to full mount, before spending a long period on Bibeau’s back. Finally getting solid control, De Smet locked in a rear-naked choke, turned Bibeau over, and got the tap.

Jason Fontaine (Academie Pro Star) submits Yannick Moreau (Team Barbarian) via guillotine choke at 1:13 of Round 2.
– Coming off a 13 second submission win two weeks earlier at EFL 2, Fontaine again looked solid, landing two takedowns on Moreau in the 1st, before repeatedly finding a home for his right straights to finish the round. Fontaine finished in the 2nd, landing another takedown, before getting Moreau in an anaconda choke, which he then transitioned into a guillotine for the finish.

After improving to 3-0 as an amateur with the win, Fontaine offered a rematch to Hugo Boisvert post-fight. Boisvert’s camp appeared to accept, with the fight likely to take place at EFL 4 in December. Their original encounter was a closely fought Fontaine decision win at EFL 1.

160Peter Grajcar (MMAFA) def. Dave Yanakis Ladouceur (Kanreikai FC) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– Pro fighter Denis Kang (34-14-2), celebrating his 34th birthday Saturday, cornered Grajcar, who was in the driver’s seat throughout most of the bout. In the 1st, Grajcar hit Ladouceur with a head kick, an uppercut to the body, and a right straight, before ending up in side control delivering punches. Grajcar locked in an arm-bar in the 2nd, which Ladouceur eventually escaped. Back on their feet, Grajcar continued to outland, before finishing the round with another takedown. Continuing to pick Ladouceur apart on the feet in the 3rd, Grajcar hit a big superman punch, an uppercut, another superman punch followed by a head kick, and a takedown towards the end of the round.

130Sam De Balke (Tapout Training Center) def. Matthew Calabro-Adams (Team Barbarian) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– In the evening’s opening bout, De Balke controlled most of the way through, spending much of the 1st round in Calabro-Adam’s guard throwing body shots after a takedown, outlanding him on the feet in the 2nd and getting another takedown, and in the 3rd landing some ground-and-pound after hitting an early takedown.

Cancelled Fights
170 –
Yannick Fleury (Team Barbarian) v. Mario Brière (Studio 62) – Injury (Brière)
– Yan Béliveau (Team Barbarian) v. Dan Bechamp (100% Martial Arts) – No Show (Bechamp)

By schools, here’s how the win-loss records for the night came out
Académie Pro Star (1-0)
JKS (1-0)
MMAFA (1-0)
Tapout Training Center (1-0)
Kanreikai FC (3-4)
Team Barbarian (2-3)
GAMMA (0-1)
O’Gym/Dojo Kenergie (0-1)

Pro heavyweight Robert Masson (1-2), last seen on the receiving end of a Lenard Terrance highlight reel head kick KO at Ringside 10, was in attendance at the event. Per the fighter, he’s considering a return to the cage in early 2012.

Summum returns to Le Skratch in Repentigny for its seventh event Saturday, October 29th.

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