Penner Discusses Win over Chemelli


Nick Penner

Nick Penner talks with Top MMA News‘ Cody Bargholz regarding his Aggression MMA 8 fight. Penner talks about his thoughts on Tim Chemelli and what is next for him.

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  1. Tyler Meyers says:

    Great win Penner. Thought you were going to finish it early.

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  2. Dean Panas says:

    Nick got his hands checked out yesterday. There was a bone dislocated in his right hand that was pinching a nerve. As soon as the doctor put the bone back in place he felt instant relief. The left hand also had a small bone dislocated at the back of the hand. This bone was turned at a 90 degree angle and was causing major pain and swelling. He damaged the left in the first round and things he did the right in the second round.

    The results were very positive and a huge relief for Nick! He was convinced the left hand was broken. He will be back in the gym this week and will hopefully be able to use his hands in 2-3 weeks.

    I want to thank Keith, Don, Cody R., and Cody B. for all the coverage you have given Nick on the site. It is greatly appreciated!! Sorry for walking in and ruining the interview. I know what a pain it is when a jackass walks into the middle of things. My head was in a different place at the time.

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  3. Edmonton MMA says:

    Great to hear! What a role modal for our sport, hope he goes far!

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  4. Mmafan87 says:

    Penner is my idol!!!

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