KOTC: Chiller – Official Results


Here are the official King of the Cage quick results for the first sanctioned MMA show ever in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. Special Thanks to Jay Parr and Orest Zmyndak for sending in the results.

Quick Results:
Zach Blaber defeats Elmer Waterhen by Split Decision (30-27, 27-30, 29-28)
Adam MacDonald defeats Nick Campbell by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:03
Tyler Davis submits Patrick Besarra by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 1:01
Behrang Yousefi submits Marc Savoie by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1:09
Danny Doig submits Leo Constant by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 3:11
Matt Knysh submits James McGrath by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 0:21
Bobby Kalmakoff submits Greg Large by Strikes in Round 1, 2:33
Matt Jelly defeats Nolan Nelson by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 2:33

42 Responses to “ KOTC: Chiller – Official Results ”

  1. Trent says:

    bobby k won his fight in under 2 mins he says! 2 legit wins for him now congrats

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  2. Kate winny says:

    Nice to know that Matt u r win :)

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  3. John says:

    Yousefi!!! Why was I worried at all!

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Adam McDonald seems to be tearing it up at 205lbs! 3-0 now? Who’s next?

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Congrats to Matt Knysh good work man!

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Same to you Tyler Davis. Congrats.

    And congrats to all the fighters on a good show.

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  7. Bdc says:

    Whats with the split dec? How did that fight go

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  8. Blackout says:

    no pics yet huh? better luck next time leo, good one though. and Elmer too, next time man.

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  9. Blackout says:

    better luck next time Leo and Elmer. Cant wait for the pics

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  10. Jake says:

    Congratulations to Adam MacDonald for the awesome win!!!

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, I hate seeing those splits where one judge sees it 30-27 for one guy and anoth 30-27 for the other guy.

    Is one judge right oout to lunch, or were the two different angles of the fight THAT different?

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  12. ares says:

    sounds like my fight one judge said 30-27 for me one said 30-27 for elmer … congrats blaber!

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  13. talievero says:

    Adam Macdonald is so powerful! He put on a really good show!
    What a night… we are so proud of him!! Good job Adam!!

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  14. Tyler Davis says:

    Waterhen had a crazy brawl great fight guys, great card to be a part of.crazy weekend in NWT

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  15. Jake204 says:

    Adam MacDonald will most likely be fighting again in November.

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  16. wch says:

    Way to go Matt!!

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  17. Tyler Davis says:

    Ya 21 seconds!!!

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  18. Mike Davis says:

    Amazing time up there, Weigh ins started right on time and ran smooth, show started only 15 minutes late!!! and just cause a line up was still out side. Ran so smooth and blew me away cause it is KOTC in a new town but ran smoother then any show I have been a part of in a long time. Fighters where treated great in town and by its people. Crowd was loud and crazy the whole event, venue was nice and full of screaming people. Only complaint I have is maybe a little to crazy of time as fans really did not like Tyler cause he fought home town boy and wow we did not come out to many nice words lol. And the smoke machine was too much.

    Kynsch did a great job and did everything we went over in back room, hes going win a few in a row now trust me he looked great. B-Tang is just a beast!!!! and well brother did great as well handled the bad guy roll fine and pissed off a lot of people against a tough as nails guys.

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  19. Tyler Davis says:

    my feelings got hurt in the process. :(

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  20. Here are the judges and their scores for the Blaber/Waterhen bout:

    Andy Social 27- 30 Waterhen, Brian Caines 30-27 Blaber, Tom Collins 29-28 Blaber

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  21. Bobby Karimi says:

    congrats to Zach!

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  22. Justsayin says:

    Sounds like it was a good show!

    Congrats to Matt, Tyler and of course B-Tang!!

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  23. Mike Davis says:

    Zach and Elmer was a very good fight and ended off a great show. Close fight as is was a lot of time just kinda how judges scored fight Elmer hurt Zach on feet and landed more but Zach got the take downs and positions. Just have to say hats off to Elmer taking that fight cause Zach defiantly had a good size advantage and that counted when they hit the ground.

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  24. Dave Mah says:

    General thoughts on the show:

    It was one of the better KOTC shows of the past few years. It ran very smoothly, all of the fights were entertaining (even though there were a few quick ones), and this was the best crowd I’ve seen in awhile. Right from the opening bell they were into it, and that makes a huge difference towards the feel of the show.

    It was nice to be in a place that doesn’t take the live MMA experience for granted. Everyone treated us very well and really appreciated us being there. It’s a nice town and wouldn’t hesitate booking my fighters on a show there again. Elmer and I would like to thank the city of Yellowknife for having us, it was an excellent experience.

    We would also like to congratulate Mr. Blaber on his win. It was a very fun and entertaining fight! The crowd was going bonkers!

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  25. Tyler Davis says:

    Ya great crowd….although I was hated on lol, still better than a silent crowd. Really enjoyed yellowknife, p.s. did I mention the elmer fight was CRAZY way to live up to the main event guys

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  26. Tyler…how did you score the main event?

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  27. Tyler Davis says:

    Well I’m totally biased toward waterhen cause he is a f#@$ing warrior, but blaber did score some very clean shots which rocked elmer and I agree with the dec. But butally close fight.who kept the time…..b tang is looking for you. We had bets whoever had quicker wins get drinks paid for and officially I was quicker than b tang but upon closer review my fight was over two minutes where as his was a legit 61 seconds……I still made him buy me beer muhahaha

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  28. Tyler Davis says:

    Mike hit the nail on the head when he said the striking was pretty even matched,but when it hit the ground the size adv was clearly evident. Waterhen score a huge body kick which I’m sure could have ended the fight if he followed up, but blaber landed many 1,2 combos which landed clean. Waterhen showed unbelivable heart getting out of some of the submissions zach put on(rnc and I saw an anaconda attempt) can’t say enough bout this great fight

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  29. Robin Black says:

    I’m a big Elmer Waterhen fan over here too, dude certainly is a warrior.

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  30. harry balls says:

    Hey WRECK guys, any chance of getting Elmer on a card out here?

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  31. Cryin Brains says:

    Did anyone find out who the naked guy was running around the hotel.

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  32. Matthew Jelly says:

    It was a blast to take a nice trip up north and just fight and check out the area. Sweet crowd, yellowknife was an awesome host.

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  33. Zach B says:

    oh yes we found out who it was !!!! that comment just made my day !!!

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  34. Tyler Davis says:

    How could two judges see the fight as a clear win for either guy? I had 29-28 blaber, what was andy smoking? Zach clearly had domminace of the ground game with sub attempts and always ending up in a great position. As well as rocking waterhen several times. And yes we all found out who naked guy was at the airport lol yellowknife……what a weekend of debochery…..is that how you spell that?

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  35. Tyler Davis says:

    Lemon JELLY!!!

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  36. Matthew Jelly says:

    saved by the boiency of citris!

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  37. Cryin Brains says:

    Props to the guy that was rapping at the intermission. He did a great intro for MacDonald. Anybody know his name, he was excellent.

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  38. Jake204 says:

    The rapper’s name is Godson from YK. Adam MacDonald will probably fight once more before the year ends.

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  39. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Adam again. He’s doing well and there is plenty of room for talented lhw’s in Canada.

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  40. Jake204 says:

    If anyone is interested KOTC: Chiller will be televised tonight on CHCH channel. I’m not sure if you guys have this on your network but here is the website you guys can check it to see if your provider carries it>>> http://www.chch.com/index.php/chch-tv-shedule

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  41. Cryin Brains says:


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  42. Zach B says:

    i dont think it is this saturday !!! Orest said it had to go to the US and be voiced over !!!!

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