Armageddon Fighting Championship 7 – Victoria – November 5


Date: November 5, 2011
Location: Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria, BC
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Main Event:
170lbs- Derek Medler (6-0) vs. Brian Grimshaw (6-1)
170lbs- Karl Bergen (4-0) vs TBA
265lbs- Paul Cheng (1-0) vs. Peter Nolan (1-0)
205lbs- Nathan Swayze (1-2) vs. Brad Robinson (0-1)
145lbs- Tristan Connelly (2-2) vs. Matt Trudeau (1-0)

Amateur Card:
145lbs- Tyler Dolby vs. Shane Jung
130lbs- Jean Marc de Groot vs. James Pratt
140lbs- Blake McVittie vs. Craig McLean
170lbs- Sanjeev Sharma vs. Dustin Porter
150lbs- Guy Gauthier vs. Johnny Williams
155lbs- Dillon Brown vs. Ron Pierce
170lbs- Stephan Bigauskas vs. Gean Allard
145lbs- Joel Conway vs. Ty Daggis

33 Responses to “ Armageddon Fighting Championship 7 – Victoria – November 5 ”

  1. Update: Added Alexi Argyriou

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  2. Robin Black says:


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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added Karl Bergen, Tristan Connelly, Nathan Swayze, Tyler Lynk and Tyler Dolby

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    You coming out for this one Robin?

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  5. Darren Owen says:

    Just to confirm, some of the fights are amatuer. Opponent for Bergen is Adam Smith 3-0 Revolution. Nathan Swayze vs Brad Robinson @205. I’ll fill you in with all the ammy matchups soon. We love Robin Black!!!

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  6. Darren Owen says:

    Also news to come very soon regarding Robert Drysdale, however he won’t be fighting on this card. He has a previous engagement he can’t miss, look for his return at AFC 8.

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  7. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    I heard that Bryan Rafiq is not on this card.

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  8. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    And he fights at 185lbs I could be wrong though

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  9. Darren Owen says:

    Rafiq is out, replacement should be confirmed tomorrow.
    Bergen vs Adam Smith 3-0 (Revolution Langley)
    Connelly vs Matt Trudeau 1-0 (Dynamic MMA)
    Paul Cheng 1-0 (Clinch) vs Peter Nolan 1-0(Xtreme T.O.) @265
    Swayze vs Brad Robinson 0-1 @205
    Very close to adding 1 more pro fight. The rest will be amatuer. Both Lynk and Dolby have applied to be reinstated to amatuer status.

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  10. canadx says:

    Card is firming up. Bear Arena is Greater Victoria’s best sports center along with the sports field and golf courses.

    Victoria facilities are dying on the vine from poor management.

    The sight lines at the Bear are good and its easy for the crowd to get into it.

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  11. Darren Owen says:

    Update, Hinchliffe vs Andrey Koreshkov 6-0 from Russia.

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATE: Added updated fight card

    Darren, are the Lynk and Dolby fights the only amateur bouts so far or is Argyriou also fighting as an amateur?

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  13. Updated entire amateur card.

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  14. Jamie Locke says:

    Bergen vs Smith is a very interesting fight. Looking forward to another great AFC.

    Cool to see AFC starting up their own amateur circuit.

    With BFL and AFC both having high production amateur opportunities on their shows, BC fighters will be getting all the experience they need to really make their mark on the Canadiabn scene once they turn pro.

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  15. Update: Nick Hinchliffe is out with pneumonia.

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  16. Update: Alexi Argyiou out with injury, Mike Hill from Toshido replaces Adam Smith

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  17. Jamie Locke says:

    Good fight, solid replacement.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    I’m so confused with all the changes! Oh well it will still be an awesome show!

    Robin are you coming out?

    Is Nick really out?

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  19. Darren Owen says:

    Nick has a lung infection and unfortunatly is out, I’m very close to signing a very solid replacement fight that I’m sure our fans will really appreciate.

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  20. Darren Owen says:

    Sanjeev Sharma vs Dustin Porter
    Webb is out
    Lynk is out
    Guy Gauthier vs Johnny Williams
    Joel Conway vs Ty Daggis

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  21. mike kent says:

    What weight was nicks fight ? Ill come out and fight lol

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  22. Joe Doerksen says:

    Mike, you need a manager.

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  23. harry balls says:

    The Harry Balls Agency would like to make you an offer, Mike.

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  24. Jana says:

    Geeeeez, I told him that months ago :)

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  25. Mma fan says:

    Good old Mike, much respect brother. Hope you can find your way west!

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  26. mike kent says:

    I actually got a great manager that finds me fights( 7 this year) lol and have someone begininng to work with me to get me fights out west. I just have something wrong with me and everytime I see that someone drops out of a fight I feel it should be me replacing them. I’d have as many fights as joe deorkson by the end of 2012 if anybo dy listened to me . I don’t know why I get the urge to fill every TBA that’s every been posted . I have a problem :S . Everytime I post on here saying ill fight someone I’m simultaneously texting my manager believe me he hates me too lol

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  27. Joe Doerksen says:

    Well let’s see if I can help…

    CFM has a show in Winnipeg in Nov. Someone get this guy a fight in MB, so he shuts up for two minutes!

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  28. mike kent says:

    I’m afraid even that may not make me shut up ! :S . But thanks for your help lol

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  29. Sean Quinn says:

    Mike, you keep on trucking. My manager hate me too.
    p.s Joe Doerksen is a sonuvabitch.

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  30. Jamie Locke says:

    Looking forward to this card on Staurday! AFC always puts on a quality show. I’m interested to see how their amateur scene is looking.

    Derek and Karl will both set the house off!

    Side note, Hincliffe was in the gym again last night. He’s on the road to recovery after a scary bout with a lung infection. Hopefully we’ll see him back in the cage in the new year.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    Get well soon Nick Hinchliffe!

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  32. Update: Bergen vs Hill fight is off. Hill is injured.

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  33. Jamie Locke says:

    That sucks, that was going to be a big fight out here!

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