Iron Tiger’s Coach Alin Catches Up With Top MMA News


Top MMA News tracked down Alin Halmagean to discuss what is new with his Iron Tiger team. Alin, the head coach of the Iron Tiger gym, tells Top MMA News how he got involved in combat sports in Romania and how he started his team in Canada. Coach Alin then brings viewers up to speed on the many fighters he has coached including Claude Patrick, Will Romero, Shane Campbell, Mukai Maromo, Lyndon Whitlock, and Josh Hill.

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24 Responses to “ Iron Tiger’s Coach Alin Catches Up With Top MMA News ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Does Alin know Gheorghe Hagi? One of the greatest Romanians of all time!

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  2. showtying says:

    wow coach no markhaile thanks man..i was the first to fight mma..but it coool one love to the boys at iron tiger.

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  3. Dean Panas says:

    Great interview Alin and Keith!! I had heard great things about Alin from Shane and Mukai when I first me them. It was a pleassure getting to know him and I hope we spend more time together in the future.
    One thing I admire about Alin is he gets the most out of his fighters at fight night. Nothing but respect for the man!
    If you ever get the chance to work with him DO NOT PASS IT UP!!

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  4. I had the fortune and misfortune of sitting beside the blue corner at CFC.

    Fortunate because I got to hear the great cornering from Alin. Very impressive and knowledgeable!

    Unfortunate because Coach Alin can yell! I think my ears are still ringing. There is no doubt his fighters hear his every word.

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  5. Jeff Harrison says:

    Alin is a driven man. I remember when he showed up on the Muay Thai scene in Ontario and man has he done well for himself through grit, great coaching and promoting and hard work. Congrats bro!

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    “Unfortunate because Coach Alin can yell! I think my ears are still ringing. There is no doubt his fighters hear his every word.”

    I almost went deaf LOL. World Class cornering!

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    Killer shout out segment at the end :)

    Great interview, good question and answer. Was very interesting and I liked how the interview was longer than the avg 3-5min interview. Well done on all parts.

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  8. Robin Black says:

    Great interviewer and great interviewee.


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  9. alin says:

    Thank you all for your nice words, it is my pleasure to know all of you and our community is full of great people. I am very sorry Keith and Bobby for your ears last weekend but you guys shod blame Will Romero for that :)

    My sincere apologises to Markhaile Weederburn. I coached him for 10 mma fights and a few Muay Thai fights and I always enjoy training him, he went to win the IQMMA Title under my coaching and also from the 10 fights I coached him he won 7 of them, so it was a good run. This is the firs fight I coach him for:

    Also I have to mention here a few fighters that I forgot to mention Jeff Sharkey and Marian Bastasin are like my brother and sister. Others that I have the pleasure to coach in the past and present are Raul Llopis and awesome Muay Thai fighter originally from Cuba and currently leaves in Miami he is also a 7 times World Champion in Muay Thai,Gabriel Varga WKN World Champion in Muay Thai, our fly weight Scott Macovi that I am really hopping to get a fight for this year, Andrew MacInnes, Steve and his brother Berry Sims, Dave Hale, Erwin Curilo, Zaur Gassanov, Calbert Brown, Thomas Novack, Richard Kruck,Bobby Willson, Sean Ogilvile… I love them all and the only reason I did not mention them in the interview is my head not my heart!

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  10. mike kent says:

    you cant argue with results and iron tiger has great fighters and great results . from what i hear alin is second to none in the coaching department and it shows in his fighters everytime they get in the ring . guys like shane campell, will romero are scary talented!

    with a stable of world champions like that they must have some unreal sparring sessions ! congrats on all your success Alin

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  11. jason says:

    Alin put any of your guys against Iroquois MMA/fcc Fighters no more padding your guys.

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  12. Rory McDonell says:

    Nothing but respect for Alin! I train with a lot of his guys, and they’re killers with a ludicrous work ethic. Great work coach.

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  13. Kris says:

    No more padding your guys??? These guys fight anyone and everyone. These guys fight worldwide and have results to back it up. Why disrespect Kru Alin and his team?

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Coach Alin is a great coach and a good dude.

    Jason who are these guys you are talking about? List the ones at 35 45 55 and 70. Be glad to find you guys more than happy to fight them.

    And I ASSURE you any of the Iron Tiger guys would be only too glad to throw punches at them.

    And I have the feeling you know that too.

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  15. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    I agree with you Robin, Iron Tiger is a very strong team, and the guys there would fight anybody anytime, but the problem sometimes comes from promoters not wanting the match ups on their events. Some fights do not make sense, some should happen but never do, But with Iron Tiger I wouldn’t say the fighters pad their records. They take whatever fight is given to them.

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  16. SethDog says:

    Salut Aline! Ma bucur sa te vat urcand pe varful piramidei si ca ai ajuns la un nivel de top. Sunt foarte mandru ca am fost antrenat de tine si am invatat multe atat in sport cat si in viata. Mult succesc Aline.

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  17. SethDog says:

    Salutarile vin de la Buzias. Cristy C.

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  18. alin says:

    Cristy! I am sorry that I forgot to mention all my students from Romania, I had a gym there before I moved to Canada and was quite successful.

    Rory, thank you for your nice words and all the help you give my boys on there ground work.

    Also Thank you Jeff Harrison, Robyn Black,Mike Kent and Title Shot for your nice words towards our camp.

    Jason, you got mail a few days ago but you did not got back to me, please do as we really need to get everybody matched.

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  19. Denis the Bosnian Menace says:

    WOW always forget bout me eh coach, its all good. and i was one of the first iron tigers from way back in 2002 been 10 years almost and still no love :( i still luv u tho and im still here

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  20. Denis the Bosnian Menace says:

    forget bout the last comment luv u coach :P hahaha

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  21. Denis the Bosnian Menace says:

    i didnt get to c the interview right away i was reading the comments lol

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  22. Flavius says:

    Hi Alin, good job man, keep going on!
    But onestly I did not expect something else from you…:)
    Greetins from home, Flavius.

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  23. petre oprut says:

    Felicitari Alin! Iti doresc numai bine si sa ai parte numai de momente frumoase in cariera ta de antrenor. You are the best!

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