Sergio Pettis Discusses Debut Win


Sergio Pettis Head Kick (Photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Top MMA News tracked down Sergio Pettis following his debut win at CFC 7. Sergio defeated Kyle Vivian with a head kick in the first round. Was it a quick stoppage? Sergio gives his feelings on that as well as discusses his next fight and what its like training with his brother Anthony Pettis and Duke Roufus.


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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good job Keith

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  2. Kyle Vivian says:

    you are no fake Sergio! Congrats bro! Congrats Keith you pointed out the obvious! awesome fight! REMATCH! :)

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  3. Kyle Vivian says:

    hopefully the comission takes a good look…. if not maybe someone else can? Just dont think i should have to wait 60 days to fight over that. Thanks everyone & open to anything :)

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  4. Kris says:

    No rematch necessary. Onward and upward for sergio

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    stop your fucking whining.

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  6. Kris says:

    Everyone has a bad day Kyle, just so happens you’ve had 4 of them…

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  7. Mitch Clarke says:

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  8. Kyle, i’ve addressed your concerns about your CFC experience on this thread in case you hadn’t noticed.

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  9. LBoutin says:

    Kyle, it might be a good idea to take the 60 days (at least) and actually work on your game.

    If even half the stuff MAD said on the other thread is true, I can’t see you ever fighting for another decent promotion again.

    Maybe you could just count you lucky stars you didn’t get even more embarrassed by a high school kid and move on.

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  10. EPerez says:

    You should be open to getting better. You looked almost clueless out there.

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  11. Kris says:

    He seems clueless in here as well. #loser

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  12. Chad Vivian says:

    Hey boys Im kyles brother. You say he looked clueless out there, you must have been watching a different fight then what i saw. with al respects to sergio, kyle was dominating him for most of the fight. It was a good head kick and but the ref shoulf have probably let it go a little longer. Like sergio said, no one wants to win when there is any contoversy. Sergio is a good young fighter but you can’t honestly tell me that the ref wasn’t in sergio’s corner (probably because of who his brother is) but that’s alright that kind of shit happens in sports. To me it doesn’t look bad on sergio, it looks bad on the organization for hiring the ref. That’s cool though mistakes happen just think twice about using that ref next time cause when the crowd is booing after a fight like that, they are booing at the ref and the organization.

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  13. Chad…MMA organizations do not hire refs, commissions do.

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  14. Chad, the promotion has nothing to do with which refs are assigned, and to which fights.

    Sergio trains in Milwaukee, how would Jerin Valel from WInnipeg, have any affiliate with either.

    And Jerin is one of the best refs in the business. He knows the game, and had the best view of that fight. Maybe Kyle wouldn’t have popped up had Sergio been able to continue hitting him.

    My only complaint about Kyle is outside of the ring. He fought his ass off against Sergio and we appreciated having you out for the fight.

    And Kyle talked so much shit after, that you’ll probably have a hard time finding too many promotions to work with, but that’s on your guys behavior.

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  15. Robin Black says:


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  16. Sean Quinn says:

    You know what, I havent fought in a long time, I will offer to warm up with Kyle as I ease my way back into fighting after a meriad of injuries. Kyle pisses me off and for any promoter willing to do this we could talk about giving part of my purse to charity.

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  17. Sean Quinn says:


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  18. OFT says:

    Vivian slipped and the commission even knows its bias. Referee buddy buddy with ” Anthony Showtime Pettis” day prior to liTtle brothers fight @ seminar. Definitely overreacted on head/ shoulder kick when VIVIAN actually slipped and was gonna hammer him some more. Well Vivian is licensed & is prepped for any 135er??.. So motivated, stepped in this sport fighting 1 week notice fights in Quebec at all different weight classes. First fight for Nick Castigilia who owns Wreck mma & sets up fights for his students @ team OAMA in Ottawa. Vivian runs his own club and is ready for whoever?? Set it up!.. U should see little “VICIOUS” now :)

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  19. booboo says:


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  20. OFT says:

    Watch Sergios hylight videos on youtube. Clearly see it there. Anyway good fight! Glad Ontario has regulations and maybe set something up here :)

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  21. Kylesbrotherisafathobbit says:

    Kyle and brother…. Get the fucking ring to mordor and stop bothering the mma world you nasty little hobbitses!!!

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  22. Kylesbrotherisafathobbit says:

    Chad Vivian puts coffee cream on his coco puffs and swims wearing a tee shirt.

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  23. OFT says:

    Wrong brother Nick castigilia

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  24. OFT says:

    Chads a 125er & Kurts the BIG BOY that wants to pound u NICK

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  25. OFT says:

    Chads a 125er u fucken retard & Kurts the Big BOY NICK pussy boy CASTIGILIA don’t wanna fight.

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  26. OFT says:

    Come to Ontario Boo boo & quinn & bring that greinke guy and Kyle will school ya all. Fucken pussy mouth pieceS. Get in there!!

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  27. OFT says:

    MarC Andre Drolet is a kid assisting someone that doesn’t know fuck all. Ontario is ran proper & things are set straight with no favoritism or bias due to who ppl’s brothers are. Jerin Velel “the referee” is known for asking ppls intentions prior to fight and clearly overreacted. He favoured due to being at anthony’s seminar or whatever “click” he is in. VICIOUS VIVIAN WOULD HAVE SMASHED HIM!! Commission of Winnipeg agrees but nothing set in stone. I know Kyle don’t care about any of this but who is up to fighting him now?? Kids ready to go on his run so step up!!? In my opinion he is all respect. He don’t sit here and chirp he’s @ the gym waiting for his fight

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  28. OFT says:

    Let’s do this!

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  29. harry balls says:

    haha i have been enjoying this little thread all night. it’s so cool it came back from the dead.

    So the big fat guy who went all crazy at the hotel is Kurt?
    As far as a fight, I don’t think Nick can make it up to 305.

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  30. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    WTF are you talking about?

    I’m a kid assisting somebody who knows fuck all?

    You are making no sense.

    The Manitoba Boxing Commission has told you numerous times, that there is no appeal. You lost, and are too delusional to realize it.

    Stop trying to make this some conspiracy theory. Get over yourself, get back to training, and worry about what you need to worry about.

    You were lucky the ref stopped it when he did, with Sergio over top of you ready to continue to hit you.

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  31. Kylesbrotherisafathobbit says:

    News: Kurt Vivian just at Chad Vivian

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  32. booboo says:

    What a fuckn joke , i would love to see QUINN smash you but u r 0-4 pick on someone u might actually beat , Mike Glover vs kyle Vivian , I BET GLOVER WINS THIS 1 NOT U CRY BABY!!

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  33. "VICIOUS" says:

    License approved so whoever thinks there tuff?? I don’t have time to sit on here and chirp. Set it up pussies! Thanks “OFT” had to be said. I’m training everyday & whoever wants to get manhandled I’m up for it. As for Sergio, good luck! Shit happens!

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  34. booboo says:


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  35. sean quinn says:

    I’ll fight your fat ass Vivian.

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  36. "VICIOUS" says:

    Sounds good :)

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  37. Idolmaker says:

    Intimidating ‘vicious’ haha.

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