Canadian Rumour Mill – September 13


Well that was a good weekend! It was really nice to see two long time Canadian promotions come out of their slumber, as both Freedom Fight and Canadian Fighting Championship had been inactive for a while. Sounds like both drew large crowds as well. Always great to see Canadian MMA succeed. Also, it was fantastic to see two ladies go at it for the first time on an Ontario show!

  • Roger Hollett will be fighting DJ Linderman at Bellator on November 12th
  • Well I guess Machan vs Briere is not happening, no Briere on the Grande Prairie EFC show.
  • Looks like Brad Duguay has been stripped of his Elite 1 belt and won’t be working with that promotion anymore. They’re saying that he’s refused to defend his belt against the three opponents offered. But I hear the three opponents for Duguay were Bourgeois (whom Duguay just beat), Whitlock (who is  fighting Oct 15 in Ontario), and MacKay (injured). Also, Bad Brad is 5-0 in Elite 1 should get a pay raise. I really don’t blame Duguay.
  • Aggression next show might be in November and will likely feature a Lightweight Title fight.  Sounds like River Cree may be an option for a venue.
  • Alexis Davis may have just fought herself into a title shot for the Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight championship against the seemingly unstoppable Cris Cyborg. Wow tough fight!
  • Mark Bocek will try to get back on track after losing to Ben Henderson at UFC 129 and will fight Nik Lentz at UFC 140.
  • Also in regards to UFC 140, strong rumours that Mark Hominick will be competing on the card.

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  1. Jana says:

    Hey Hank! Elite 1 obviously doesn’t have the same problems that soooo many local promotions face …. They are still around, right? And doing quite well …. can’t say the same about your buddies :-) And imagine Mike Kent, trying to come off as less of an asshole in the future … ummmm, I don’t think that’s remotely possible.

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