Freedom Fight Quick Results – Hervey Wins LW Title


Ringside Featherweight champion Mitch Gagnon is texting some results for us. Thanks Mitch!

Here are the quick results from the event:

Tony Hervey defeats Brad Cardinal by TKO (Strikes) in Round 3, 3:45
**Hervey wins Freedom Fight Lightweight title

Valerie Letourneau defeats Tannaya Hantelman by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 2:07
Sid Barnier submits Chuck Mady by Submission (Tapout Due to Strikes) in Round 2, 0:24
Chris St-Jean defeats Igor Caetano by KO in Round 1, :24 seconds
Steve Simms submits Luc Nadeau by RNC in Round 2, 2:30
Aaron Montgomery submits Randy Turner by Triangle Choke in Round 1
Mike Sledzion defeats Albert Cheng by TKO (Unable to continue due to groin strike) in Round 2, 0:57

80 Responses to “ Freedom Fight Quick Results – Hervey Wins LW Title ”

  1. PapaG says:

    there were at least 20% shithead, tapout wearing, “stand’em up!” screaming black belts in the crowd on saturday night. a full row of them were sitting behind me.

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  2. PapaG says:

    I’d also like to say that Albert Cheng looks alot like Yushin Okami.

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    This is only the second time I’ve seen Robin Black turn the “hate” switch on…. It’s entertaining.

    Don’t let the trolls get to you Robin, you know more about this sport than most. If it wasn’t for a lot of the TapouT wearing douchebags out there than we wouldn’t have the tickets sales that we see at our regional circuits.

    The more the educated fans share in their experience and the more people familiarize themselves with the MMA world outside of Spike TV and UFC PPV’s than the douchebags will become more eductaed.

    Hate on Robin, hate on.

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  4. PapaG says:

    This was posted on my facebook page by one of my buddies from OAMA.

    You’ll notice alot of empty seats in the stands, but the end seats is what you’re seeing when the guys make it their way out. (the ends were basically empty, the sides were half full. floor seats were full. As stated earlier, there was about 2k to 2500 fans in attendance, the building seats 4600 for hockey, about 6 or 7000 for concerts.

    At any rate, the guy in the video seems like an ok guy, but also represents some of the riff raff that was at the event.

    You’ll see St-Jean’s 24 second ko (who this guy mistakenly says is the 2nd fasted in MMA history. it was the second fasted in Freedom Fight history)

    You’ll also notice the point I made in my first post that the guys came out while their videos were playing which killed the hype of the walk out. Nobody was paying attention to the fighter coming out. I wish I would be consulted for production…I know I could fix stuff like this pretty quick with 2 walkie talkies. One for the guy in the dressing room and one for the guy doing the audio/video. Where’s Burt Watson for the regional circuits?!? haha!!

    Robin…as stated above…don’t feed the trolls. (you already know this!)

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Sorry guys, and I apologize to doit.

    There’s not much that will get me goin like tha.

    The other hate Jaimie was mentioning was when I went off on a guy who came marching into the sport in Ontario takin money from people and promising to do stuff he couldn’t, then caused harm to the sport, fighters, potential territories, etc.

    SO I definitely have hate for people who endanger the sport.

    I shouldn’t fly off the handle like that, but I really can’t take it when people who don’t know what its like in their question the character of a fighter.

    By all means every fan is entitled to criticize a fighter’s gameplan or take down defense or striking or haircut or walk out music or whatever.

    But don’t pretend to know what’s up with an injury and question someone’s character whese fighters all take risks and make sacrifices for our entertainment.

    That’s unacceptable. That will set me off.

    Sorry ’bout that.

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  6. PapaG says:

    robin, those of us who aren’t trolling would just chalk your reaction up to defending a buddy and passion for the sport/art.

    no need to apologize for that.

    the problem is…a troll isn’t a real person. sure, there’s someone posting a note for a reaction, but these guys never talk to us at an event or in a club…it’s weird.

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  7. PapaG says:

    and for the record…PapaG aka Papagaio is Yves Charette (not the team shredder yves charette, the “other” one who trains at Sudbury BJJ/Team Renzo Gracie/Ottawa)

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  8. PapaG, any chance you could shoot me an email at kgrienke at

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  9. harry balls says:

    ‘Riff-raff’ are paying customers. So long as they don’t boo fighters or start shit in the stands, riff on I say. And people will get better educated if promoters don’t put on bullshit one-sided fights or put guys in there who have no business representing the sport.
    Glad that guy had a good time.

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  10. PapaG says:

    harry, I agree…which is why I said the guy in the video seems like an ok guy. (not judging, but he’s definitely got some riff raff qualities! haha!)

    and sure thing Keith…email being sent.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Hey Yves (it must be odd having someone in the same biz with the same name)!

    Hope all is great!

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  12. PapaG says:

    it’s been funny.

    not only the same name, but we’re from the same town.

    a few years ago, after a few months training in bjj, i, along with my teammates from Sudbury BJJ attended a Wreck MMA card in Gatineau as well as a seminar with Renzo Gracie at OAMA. (you were there Robin…I’m sure you wont remember, but I met you there and asked you about your interviews for NoShitMMA with Frank Trigg and Arianny)

    At any rate, when I called to reserve my spot, the guy on the phone was taken aback by “Yves Charette” calling to attend. This was when Yves (from Shredder) had Mitch Gagnon fighting Stephane Bernadel from OAMA on the Wreck card the following day.

    We had a good laugh when we all realized the situation. I’m now known as “The Real” Yves Charette by the guys at OAMA. (this of course isn’t to disrespect Team Shredder…Yves is MUCH MORE accomplished in the sport than I’ll be, but it’s just to differentiate between our affiliate clubs).

    I’m also known as Papagaio (my old nickname was the Parrot due to my nature of mocking my friends and being an internet blogger. Papagaio is Portuguese for Parrot…so it sounds like a badass BJJ nickname for those who don’t know it’s meaning. It sounds like Jacare! But the reality (like my own reality) is that the Alligator will always eat the Parrot. (and I’m ok with that!) haha

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  13. J. Johnson says:

    How many people here can remember a fighter stopping from a low blow? I can only think of one and that was from a Overeem knee. These were just 155lbs guys with mediocre power. Al used the full 5 minutes and still couldn’t recover while Mike was calling Cheang to fight during the break. Chang looked tired while Mike looked fresh sprawling his take down’s in the 2nd, to me it looked like he quit, but that’s just my opinion. Not stating facts, just the opinion of a pro fighter.

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  14. PapaG says:

    J. Johnson, can’t you see this thread is about me now?! (just kidding)

    In reality, a professional fighter should know that even wearing a cup does not protect your marbles from an impact that causes the cup to move and crush a nut. It happens…I don’t care how heavy you are. A knee from a pro fighter at any weight can lead to a really bad day at the office.

    I took a puck to the junk when I was playing hockey and the bruise from the impacted cup kept me off the ice for a week.

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m looking into the steel cup used in MT, but I hear it’s not practical for the ground game at all.

    I also heard Joe R yapping about compression short jocks. I think I currently use what he’s talking about, I have the Shock Dr. compression shorts with cup, but it’s still a plastic cup and it still hurts to get bagged.

    I don’t think there’s a way around having your nads hurts when they get hit, but as Robin stated above, I think the rule states it should go to the score cards and not be an auto T(KO).

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    Quite a few times I can think of…

    Sakara vs Faircloth in UFC
    Junk vs Ambriz in MFC.
    Rampage vs Matsui in Pride
    Yvel vs Wanderlei Silva in Pride
    Tamura vs Makhmud in Pride

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  17. PapaG says:

    I have the Shock Doctor cup but have quit using it to train BJJ. I hear the Spider Guard cup is good for the ground, but I wouldnt use it in Muay Thai or MMA.

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  18. Jamie Locke says:

    NC for Sakara vs Faircloth R2
    T(KO) for Junk vs Amriz R1
    DQ for Rampage vs Matsui R1
    NC for Wandy vs Yvel in R1
    TKO for Tamura vs Makhmud in R1

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    I was responding to this question “How many people here can remember a fighter stopping from a low blow?’

    Just saying it happens even at the higher levels in sport

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  20. Jamie Locke says:

    Oh, I thought you were saying that T(KO) is the standard when a fighter can’t continue due to the low blow.

    I was just pointing out that there doesn’t seem to be a “standard” in those fights you mentioned.

    I’m just curious when it would go to the score cards, when it’s a DQ, when it’s a NC and when it’s declared a T(KO) retirment or corner stoppage?

    OR is it up to the ref to “guestimate” whether the fighter should be able to keep going, whether it was intentional or unintentional…

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  21. PapaG says:

    in this case, the ref brought in the ringside doctor who spent a few minutes with the fighter. he then brought over big john mccarthy for his opinion.

    in fairness, I`d have to assume the ref based his decision on the fighters status and doctor`s opinion. (maybe the doctor asked him to describe the feeling. who knows? maybe a stabbing pain means a nut has been crushed? perhaps a dull pain means the feeling will pass?)

    these are questions between the doctor and fighter, so likely they (and the officials) are the only ones who know what might have been said to make the call.

    as robin stated via ken hayashi, 1st round, no contest, 2nd round, ref`s decision.

    at the end of the day, the result for this fight will stick and there`s no reason to fault or berate the fighter. how many fighters who train and compete in mma would pull out of a fight mid-way through after the months of training and sacrifice they put into it? only he knows and fans should appreciate that he showed up to fight in the first place.

    again, i personally don`t believe Cheng “quit”. this didn`t seem like a jamie varner vs cerrone 1 (knee to the head) where some thought he was faking for the fight to go to the scorecards when he might have been finished in round 5.

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  22. Rule is go to the scorecards after the majority of rounds are complete.

    in a three round fight, two rounds must be complete.

    in a five round fight, three rounds must be complete.

    In this situation,
    its a DQ, if intentional
    its a NC, if unintentional and ref believes Cheng cannot continue
    its a TKO, if unintentional and ref believes he can continue but refuses.

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  23. Jamie Locke says:

    Thanks for clearing that up guys.

    Interesting that he broght Big John up for consultation. Was John working the show?

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  24. PapaG says:

    Yes, Big John was working the show. He reffed a few fights and also was used as a judge.

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  25. FYI…that was not Albert Cheng who was posting on this thread.

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  26. malakas says:

    Guess I wasn’t the only one who thought he quit.

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  27. booboo says:

    Mr Black U R the p4p , mma hero in my book . UR love for the sport and the TRUE FANS make MMA what it is today . TY and fuckyou doit , u r prob.. 1 of those dumbasses whos a pussy and his mouth getts in the way , grow up and b thankful ur ass aint in the cage. my grammer sucks too , sorry p4p ,im worked up also , that disrespectful fuck pissed me off sorry!!

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  28. TRIPLE_SIXER says:

    Robin Black is a talentless nobody! His music career lasted as long as the last rock at a crackheads house!, He cant sing a note, the music is bubble gum shit, absolute crap! Do you have to mention you were in a “rock band” Everytime you open your mouth! Face it your band sucked, your not a household name, saw your shitty album “planet fame” at a garage sale for .50 cents and no one would touch it! Now take a look at your MMA career, now look at your music career, the exact same thing will happen…NOTHING!!! When will this guy just go away! Nobody is a fan of yours, people just dont like you, but they love watching your face get smashed in! Now go write another future number 1 hit like some of you boys and most of you girls will love me! HAHAHAHA, what a joke!

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  29. harry balls says:

    obvious troll is obvious.

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