CFC 7 Play-By-Play – Sutherland, Perez win by Sub


Keith Grienke is ringside (no cage this show due to Muay Thai) at CFC 7 at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Quick results, including all pro and amateur Muay Thai results, can be found here:

Top MMA Awards

  • KO of the Night – K.O gets the KO for the KO of the Night.  Kyle Oliveira started things off with a bang.  In the first fight, he dropped George Carlos with  a left hook.
  • Sub of the Night – Dwight Sutherland gets the submission of the night for his quick Guillotine on Serge Rochon.
  • Fight of the Night – Lindsey Hawkes and Chris Stranger take home FOTN honours for their three round that ended with one fighter crowned top Welterweight in Winnipeg and the other retired.   Kirk Bovell and Jon Henderson gave fans the Top Muay Thai Fight of the Night in a great five round fight.

Dave Zuniga vs. Gregory Choplin – Muay Thai
* IKF North American Middleweight title

R1. Two trade kicks to start. Next a high kick by Zuniga and nice low kick by Choplin. Straight left by Zuniga lands. Choplin working Zuniga’s legs over every chance he gets. Knee by Choplin. Left jab by Choplin. Knee jab combo by Choplin. Leg kick by Zuniga. The two clinch and hit the mat. Hard straight left by Choplin drops Zuniga at the bell.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 due to the knockdown.

R2. Front kick by Choplin to start. Knee by Choplin to the body. Another. Choplin outclassing Zuniga. As soon as I say it, a straight by Zuniga and a left kick by the body lands. Short elbow by Choplin and the two clinch. Hard knee by Choplin. Left hook hurts Zuniga. Choplin presses with strikes and drops Zuniga. Ref stops the fight.
Gregory Choplin defeats Dave Zuniga by TKO in Round 2,

Chris Stranger vs Lindsey Hawkes
R1. The two throw feints for a while. Not much action. Finally, Hawkes lands a leg kick and they clinch. Stranger throws Hawkes down and is in full guard. Stranger lands some rights from top. Not much action so the ref breaks them. Leg kick by Hawkes and Stranger falls to his back trying to throw Hawkes. The two clash with punches. Kick by Stranger and a right by Hawkes. Right by Hawkes and a body shot by Stranger. Very even. Nice right by Hawkes. Stranger gets his back, the two roll, and Stranger on top with some punches.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10. Tough round to score. Maybe Strangers.

R2. Frantic start to round 2. The two trade and then clinch up. Right by Stranger lands. Right straight by Hawkes lands when Stranger lands a kick. Takedown by Stranger who has the strength advantage. Hawkes working the butterfly. Hawkes gets a single and ends up on top. Hawkes up and Stranger beckons him into his guard. Ref stands him up. Hard leg kick by Stranger. The two clinch and Stranger throws the knees. Body lock by Stranger who tries to throw, but Hawkes ends up on top. Stranger gets the takedown and throws lefts.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Stranger

R3. Front kick by Stranger and then a right head kick by Stranger. Kick to Hawkes’ body but he knees Stranger back. Hawkes goes for a takedown but stuffed. Stranger ties him up and pushes him around the ring using his knees on Hawkes’ thighs. Ref breaks them up. Spinning back kick whiffs by Stranger. The two trade body blows. Left upper cut by Hawkes and the two trade knees. Stranger controlling him in the corner. Foot stomps by the older fighter who sucks him down. Stranger on top with Hawkes in butterfly guard. Not much damage from top but Stranger is winning the round. Late heel hook attempt with 10 seconds left.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Stranger
Chris Stranger defeats Lindsey Hawkes by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Lindsey Hawkes announces his retirement from fighting after the fight. He will focus on coaching.

Eric Perez vs. Tony Bibby – MMA
R1. Leg kick by Perez opens the fight. Left by Perez and a right. Perez has a flurry in the corner. Right leg kick by Bibby. Perez’ eye has a problem and time is called. Kick to the midsection by Bibby. Kick to the body by Perez and he takes Bibby down. Half guard by Perez. Bibby tries to get to his feet but he gets caught in a Guillotine. Perez lands some knees but Perez reverses out and gets on top. Bibby in side control and the two are tangled in the ropes. Perez reverses and is now in half guard. Full guard. Perez standing and kicks Bibby’s legs while Bibby is on his back.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Perez

R2. Perez leg kicks and then trips Bibby to the ground. Bibby up and then Perez knocks him right back down. Perez dives into guard throwing a right to Bibby. Full mount by Perez but quickly to lockdown position. Elbows by Perez. Bibby reverses to top in Perez’ guard. Perez landing elbows from the bottom. Bibby lets Perez up. More leg kicks from Perez and Bibby’s leg is bad. Bibby grabs a single but nice sprawl by Perez. Perez gets Bibby’s back and locks on the RNC. Tap Tap.
Eric Perez submits Tony Bibby by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:46

Perez comes through the ropes at me and says – Remember me now – Top 10 ! Got sweat on my notes too!

Serge Rochon vs. Dwight Sutherland – MMA
R1. Dwight lands a right. Sutherland gets the Guillotine Choke. Tap. Quick sub.
Dwight Sutherland submits Serge Rochon by Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 0:15

Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn vs. Luis Cepeda – Muay Thai
R1. The two touch gloves. The two trade kicks to the body and legs in an even first half of the round. Low kick on Luis’ groin stops thing for a second. Restart. Flying elbow by Showtime misses. Showtime works the lead leg of Cepeda. Cepeda swings hard and misses. Elbow by Wedderburn.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wedderburn

R2. Hard kick to the body by Cepeda. Showtime catches it and lands a right. The two swing with big hooks. Kick to the groin stops the action. Hard leg kicks traded. Left hook by Cepeda sends Showtime backwards. Good action from the two. Cepeda lands a left and Showtime clinches up. Alin Halmagean calls for a 2-3-2 and Showtime gives him the combo. Cepeda is limping and looks tired.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wedderburn Very close round though. Could see it going for Cepeda.

R3. Nice side kick by the Show. Straight right by Cepeda. Wild left by Cepeda. Left high kick by Showtime and knees to the mid-section by Wedderburn. Inside leg kick by Showtime and Cepeda winces. Big right by the limping Cepeda from out of nowhere and Showtime gets dropped to the canvas. Showtime gets to his feet but the fight is stopped.
Luis Cepeda defeats Markhaile “Showtime” Wedderburn by TKO in Round 3, 2:07

Mark Durant vs. Will Romero – Muay Thai
R1. Durant starts the fight land more kicks with power but nothing that hurts Romero. Flying knee into the stomach of Durant as Romero turns it on. Nice combo by Durant. Machida style teep by Romero just misses.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mark Durant

R2.Romero landing more in the second but Durant. Nice knees and kicks to the stomach by Romero. Spinning back fist by Durant lands. Very good, even matched fight so far. Durant punishes Romero in the corner. Left high kick lands by Durant. Body kick by Romero finds the ribs.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Mark Durant

R3. Romero turns it on. Rocks Durant to the canvas. First knockdown. Romero sense blood and like a shark drops Durant again. Durant rises and throws some punches but he is in trouble. A knee to the head finishes this fight.
Will Romero defeats Mark Durant by TKO in Round 3, 1:50

Travis Gervais vs. Ken McLeod – MMA
R1. Left kick by Gervais lands. He takes McLeod down and takes his back. McLeod turtles up as Gervais rains down lefts. Ref Adam Cheadle stops it. Gervais flips in victory celebration.
Travis Gervais defeats Ken McLeod by TKO (GNP) in Round 1, 0:35

Sergio Pettis vs. Kyle Vivian – MMA
R1. Leg kick by Vivian who then lands some rights. They go to the ground and Vivian is on top. Vivian lands some rights from top and gets side control. Pettis gets to his feet. Pettis lands a big right high kick that drops Vivian hard. Referee Jerin Valel senses danger and quickly steps in, but it looked like Vivian was not out at all and was rolling to his side. Quick stoppage by the ref from where I was sitting, but Pettis was charging in and most likely would have finished him. However, Vivian did pop up immediately after the stoppage.
Sergio Pettis defeats Kyle Vivian by TKO (Kick) in Round 1, 1:46

David Quangvan vs. Randy Rowe – MMA
R1. Two debuting fighters here. Leg kick by Quangvan starts it off. Straight right by Rowe lands hard. The two trade leg kicks. A wild and crazy overhand right by Rowe that Quangvan ducks under and delivers a right uppercut that KOs Quangvan.
Randy Rowe defeats David Quangvan by KO in Round 1, 1:00
Quangvan is put on the stretcher for precautionary reasons

Jon Henderson vs. Kirk Bovell – Muay Thai
R1. Round started slow with the two mainly trading leg kicks. Henderson landed a high kick that woke up Bovell who landed hard kicks in return. Highlight was a nice spinning back kick by Bovell that landed in Henderson’s midsection.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bovell

R2. Bovell hurt Henderson with left early in the round, but did not follow up. The settled into some back and forth with Henderson probably giving a little more than he was receiving. Not enough for Henderson to win the close round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Bovell.

R3. Henderson’s round as he is more active and lands a lot more including a big right at the end of the round. Bovell goaded him after the big right and Henderson answered with a nice flying knee to the stomach as the round ended.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Henderson

R4. Close round with Henderson and Bovell trading kicks. Strong sequence by Henderson that got Bovell against the ropes.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Henderson

R5. Henderson lands a huge head kick that get the crowd cheering and continues his assault. He is the stronger fighter. Knee hurts Bovell bad. Jerin Valel goes to break up clinch and at the same time Henderson lands a hard elbow and Bovell drops. Turns out the knee to the ribs stopped this fight.
Jon Henderson defeats Kirk Bovell by TKO in Round 5

Here is the written play-by-play of the pro fights:
Kyle Oliveira vs George Carlos – MMA
Lots of feints to start. O lands a left that jars Carlos. The two go to the ground but bounce right back out. Oliveira with a knee. Two circle. Carlos lands a left jab before eating a straight left. Mouse under Carlos eye. Left jab by Oliveira. Oliveira and Carlos trade knees and positions against the ropes. Leg kick by Carlos. Kick to the midsection lands for Carlos. The two clinch up in the corner. Oliveira lands a solid knee to the body. Carlos leg kick. Uppercut rocks Carlos. Carlos lands a jab. Oliveira puts Carlos to sleep with a left hook.

Kyle Oliveira defeats George Carlos by KO in Round 1, 4:25
EMTs looking at Oliveira who is taken off in a stretcher. Hope George is OK. We’ll try to get an update on his condition.
update: Carlos gives two thumbs up. Looks to be OK. Going to hospital as a precautionary measure.

Ring announcer Keith Crawford announces Jordan Mein’s victory at Strikeforce to applause from the crowd.

35 Responses to “ CFC 7 Play-By-Play – Sutherland, Perez win by Sub ”

  1. Cj Saftic says:

    Poor Kyle Vivian, he’s actually a lot better then his 0-4 record would suggest. Props to Anthony Pettis’ little brother Sergio on a successful MMA debut

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  2. Cj Saftic says:

    Poor Kyle Vivian, he’s actually a lot better then his 0-4 record would suggest. Props to Anthony Pettis’ little brother Sergio on a successful MMA debut.

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  3. Vivian was laying the heat on Pettis until the head kick.

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  4. E Perez says:

    Vivian was absolutely ripped off.

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  5. brian says:

    Vivian was ripped off with an early stoppage and Durant was getting killed for all 3 rounds, no idea how you scored it for him? I am guessing he had some home town reffing because he was completely gone in and it should of been stopped much sooner.

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  6. lucky says:

    Wow what a shame the reff stop Showtyings fight .first of all Luis was on. His ass and showtme wad on his feet. Also the reff did not check showtme gloves to.see if he was good he just stopped the fight. Now we all no Showtying for being a bit out off the loop but on the other side fair is fair and showtying won that fight..did I forget to mention that how do you start counting without the opponent in the natural corner ..I’m just saying

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  7. jay says:

    the showtying fight was complete bullshit!! not to mention i saw the play by play on here reflect that bullshit and then get changed 5 mins later! hmmmmmmmm….why not let the world know the reffing was shoddy at best?

    showtying was really pumped for this fight and i had no doubt he was gonna win…the refs really gotta get their crap together, just saying

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  8. WOW, I was at the CFC fights last night and a big night for Curtis Brigham’s Camp W.A.M.M.A!!!!!!

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  9. unknown says:

    showtying just can’t catch a break….that was a completely bad stoppage…did anyone see the ref even count? I didn’t see the ref check showtying’s gloves to see if he could continue…plus cepeda couldn’t even walk and the ref let him continue…..big big rip off….wow

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Showtying looked really really good. He had a great night.

    He can’t catch a break. He was a really classy professional all weekend and had a great performance and had Luis done when the gaffe went down.

    Jerin is a fabulous referee but he had a RARE off night. Y’know why? Because he’s a human being. Human beings, even hardworking one dedicated to quality will make mistakes.

    I’m not sure what happened in this one as I’m not in the ring and not a judge.
    But I know we are lucky to have jerin as, after Yves, jerin’s the next best Canadian ref we have.

    Head up showtime this was a great performance and you are on track for a winning streak.

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  11. lucky says:

    Stay positive Showtying …the lights always at the end of the are really showing a remarkable change in your prochange …keep it up

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  12. E Perez says:


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  13. Robin Black says:

    You looked really good Eric. Congrats dudeman.

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  14. HeadKick says:

    I was upset to, until I saw the reply.
    This is what an independent commission thought of the two matches in question.
    Scroll Down to read Pro Results.

    “MMA – Sergio Pettis defeated Kyle Vivian round 1.
    The crowd seemed to think the stop on this bout was too quick. However, if not for the quick action of referee Jerin Valel, Vivian could have been pounded into submission on the ground from a charging in Pettis’. Those who disagreed with the stop should be thankful for what “Didn’t” happen to Vivian thanks to Valel.”

    “MUAY THAI – Luis Cepeda won over Wedderburn by TKO at 2:07 of round 3. From the opening bell, this was Wedderburn’s bout… However, in the end, it would be Wedderburn himself who cost himself the victory… Wedderburn was well ahead on the scorecards and could of… SHOULD of easily stopped Cepeda earlier in round 3. However, he kept easing off and choose not to finish the bout. His hesitence cost him in the end when out of no where, Cepeda landad a right and that dropped Wedderburn. Referee Jerin Valel pushed Cepeda away from Wedderburn to start the count, however, if the timekeeper would have been signaling the count correctly, Wedderburn would have been counted out. Instead he was awarded by mistake a few more seconds that allowed him to stand up. When the referee asked him if he could continue, Wedderburn turned his back on the referee and wouldn’t turn back around. This gave the referee no choice but to waive the bout off. Basically, even though he seemingly beat the count, Wedderburn cost himself by not obeying the referee. When the referee waived it off, Wedderburn still seemed a bit dazed as he stumbled to the next ring corner. A note to all fighters… “OBEY THE REFEREES COMMANDS AT ALL TIMES”… Otherwise, as did Wedderburn, you give the referee no choice but to believe you were done fighting.”

    Ref made good calls for the fighters and their safety, and not us the fans.

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  15. HeadKick says:

    reply = replay

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  16. lucky says:

    Wow always hates for showtying …the reff himself said sorry the promoters match maker plus the fans but ad its said show can’t get a break …

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  17. lucky says:

    Head kick it really looks like you were not there..just stop ..cause you must not no the rules are different in muay thai why was Luis on the ground and Showtying up. Why was there no count plus why would the count start and Luis is not in the natural corner Luis should a got a standing 8count for not being able to stand and fight on his legs..learn muay thai rules head kick…like even Showtying is right he’s wrong…

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  18. Joe Doerksen says:

    Lucky, your communication skills need work. I don’t understand about half of the things you wrote.

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  19. If Showtime’s fight was the first Muay Thai fight of the night, I would have no problem with the stoppage.

    However, Mark Durant was given three opportunities to rise and, I think, he was in worse shape than Showtime who was stopped the first time he was dropped.

    That said, Showtime looked like he was ‘not there’ when he was dropped. He was laying on the ground looking at the media table all glassy eyed, but he did get to his feet.

    I do not know the rules for stopping IKF fights but it appeared that Showtime was not facing the ref when he finally got to his feet during the count. Is that a factor in the stoppage?

    It is unfortunate because Showtime had that fight won. Cepeda was limping with both feet and looked very tired, until Showtime dropped his hands and ate the big right hand.

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  20. Headkick, the key word in that quote from the independent commission is the word COULD.

    We don’t know if Vivian would have got to his feet or if a charging Pettis would have pounded him.

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  21. Dave MacMillan says:

    WAMMA has hands down one of the best mma teams in Canada with the most active fighters. Loads of up and coming talent

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  22. harry balls says:

    those read like the comments of someone trying to cover their ass. Never leave is the hands of the judges OR the refs I guess.

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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    I feel bad for Showtime, got fucked. I think the fight shouldn’t have been stopped. Show deserved that win.

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  24. Wab Kinew says:

    Jerin’s always going for the early stoppage. Even today at Dim Sum he asked for the bill when the rest of us were still hungry

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  25. Update: Added the Knockout, Sub, and Fight of the Night.

    Wab Kinew…love your entrances with Stranger!

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  26. showtying says:

    thank you cfc for having me and showing me and my family so much love and saddens me when i think of what happend to me i wont even get in to it cause im just so tired of the ones that no nothing or saw nothing with the biggest opinion .. cfc staff my family and peers luis along with the fans on sept 10 no what happend thats all that really matters. like i said before the show must go on…cause i live by a old time saying..THE DREAM NEVER DIES ONLY THE DREAMER ..thanks robin black bobby marc jhon and everone else that can tell the truth about show.

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    So did Hawkes retire? Maybe just sick of waiting around for fights?

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  28. Robin Black says:

    He (Hawked) said he’s more into coaching now.

    Show, yep, just speaking the truth. You get a lot of heat and, sure, sometimes you look for it but on this night you were the great fighter I’ve seen you be.

    Go build on it man. Train hard, focus, and come back soon and start a winning streak.

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  29. showtying says:

    up most respect robin ..ill let you no the next date..

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  30. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yea Showtime looked good, super unfortunate how the end went down. Show had that fight! Brutal end! I agree use this as motivation and work hard and focus!

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  31. showtying says:

    hey my man bobby thats the plan my buddy im not even dwelling on this anymore ..all i no is that my next opponet is in the wrong spot..cause im doing things diffrent you bobby and my family says thanks again

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  32. kingmma says:

    hawks just realized that he is much better talking trash then fighting….guy talks major trash and can’t back it up! what happened to the ” im gonna go for 6 in a row? ” quit easy don’t you?

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  33. EPerez says:

    How bout a guy talking trash on a website who doesnt use his real name? Youre a fkn pussy!!

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  34. Mike Davis says:

    Perez congrats on win!

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  35. Pat G says:

    Feel bad for Vivian, he’s a nice guy, met him at Wreck.

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