SUMMUM 5 Recap


Forced to relocate on a single day’s notice,Summum 5 went down Saturday night in a ring set up in a St-Constant parking lot.

An unknown party’s complaint to police Friday that attendance at the original Brossard location would likely exceed the maximum legal capacity led to a warning being issued. The potential fire hazard forced promoter Joey Benoit to cast about for an alternate setting.

With limited options given the short time period, the event ultimately landed behind Amusement 222, on Montreal’s South Shore. The bar is the new home-base of  Fightquest, and a crucial assist by its promoter Stephane Vigneault helped set up the relocation.

With Sunday’s Irene-related downpours still hours away, the event’s ten amateur bouts took place in front of approximately 350 fans under a clear and pleasant evening sky.

The event was headlined by the return of 28 year-old Vladimir Starcencov (Sherbatov MMA), a colossal 250 pound heavyweight from Russia. The judo black-belt, recently departed from the Tristar/Zahabi MMA team, came in having scored knockouts in his first two amateur fights, and remains an attraction given Quebec’s extremely thin 205-265 lbs. roster.

In the co-main event, featherweight prospect Mario Pereira (H2O MMA), a 22 year-old with eight years of amateur wrestling experience, including a 2nd place finish in the 68 kg division in this year’s Canadian Inter-university Sport wrestling nationals, took on Steve Rossignol (Extreme Fight Club) for a new Summum featherweight title.

Also of note, the evening’s fight card was the last one fully organized by Eric Greig. Known for the extensive number of gyms he booked fighters from, and the quality of his matchmaking, he departs from the gig to focus on his family and  full-time work as a smelter.

Photo by Benoit Mainguy, courtesy of Summum Fight.

Pascal Noel served as the evening’s referee. Sanctioned by the ‘Federation Quebecoise de Boxe Mixte Amateur’(FQBM), Saturday’s fights took place under amateur rules. On top of being in a ring, the three rounds are two minutes each, instead of five. Fighters wear 12 ounce gloves and shin pads. Elbow, knee, and heel strikes, hammer-fists, and submissions involving twisting (e.g. heel hooks), are all prohibited.

Main Event
250 – Vladimir Starcencov (Sherbatov MMA) submits Bobby Sullivan (Charbs MMA & Boxing) via arm-bar at 0:56 of Round 2.

With his Summum 5 win, Starcencov improved to 3-0 as an amateur.

– By and far and away the evening’s largest bout started off with the heavyweights trading on their feet, Starcencov landing some boxing combos, Sullivan connecting with some short uppercuts from the clinch. Starcencov utilized his judo background to complete a trip takedown later in the round, but failed to complete an arm-bar attempt.

In the 2nd, Starcencov had better luck, again completing a takedown that ultimately set up the finish. As Sullivan got to his knees, Starcencov stepped over his back, put Sullivan’s arm between his legs, and turned him over to fully extend the arm-bar.

Sullivan’s tap gave Starcencov his first submission win, as he improved to 3-0 as an amateur, much to the delight of the boisterous Russian supporters in attedance. Speaking after the fight, he discussed his difficulty finding opposition at his size, and the concurrent possibility he could need to go pro sooner rather than later.

Pereira wins Amateur FW Title

Co-Main Event
145 – Mario Pereira (H2O) submits Steve Rossignol (Extreme Fight Club) via arm-bar submission at 1:34 of Round 2.

Pereira remained undefeated with his win Saturday, improving to 5-0 as an amateur.

– After starting off the fight trading with Rossignol, Pereira quickly reverted to his wrestling base, landing two takedowns in the 1st round, the second a single-leg with huge elevation. Achieving full mount and delivering ground-and-pound, Pereira was unable to finish before the round ended. In the 2nd, Pereira completed another big single-leg, and again got to full mount. As Rossignol turned, Pereira went for his arm, and after some work dislodged it to extend an arm-bar. Rossignol appeared not to tap, but with the submission fully set it, the referee stepped in for preventative reasons.

The third consecutive arm-bar finish for Pereira earns him the new Summum 145 lbs title, as he improves to 5-0 as an amateur.

145 – Kevin Charrette (H2O) def. Mathieu Allard (Iatskevich Submission) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– Bearing an uncanny resemblance to the UFC‘s Jake Shields, Charette got the decision by outgrappling Allard, who sported the unique combination of a red & black singlet, blue gloves, and a huge grin.

Gaining position on the ground after sprawling Allard in the first two rounds, Charette was unable to finish his submissions. The beginning of an arm-bar attempt was stopped when time ran out in the 1st, with a similar fate for the triangle choke he locked in in the 2nd. Despite Allard finally completing a takedown in the 3rd, Charette got two more of his own, earning the clear-cut decision.

170 – Michael Cyr (Ultimaction) def. Mathieu Benjamin (Fight Club St-Jean) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– After landing early takedowns in the first two rounds and maintaining top control, a Cyr takedown attempt in the 3rd round nearly backfired on him, as Benjamin sunk in the first of his two guillotine attempts. Cyr eventually escaped both, the second time ending up in side-control and delivering head punches as time expired. A scary moment occurred in the final round when Benjamin nearly fell through the ropes as Cyr escaped his submission attempt.

140 – Aundray David (Cornwall MMA) def. Maxim Denis (Tapout Training Center) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– David showed great heart in this one, battling through a 1st round where he was utterly dominated on the feet by Denis, being hit repeatedly with kick-boxing combos. In the close 2nd, Denis continued to connect, with David landing a series of kicks. A late takedown by Denis ended with him caught in a triangle choke as time ran out. David got a takedown in the 3rd, and rode that to the finish, staying in Denis’s guard while landing occasional punches. A very exciting fight, with the judge’s all favouring David for the decision.

150 – Jonathan Gonçalves (H2O) def. Ruben Fournier (Fight Club St-Jean) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– Gonçalves took Fournier down in every round, controlling from the ground for most of the fight. Amazingly, Fournier managed to wall walk his way off the ground in the 2nd, utilizing the padding in the corner of the ring. A second takedown by Goncalves that followed resulted in him being swept by Fournier, who delivered punches from the guard, his only real chance to finish.

160 – Samuel Desruisseau (Ultimaction) submits. Carl Malenfant (Extreme Fight Club) via rear-naked choke submission at 0:21 of Round 2
– After trading hook combos to open the fight, the action moved to the ground when Desruisseau landed a takedown on Malenfant, delivering ground-and-pound from half-guard. Early in the 2nd, Desruisseau got behind Malenfant, sunk in a standing rear-naked choke, and got the tap as he pulled Malenfant down to the ground.

150 – Nathaniel Perl (H2O) def. Jonathan Coutu (FXV Performance) via split judges’ decision.
– An exciting fight, Perl narrowly out-landed Coutu in the 1st round, attacking the body and connecting with a pair of uppercuts. Coutu favoured body punches from the clinch. Perl continued to mostly rely on the uppercut in the 2nd, with Coutu usually fighting back with right hooks, before landing a takedown just as time ran out. In the 3rd, Perl managed to take Coutu’s back, getting him down to the ground, and unsuccessfully working to lock in a rear-naked choke. A close decision, with two of the three judges favouring Perl.

160 – Chad Primeau (Cornwall MMA) def. Shawn Larose (Tapout Training Center) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– After landing an early takedown, Larose was overwhelmed for most of the fight by Primeau, who repeatedly took him to the ground and controlled him from side-control and half-guard, favouring head punches throughout.

170 – Bruno-Pierre Dubois (Juvaldo) def. Zander McComber (Warrior MMA) via unanimous judges’ decision.
– A late addition to the card, the busy BPD got the best of McComber, taking him down in the 2nd and connecting with body punches, and sweeping out of a takedown in the 3rd, again favouring ground-and-pound to work over McComber.

By schools, here’s how the win-loss records for the night came out:

H20 MMA (4-0)
Cornwall MMA (2-0)
Ultimaction (2-0)
Juvaldo (1-0)
Sherbatov MMA (1-0)
Charbs MMA & Boxing (0-1)
FXV Performance (0-1)
Iatskevitch Submission (0-1)
Warrior MMA (0-1)
Tapout Training Centre (0-2)

Summum 6 takes place September 17th in Repentigny. Kevin Lampron returns to the organization in the main event to defend his Welterweight Summum belt against challenger Jonathan Roblin.


* Julian Cymbalista-Clapp also writes for MTLMMA

** All photos courtesy of SUMMUM Fights.

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