Stout Withdraws from Siver Fight


Sam Stout has withdrawn from UFC 137. According to MMAJunkie, Stout removed himself from his scheduled fight with Dennis Siver that is scheduled to take place on October 29 in Las Vegas.

There is no word on whether Stout is injured or, more likely, has pulled out of the fight due to the death of friend, trainer, and brother-in-law Shawn Tompkins.

His friend, Chris Horodecki, has withdrawn from his September 10th fight against Brad Cardinal.

3 Responses to “ Stout Withdraws from Siver Fight ”

  1. animalmother says:

    really what the fuck????
    i suppose i understand your reasons for this …
    Tompkins death would have fucked me up too …
    hope you can recover from this…

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  2. These guys should take all the time that they need.

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  3. hacksaw says:

    i dont blame him or any other fellas on that team not taking fights it would be a hard time for them all. that team is a family.

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