CCF Bushido Cancelled


CCF Bushido has been cancelled.

News first leaked out when Gilbert Yvel and Kaitlin Young posted on Facebook that they had heard nothing from the promotion. When Top MMA News contacted Gilbert Yvel, Yvel gave this quote:

“Do you know anything about my fight? Because I don’t.”

Yvel indicated that he had been training hard for this fight, which had already been pushed back once already. However, the promoter had stopped communicating with him and Gilbert was left in the dark.

Top MMA News was able to confirm the news with CCF Bushido president Pasqualino Santoro who indicated that the show was indeed cancelled due to family and financial reasons.

38 Responses to “ CCF Bushido Cancelled ”

  1. this guy says:

    sqid! no surprise here

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  2. Robin Black says:

    Some people give Lino a hard time cuz of his crazy schemes and stuff but, the truth is, he’s a very nice guy who does really love MMA.

    As much as this show was a bad idea with its rules and weird Russian commission and stuff, you never like seein things go bad for a nice guy.

    Shitty for Gilbert and the other fighters too.

    Best wishes all.

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  3. kev says:

    oh fuck off robin lol.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Hey Robin go suck a couple of big dicks

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Ha Ha awesome

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Bobby, are you hitting on me?

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    1) I was serious
    2) Thanks for assuming I got a big dick
    3) Maybe

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  8. BigBoi says:

    Robin is like that special kid in class who never said nothing bad about anyone.

    Robin when you’re done sucking that bag of dicks please recognize that if Lino actually gave a shit about the sport he wouldn’t be doing something that has the potential to do so much damage to the sport.

    This is like saying “The guy’s just a dog lover” after someone walks a half starved pitbull through a daycare.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    I’ve said bad things about a couple people. There was one guy who I felt was really dangerous to the sport, so I kinda went off on him. But he deserved it.

    I love the half staved pitbull analogy. Nicely done. And good point.

    Bobby, safe to assume you have a smaller one. I was referring to your lover. I mean, your boyfriend is built like Shaq so I just assumed…..

    More importantly, is this our lives? Posting nonsense to our friends on an MMA message board on a Friday night?

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yup, cuz I’m going to Mexico early in the morning bitches!!!

    Small or big it don’t matter, with your first post on the thread it was clear you’re clearly a yellow belly tonight

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Ha Ha you’re on tonight

    Have fun in Mexico my friend!

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  12. Cj Saftic says:

    As much as this all sucks you, you gotta admit that Gilbert Yvel versus Tony Lopez In a Vale Tudo match would of been fuckin (sorry) awesome

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Thanks man!

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  14. harry balls says:

    Robin: why do some of your posts not have the gravatar thingy? Are there two Robin Blacks?

    PS: i love you….

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    Don’t you at least agree that Robin is being a lame-o on this thread MAD

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Aren’t you in Mexico yet?

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  17. harry balls says:

    you didn’t answer my question Robinho.

    O and ‘no comment’ is basically a comment if you think about it , MADman.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    I don’t know what gravatar is…. is that a medication?

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  19. harry balls says:

    you know: the little display pic when you post. But i’d totally take a medication called gravatar!

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  20. BigBoi says:

    Was anyone else let down during MMA Weekly last night when it turned out it wasn’t KD Lange hanging out at Extreme Couture?

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  21. Robin Black says:

    I’m missing something here I think…..

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  22. Ryan says:

    He means “Avatar”. It’s a picture that shows up next to your post. Like when he posts its a picture of him and Pavlich.

    Also, get off Robyn’s back. He seems to be a good guy and has gone further in three fields than any of you will probably go in one.

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  23. Ryan says:

    You’d think since I like him enough to defend him, I’d know how to spell his name.

    Lol, sorry Robin.

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  24. Robin Black says:

    Kick ass, thanks Ryan.

    They’re my friends (sort of), they’re just playin with me.

    But, ya, screw dem guys.

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  25. BigBoi says:

    Robin has only exceeded me in transgendered dressing rock star who opens up for his own band in drag type stuff….. So yeah Ryan is right Robin is essentially cooler than I am.

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  26. Cj Saftic says:

    lol I’m a Robin supporter but that comment was hilarious and well played by BigBoi

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  27. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fuck Robin Black and some of his comments!

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  28. BigBoi says:

    @ CJ – Which one? The KD or the Transgendered RockStar?

    I thought both were funny.

    I think Bobby wants to fuck Robin Black.

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  29. Bobby Karimi says:

    I do and will Sept 10th

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  30. Kris says:

    This discussion went nowhere fast.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    No one shall be fucking Robin Black.

    I also enjoyed BigBoi’s comments. If you are gonna make some fun of someone that’s how its done.

    I shall get Bobby so drunk he cries while saying iloveyouman tho……

    Like, Nathan Gunn level drunk. :)

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  32. Kris says:

    Shady stuff! Thanks robin that is why I come on to tmn, to get the inside scoop. Well that and I like having my anonymity compromised….

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  33. harry balls says:

    The dog ate my homework. This guy is a bullshitter, and not even a good one. Wouldn’t you contact everyone involved and say there was an enormous personal crisis, even by mass e mail?

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  34. says:

    Acho que isso é o que acontece quando você trabalha com treinadores nadar e gansters falso.

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  35. NakMuay says:

    Lino is a tool, he talks such a big game and never delivers, makes so many promises that he just can’t keep. He is a failed mma fighter and a failed mma promoter. Good luck trying to find guy to fight on your “upcoming cards”. Man I’d want my full fight purse paid in full up front at the time of contract signing in order to agree to fight on his shows

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  36. Me says:

    Ya Lino karma is a bitch. You treat people like shit and lie to them and it blows up in your face. Your a tool!!

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