UFC 134: Silva vs Okami Breakdown


MMA BettingUFC 134 will be held at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August 27th and will feature a much anticipated Middleweight Championship bout between Anderson Silva and Yushin Okami.

Main event fights will be aired via PPV and the televised portion of the prelim card will be aired in Canada on Spike TV and in HD on Rogers Sportsnet. At least four unaired prelims will be available in their live on Facebook.

The fight geek in me wishes it was the year 2001 and that this event was titled Ultimate Ultimate Brazil 2 featuring Rickson Gracie vs. Kasushi Sakuraba. Fantasies aside it’s the year 2011 so kudos to the UFC for resisting the urge to stack this card with fighters from a bygone era. Instead the UFC is delivering a card for their return to Brazil featuring some of the very best fighters the modern sport of MMA has to offer.

I do still want to see Royce and Renzo fight again though.

Here is the Top MMA News breakdown:

Anderson Silva (-556) vs. Yushin Okami (+330)

As any of you who watched their first fight know, contrary to Chael Sonnen’s recent claims, Anderson Silva was completely dominating Okami during their first fight back in January of 2006 before being disqualified for an illegal kick to the head of a grounded opponent. I think this fight will be more of the same minus the victory by disqualification for Okami.

Okami can win this fight though. I expect Okami will exploit his wrestling advantage by attempting to take down Anderson Silva down and outpoint him on the judges’ scorecards.

That being said, I think the typical Anderson Silva will show up on Saturday night. Okami may take Silva down but I expect Silva’s long range strikes will add up and that he will eventually finish Okami in a decisive fashion.

If Anderson Silva does win this fight look for another credit to Steven Seagal for the victory. My theory on this bizarre trend is that Seagal is more of a sponsor than a trainer for Team Blackhouse.  I really don’t think anyone is buying the story these guys are selling.

Prediction: Anderson Silva by 4th Round TKO

Mauricio Rua (-250) vs. Forrest Griffin (+175)

Shogun looked terrible the last time he faced Forrest Griffin in the octagon. Despite that fact, I’m still picking Shogun.

Yes, I still feel like an idiot for betting on Shogun over Jon Jones back in March but it’s not that I love flogging a dead horse. Well maybe it is. If Shogun is firing on all cylinders he can nullify Forrest size advantage with technique and speed. The longer this fight goes on the more I see it favouring Forrest though.

Regardless of the outcome, I think this will be the fight of the night.

Prediction: Mauricio Rua by Unanimous Decision

Brendan Schaub (-270) vs. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira (+185)

With a strong performance against Mirko, Brendan shot up the Heavyweight rankings. I think his meteoric rise might be a little premature. Mirko hasn’t exactly been dominating the Heavyweight division over the last five years so it’s difficult to read a lot into that fight. Also Brendan didn’t look composed to me. He was repeatedly warned by Herb Dean over rule infractions until he was eventually docked a point.

Brendan will be faster than Nogueira but I think that will be his only advantage. In my opinion Nogueira has better boxing and a significantly stronger ground game. I’m sure Brendan is imagining that he will dominate Nogueira like Mir and Cain did but this might work against him if Nogueira takes Brendan into deep water. I think Nogueira will be too much too soon for Brendan.

Prediction:  Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira by 3rd Round Submission due to Anaconda Choke

Ross Pearson (+225) vs. Edson Barboza (-357)

This is the fight that I am most looking forward to on this card. I’m sure Ross Pearson has been checking a lot of leg kicks in preparation for this fight but Barboza’s Muay Thai is just on an another level. When these two strikers collide in the cage expect pure violence.

I highly doubt Pearson has the confidence in his striking to stand up with Barboza for long. Ross  will probably try and take this fight to the mat. Barboza has the speed and timing to capitalize on Pearson’s hesitance. I think Ross’ perceived ground advantage will eventually be his undoing.

Prediction: Edson Barboza via Second Round TKO (leg kicks)

Luiz Cane (-238) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (+167)

This is a tough fight to call. Brazilian Luiz Cane does have the home cage advantage but after rewatching Nedkov’s Sengoku’s fights I’m leaning toward the undefeated newcomer to the UFC. Luiz Cane probably has significantly better stand up but Nedkov still doesn’t know how to lose.

Prediction: Stanislav Nedkov by Split Decision

8 Responses to “ UFC 134: Silva vs Okami Breakdown ”

  1. BigBoi says:

    Big’s Thoughts:

    Anderson vs Okami

    Anderson has a brutally under appreciated ground game. This is probably due to the fact that most people he fights have spent the time trying to eat his gloves. He reminds me of this kid I went to school with who would always peek when he was hitting the pinata. With Jedi like precision he’d smash the paper mache donkey like it owed him something. The pinata would end up looking a little like Rich Franklin’s nose in the end but instead of blood it just released it’s load of crappy candy no one had heard of before. Now that I think about it I never really like pinatas.

    Okami will circle looking for an opening to shoot in on and attempt to avoid the above mentioned striking. He’ll get the take down but of course BlackHouse knows this and shortly after getting taken down Anderson will shock the world by triangle choking Okami to sleep. Then he’ll stand up thank the seagul and burger king and muse on possibly fighting GSP. The end.

    Forrest vs Shogun

    The first time they fought and Shogun lost we were told by his camp that it wasn’t really a fair fight due to a laundry list of injuries that Shogun apparently was suffering during the fight. Given that he apparently had more injuries than a car accident victim I was surprised that he even managed to walk to the ring…. Then again this isn’t the firs time that a Brazilian has lost a fight and proceeded to produce a phonebook thick set of reasons for what happened. They’re kind of like the bad fishermen of the MMA world at times. However I digress.

    The issue in their first fight is going to be the same issue in their second fight. Forrest is a freaking Monster. I had a chance to meet Forrest a few years back and frankly I don’t know how he gets down to LHW. I’d guess he was walking around near to 235 and he wasn’t looking like fat Elvis either. Forrest knows how to use his size and is very smooth for a guy that big. He controls the ring and seems inhumanly immune to pain. Shogun likes fights where he can dictate the pace and he just won’t have that chance with Forrest.

    Forrest via TKO GnP in the 2nd.

    Big Nog vs Schaub

    This fight is going to look a lot like when the villagers chased Boris Karloff to the windmill and burnt it down. Big Nog will of course be playing the part of Frankenstein’s monster while Schaub will be playing the part of the villagers.

    I will be sitting at home in my “Pride Forever” shirt crying into my Acai juice while this fight happens.

    Schaub via KO rnd 1

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  2. kris says:

    This UFC 143 event looks quite similar to the 134 event…

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  3. kris says:

    not even a thank you tsk tsk

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  4. I don’t understand why Shogun is the betting fave. I put 10$ on Forrest for $27.50 if i win.

    Also put $5 on Jabouin for possible 12.75 payout.

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  5. Cody Bargholz says:

    I agree Keith. At -250 I wouldn’t bet on Shogun but I think Nedkov and Nogueira are even better underdog plays.

    I would have guessed the odds to be -130 Shogun +110 Forrest.

    That was a funny post Bigboi. I’m hoping Nogueira’s recent double hip and single knee surgery will cure his Frankenstein syndrome.

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  6. @scienceofeight says:

    Good article.

    Anderson vs Okami

    Okami has two options, try and play it safe and win a decision or take the fight to the spider and win with aggresion.

    Either strategy has yet to work on Anderson.

    Forest vs Shogun

    In their first fight we saw Forrest looking his best and Mauricio looking bizarrely bad. That fight was close; if Shogun shows up at all I think we will see a quicker Brazilian teeing off on a durable American. If Forrest can make to the last half of round three he may be able to out condition Shogun and eke out another victory, otherwise my pick is shogun.

    Brendan Schaub vs. Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira

    …….are these odds backwards? ha ha

    Ross Pearson vs. Edson Barboza

    Apparently the UFC is saying “sorry UK all of our off continent shows are going to be in brazil and to further validate this decision we are going put one of your few up and comers against a Brazilian who doesn’t bleed, doesn’t get hurt, and doesn’t stop meticulously destroying your fighter.

    nice work BigBoi

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  7. BigBoi says:

    @scienceofeight – Not only is your summary of Edson is the funniest thing I’ve read today it is pretty much dead on accurate.

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  8. harry balls says:

    hahah those are some great reviews, gentlemen.

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