Ryan Ford to Face Hulett at Aggression


Ryan Ford (16-3) will face David Hulett (17-9) on September 16th in Edmonton. The Aggression MMA fight could be Ford’s last local show for a while as The Real Deal heads for bigger pastures with Bellator MMA in October after this bout.

Ford will enter the Hulett fight riding a four fight winning streak. That streak includes a big stoppage victory over Karo Parisyan at MMA Live in London in May 2011.

Canadian fans will recognize Hulett by his appearance at Pure Fighting Championship. In Red Deer, Ryan Machan triangle choked Hulett to win the main event. Although Hulett got subbed in that bout, he was picking apart Machan on his feet until Machan came from behind to win.  Hulett has won three of his last four bouts.

*** photo by Jason Bouwmeester|TKO Photography & Design

15 Responses to “ Ryan Ford to Face Hulett at Aggression ”

  1. Cj Saftic says:

    If Ford was to somehow lose, would i effect his Bellator deal?

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    I doubt it, people have gone to Belator coming off of losses before. Plus Ryan had the agreement with Belator that he would have this fight with Aggression.

    Aggression posted the other day that they had to get the fight approved by Belator as well, so I’m sure it’s all good.

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  3. If Ford was in the Bellator Welterweight tournament, I think he would lose his spot if he lost.

    He isn’t in the tourney and I am sure Bellator will use him in Ontario regardless of the outcome.

    Ford won’t lose though.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m a bit confused. So there’s a welterweight tourney starting up right away and there will also be one in early 2012?

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  5. BigBoi says:

    “Ford won’t lose though.”

    That’s for sure.

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  6. jamon says:

    hopefully the aggression cage can hold up to weight of this epic battle

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  7. ryan farse says:

    ford is a criminal but he won’t lose to huett because he is a bum but when ford goes to belletor game over just like when he was in the mfc to high level for that over hyped gangster

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  8. showtying says:

    wow like for real mr farse…you think people can better themselves..try to see the man he is now rather than the boy he left behind man…even if your right about the level of guys he fights or will fight atleast he getting it in doing positive for him and his fam…wow

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  9. Dean Panas says:

    Well said Markhaile!!! And in English :)

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  10. ryan farse says:

    he is the same person nothing different he will never change

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  11. Butchaboi says:

    I see some hating going on jealousy kills

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  12. showtying says:

    sorry dean im not english …..

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  13. Robin Black says:

    Good fight.

    Ford by GNP

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  14. @CJ Saftic…. Joe Soto just got replaced in the Bellator Bantamweight tourney by Wilson Reis because he lost at Tachi Palace.

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