Evolution FC 10 – Lloydminster – October 1


Date: October 1, 2011
Location: Lloydminster Centennial Civic Centre in Lloydminster, AB
Tickets: The Kooler, Sound Obsessions, and World Class Gym

Main Event:
Matt Veal (8-6) vs. Greg Welsh (5-1)
** for EFC Featherweight Title

Ben Stewart (4-0) vs. Tyson Steele (7-1)
** for EFC Welterweight Title

Jose Rodriguez (6-1) vs. Nick Heynen (3-0)
** for EFC Lightweight Title

Kelly Gervais (5-2) vs. Vincent Bercier (1-0)
Teague Smith (1-1) vs. Phil Deschambault (3-4)
Mike Davis (6-3) vs. Daniel Mark (1-0)
Cole Argue (0-2) vs. Mitch Migneault (2-0)
Drayton Angus (1-0) vs. Kyle Mckee (3-1)
Myles Anderson (0-1) vs. TBA
Sean Gailer (1-2) vs. Tytus Rhymez (0-0)

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  1. L-Boutin says:

    Jose has made 155 before. Hopefully he’s got his diet together and stays disciplined enough to make 155.

    I’ve only seen Heynen fight twice but IMO Jose wins anywhere the fights goes.

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  2. Graham Weenk says:

    yeah and if he misses weight again they better not have this as a title fight, interim title fight that is, because although tyson is moving up to 170 for the welterweight title he has not given up the 155 title

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    I was just going ask the Weenk, was curious to see if this was a permanent move up. Dont get a title fight if Tyson has not given it up. Would love to see them fight if both win.

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  4. Graham Weenk says:

    he has not decided for sure, the cut to 155 is tough but he always makes it so we’ve considered fighting couple times a year at 155 and a couple at 170, we’ll wait to see how his return to 170 feels first tho before making any certain decisions

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  5. Kendo says:

    anyone know the final card?

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  6. Mike Davis says:

    Thanks love watching him fight he is just a massive 155er can tell the weight cut is no fun but guts it out. See you guys there!

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  7. From all the Team here at Triple Crown Fighter, we wish Matt Veal the best in his quest for a belt tomorrow night at EFC. Triple Crown Fighter’s Kurtis Loth will be there to support Matt and watch him bring the belt home!

    Best of luck to all competitors in their fights and stay safe!

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  8. Matt Veal, Greg Welsh, Tyson Steele and Daniel Mark all on weight and ready. Not sure about the rest, this is just from texts and facebook updates…

    I cant wait for tomorrow. I’m leaving Saskatoon around noon and its going to be a great night of fights! I’ll try to keep TOPMMANEWS updated with live quick results to Keith throughout the night

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  9. BigBoi says:

    6-3 vs 1-0 eh? Is there a really compelling story behind this or is it as brutal a mismatch as it seems? Looks like some people just aren’t ready to step up.

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  10. BigBoi says:

    Oh, my bad. 2-0. Clearly that’s a better match up.

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  11. Mike Davis says:

    Oh fuck big Boi ever seen mark fight he is tough as nails is 2-0 and trains at Alliance with a AMAZING team. This is going be a tough test as mark is pretty highly regarded from a lot of people. After hearing all it’s a good test have and see how I do after a 11 month lay off from fighting not even close taking this fight lightly. Also his opponent dropped out and took this fight on 8 days notice.

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  12. Dont let Daniel Mark’s record fool you. He is a tough kid coming out of a great camp. Daniel vs Mike is going to be an awesome fight, i’m really excited to see this one as well.

    Daniel trains with guys such as Adam Lorenz, Tyson Steele, Ford Robertson, and Kurt Southern on a regular basis. And Mike, well I dont need to explain his credentials. Records aside, this is a very interesting matchup.

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  13. BigBoi says:

    Miike – “Also his opponent dropped out and took this fight on 8 days notice.”

    You’re missing a word or two from that last sentence for it to make sense. Did Dan’s opponent who dropped out take the fight on short notice? How is that relevant?

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  14. Mark is way down the ladder from Davis and has less experience, but I don’t think this is a big mismatch and Mark could pull off the upset here. Mark looked good in the Cage Fighting Manitoba show against a solid Louis Fisette.

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  15. Adam Lorenz says:

    I will refrain from talking smack and put my $ on Daniel Mark if anybody wants too lol.

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  16. north battleford says:

    What is with the untrained guys fighting on these shows? There are two from my hometown alone. Is quesnel trying to give some of his guys easy fights? Or is this show just part “tuffman mma”? Its too bad because there are some really skilled guys on this event, and having untrained guys cheapens the whole event IMO. The top portion of the card still looks great tho.

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  17. LBoutin says:

    BigBoi – I think sometimes you have to look at more than just records.

    Davis has a good record but his wins are against guys with less than stellar records:

    -Corey Knapp (5-16) Davis beat him twice
    -Matt Knysh (2-6) Davis also beat him twice
    -Corey Berridge (0-4)

    (His best win would be against Tony Bibby (5-6) and I think the only guy with a winning record he’s fought is Clayton Sheen)

    Daniel Mark is 2-0 and comes from a solid team. Graham Weenk wouldn’t be matching Mark up with Davis if he didn’t think he was ready.

    I’d agree with you if they were matching Mark up with a top 10 guy or something like that, but that’s not the case here.

    Now I’m not trying to talk down Davis, he seems like a cool guy on here, and has a good record. Just giving you an example of how you have to look at more than just the numbers sometimes to figure out if its a fair match-up.

    There are much better examples of mismatches on most cards you could be complaining about and be 100% right with your concerns.

    Should be a great fight ! Looking forward to the whole card, wish I could be there.

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  18. LBoutin says:

    I gotta agree with NB, promoters have to stop taking fighters from unknown (made up) teams who don’t really train.

    It takes away from the guys that put a lot of work into training and preparing the right way. Just my opinion though.

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  19. BigBoi says:

    LOL – I remember reading a card from an unnamed box shaped province that had some of the most ridiculously named fight teams on it. Team names that you knew the promoter thought up the night before the card was released….
    Team Action….
    Team Super Amazing Death Fist….
    Assassination Mega Awesome…..

    Oh and I was unaware of Davis’ opponents. I made the error in interpreting his bravado and current record as an indication that he was a world killer on the climb. Thanks for the clarification.

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  20. LBoutin says:

    My favorite is when the fighter doesn’t have a team or train with anyone, so they just use his last name “Team Smith” “Team Johnson”….lol

    Check out any XCW card and 90% of the fighter’s are from “team whatever my last name is”

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  21. BigBoi says:

    It’s like the promoter has watched too many bad kung fu movies and everyone should be part of a ‘clan’ or ‘team’ to be a fighter…

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  22. Mike Davis says:

    Ya made no sence there but ya took this fight on 8 days notice.

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  23. LBoutin says:

    I’d actually like to know a little more about Vincent Bercier, he’s 1-0 moving up in weight to fight the former LW champ Kelly Gervais (5-2). Where and with who does he train ?

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  24. Moemar says:

    I was just going to say that I feel that a bigger mismatch (on paper as I dont know much of these fighters) than Davis and Mark is Gervais (5-2) vs Bercier (1-0).. Unless Bercier is a grappler of course.

    When did Kelly hold the LW belt? I thought he lost to Tyson Steele when Steele was fighting at LW as the champ.

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  25. Mike Davis says:

    And I fought Bibby when he was 4-2 just to clear that up I was 2-2 at time.

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  26. Mike Davis says:

    This fight card is not official one Michael Glover was on it but missed weigh ins and few other changes also.

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  27. L-Boutin says:

    My bad, Gervais wasn’t the LW champ, welsh was. I was thinking Steele beat Gervais for the belt but it was Welsh.

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  28. Will try and get the updated card when I get there… thanks for the info Mike!

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  29. mike says:

    do your job……miles anderson vs TBA?? Jesse Veltre (1-1)

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  30. Jason says:

    Thansk Mike, I’ll update when I get to Lloyd. We often rely on the promotions to send updates and in this case we didn’t have anyone reporting back for us from the weigh ins.

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  31. Owen Carr says:

    Really sucks I couldn’t fight on this show. Wel see what’s in stock for near future..
    My picks….
    Welsh via tko.
    Steele via anyway he wants too.
    Gervais via tko
    No further comments

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  32. Monica says:

    Does anyone know if this is will stream online as PPV ?

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  33. The Protptype says:

    WAR JOSE!!!!!

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  34. mike says:


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  35. Tyler Davis says:

    Wow big boi you just a talking piece of shit, apparently a fat ass s that has fought like twice in his life and now just talks down to everyone from the saftey of his computer. Move out of your mothers basement and do somthing positive in your life. Rather than just rant and try to belittle others achivments. “Oh I can’t use my real name cause it would have an effect on my criticisms” well let’s see your record big boi oh wait I forgot you are a coward

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  36. Tyler Davis says:

    Ps great job to everyone on the card tonight lloyd got one hell of a show. Just really great Mma

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  37. Tyler Davis says:

    Im gonna urban dictionary a” keyboard warrior ” and laugh when I see big boi picture. That is the only kind of warrior you will ever be. Cause if you had one shred of class you would diss the fuck out of guys doing the sport you didn’t have the heart to do. Really grow the fuck up and maybe don’t be a walking negative comment. Like how bout saying good job guys? Or just anything on a positive note? Or maybe grow some balls get back in that cage? Im site there’s more than enough guys who would love to fight you on this site. Shannon rich comes to mind…..ya ya I know you wouldn’t waste your time cause your so awsome at fighting…….oh wait talking is the only thing you do my bad

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  38. BigBoi says:

    Dear Tyler,

    You seem mad. Sorry if you’re having a bad morning.



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  39. Tyler Davis says:

    I acutually had pretty good morning, very proud of my brother and hell proud of everyone who fought. Proud of you as well, you managed to say somthing non pesimistic….good job. Your on the right track to being a better person now keep up the good work

    Ty Guy

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  40. mike says:

    Ty Guy??? Hope you don’t try pickin up ladies with that alias……….cuz that’s as queer as a three dollar bill

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