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Battlefield Fight League held their tenth event on August 20. Scott Gillies from MMA Madhouse covered the event. Here is his play-by-play:

Chris Rock vs. Mark Delgado (amateur bout)
Round 1
Right off the bat, Delgado secures the takedown and quickly moves to top position. Delgado lands shots to the body of Rock from a north/south position but Rock is able to return to his feet, where he is met with several hard upper-cuts. Chris Rock manages to land a kick to the body but gives away too much and is heavily slammed to the canvas by Delgado. From top control Delgado lands a few shots but Rock scrambles back to his feet. Rock throws another kick to the body and once again, is slammed hard to the canvas by Delgado who quickly moves into a full-mount. Rock defends well from a precarious position and is able to bring the fight back to a standing position. Delgado slams Rock to the canvas in Rampagian fashion but lets Rock back to his feet. Delgado lands a heavy right hand and proceeds to slam his opponent to the canvas once more. This time Delgado forgoes the ground and pound and sinks in a Kimura. Rock taps and the fight is stopped (TKO) at 3:50 of the first round.

Kyle Francotti vs. Kolten Higginbottom (amateur bout)
Round 1
Francotti(236lbs.) comes out swinging bombs at the smaller Higginbottom(207lbs.) and pushes the fight to the cage and then easily secures the takedown. Francotti takes top position and takes a few moments to begin dominating his opponent with a full mount and then brutal strikes from the top. The referee allows several shots to land, and calls the fight (TKO) at 1:22 of the first round.

Ryan Allen vs. Bret Deacon (amateur bout)
Round 1
The fight starts slowly with both fighters grappling for position against the cage. Allen grabs a single leg and secures the first takedown of the fight. Deacon has the bottom position initially but spins quickly to reverse the momentum, and impressively obtains top position. Deacon lands a few shots from the top but fails to damage Allen. The fight returns to the feet but Deacon this time secures the takedown. Allen reverses and takes top control. Deacon uses the cage well with his feet and avoids the heavier of Allen’s shots. The fight returns to the feet and Allen is able to land some knees to the body. Deacon responds with a knee to the body. Allen grabs another single and takes the fight back to the canvas. Allen starts to land several shots from the mount but the bell rings and Deacon is “saved by the bell”. mmamadhouse scores the first round 10-9 Allen

Round 2
Allen begins the second round by landing two consecutive upper-cuts and then an early takedown. Allen moves into a full-mount position and begins to land shots. Bret Deacon concedesd the fight by verbal tap and the referee stops the fight at 0:51 of the second round.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Jose Cornejo
Round 1
Marcus Aurelio comes out of his corner acrobatically in an aggressive capoeira style that seems to put Cornejo on his heels. Aurelio lands a big knee and a heavy left hook. Aurelio dances into another attack and lands a big left foot to the body. Cornejo attempts to close the distance with the jab and Aurelio hits him with a spinning kick to the body. Marcus Aurelio brings the attack and throws a devastating kick to the head that ends the fight. Capoeira brilliance of the most brutal sort. Impressive. Dynamic. Holy shit. Knockout at 0:43 of the first round.

Darwin Douglas vs. Bill Fraser
Round 1
The fight starts out cautiously with both fighters looking to find range with jabs. Douglas lands a high kick. Douglas scores a takedown but fails to capitalise and the fight returns to the feet. The fight spends a deal of time against the cage without much damage being sustained either way. Fraser takes Douglas to the mat and maintains position for a spell but fails to land much from top or side control. Douglas doing well to defend from the bottom. Fraser lands knees to the body and the head and Douglas responds with a knee to the body. Fraser scores a takedown and tries a choke which is defended by Douglas. mmamadhouse scores the first round 10-9 Fraser

Round 2
Douglas attacks and Fraser responds with jabs. Fraser secures a takedown and takes side control but is unable to land very much. Fraser again maintains side control but fails to land punches. The fight goes back to the feet and back to the cage in the clinch. The fight limps along with neither fighter landing shots for most of the second round, with Fraser on top and Douglas defending well from the bottom. Fraser takes a full-mount, lands a few shots from the top and out of nowhere sinks in a rear-naked choke. Douglas taps at 4:56 of the second round.

Nathan Swayze vs. Correy Tossof
Round 1
Correy Tossof starts the fight looking for a takedown and Nathan Swayze shows impressive takedown defense. The fighters end up pressed against the cage. Swayze pushes down on Tossof’s head. Add a few harmless knees to the body for both… the referee separates the fighters…repeat.mmamadhouse scores the first round 10-9 Tossof

Round 2
Tossof attempts the takedown. Swayze stuffs. Tossof attempts the takedown and gets it, but Swayze reverses and sinks in a body triangle. Swayze punches the body and the face of Tossof alternately from the dominant position of the body triangle while trying to open up the possibility of a choke. Tossof switches it up and gains top position and lands several good shots to the head of Swayze. mmamadhouse scores the second round 10-9 Swayze

Round 3
Tossof attempts the takedown and Swayze stuffs it. Repeat. Fighters end up in the clinch. Swayze lands a few minor knees to the body of Tossof. The referee separates the fighters. Tossof tries the takedown again. Swayze sprawls. In the clinch Swayze throws some light punches. The fighters go down and Swayze lands some minor shots from in close. Another clinch, with Swayze pushing down the head of Tossof. The referee separates the fighters. Again. Into the clinch. Yawn. Another couple of knees by Swayze but nothing worth writing home about. Clinch. Separate. Repeat. mmamadhouse scores the third round 10-9 Swayze.
The judges score the fight 29-28 / 29-28 / 28-29 for Tossof, by split decision

Chad Bellwood vs. Dave Logan
Round 1
Bellwood pushes the fight to the cage and looks to take the fight to the ground. Logan gets hold of Bellwood’s neck but doesn’t have purchase enough for a choke. Bell wood gets his head free and gets into an upper position. It doesn’t take long and Bellwood is able to sink in a choke of his own from top position. Logan gets free but only enough to grant Bellwood a better position. Bellwood locks in his feet and secures a solid rear naked choke. Logan taps at 1:44 of the first round.

Mike Hill vs. Nolan Clark
Round 1
Fighters touch gloves and come out swinging. Clark lands a low kick that rings off of the cup of Hill. After a recovery, Hill pushes Nolan to the cage and into the clinch. Nolan lands a couple of knees to the body. Hill lands some big right hands and converts a takedown. However, he finds himself in what looks like a pretty secure omoplata by Nolan. Hill throws punches from the top but has to be careful of the ongoing submission attempt he finds himself in. Hill shakes the omoplata attempt and begins to rain down ground and pound on Nolan, mixing up head and body shots until the referee has seen enough and calls the fight in favour of Hill at 4:51 of the first round (TKO) due to strikes.

Matt Dwyer vs. Levi Alford
Round 1
The fighters come out and touch gloves before testing eachother’s range with the jab. The fight stays for a few moments at the center of the ring with both tall, lanky fighters looking for a way inside. Dwyer lands a vicious knee to the jaw of Alford and as quickly as the touch of gloves occurred, Alford finds himself dazed on the mat. Dwyer wins by KO at 0:41 of the first round.

Matt Baker vs. Marcus Vinicios
Round 1
The fighters come to the center of the ring to receive their instructions and they make contact, the referee tries to push them apart and is pushed slightly by Vinicios who obviously wants a piece of Baker too soon. There appears to be more than just a mixed martial arts match at stake. Baker charges out to close the distance on the Capoeira fighter. Baker pushes Vinicios to the cage. Vinicios tries a takedown unsuccessfully and Baker has him pinned to the cage, trying to land knees from the backside and punches from the side. Vinicios throws a knee and lands Baker in a choke. The fighters go to ground and Baker scrambles away from the threat. The fight returns to the feet. Both fighters are swinging for the fence. Baker seems the aggressor. Vinicios gets the takedown but can’t initially capitalize with top control. Vinicios is able to maintain top position however and begins to put together some ground and pound. Baker ties up his opponent in his guard but can’t shake him. Vinicios continues to tag Baker with punches from top position but doesn’t seem to be hurting Baker. mmamadhouse scores the first round 10-9 Vinicios

Round 2
Baker charges out into the action to close the distance on the Capoeira specialist. Vinicios gets a takedown but Baker ends up on top. Vinicios reverses and takes top control. Baker lands a couple elbows from the bottom. Vinicios lands a couple of good shots from the top. The fighters scramble on the ground and Vinicios appears to have the beginnings of an ankle lock secured. Baker frees himself and lands a big knee to the body of Vinicios. Baker has Vinicios on the ground in an awkward downward position and tries to sink the choke through his defense. Baker lands some effective ground and pound (possibly an illegal rabbit punch also) and then some elbows to the back and shoulders of Vinicios which seem to stun his opponent. Baker sinks in the rear-naked choke and Vinicios taps at 3:26 of the second round.

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  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Sounds like Vinicious vs Baker was more of a go than I gave them credit for.

    Sounds like an alright main event.

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  2. Carl says:

    The main event was very intense. BFL 10 was a fantastic event. Marcus Aurelio’s switch kick KO was stunning and sent the crowd into a frenzy!

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