Poll: Who is Canada’s #2 Bantamweight?


With two consecutive wins in the UFC, Ivan Menjivar is the hands down Bantamweight king of Canada. Who is #2?

The cast is cluttered with fighters vying for the second seed.  Who do you think it should be:

Adrian Wooley:  The current number two has lost two consecutive split decisions against Americans.

John Fraser: Fraser has fought twice at 135. In his first 135 fight, he gave Eric Wilson his first loss and won a WRECK title in that fight.

Nick Denis: Denis was #1 but has not fought in a long time.  He is scheduled to fight in WRECK this October.

Josh Hill: Ranked 6th in the last rankings, Hill has won seven in a row.


Ivan Menjivar is Canada's top Bantamweight fighter. Who is #2?

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44 Responses to “ Poll: Who is Canada’s #2 Bantamweight? ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    We need to see Hill vs Fraser!

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  2. Joey Benoit says:

    Mitch Gagnon

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Fraser but Hill is killing it and is #3 in my eyes but really both guys could have spot without to much argument.

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  4. Joey… maybe after October! He has to fight at 135 first.

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  5. doug mac donald says:

    mitch gagnon

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Nick Denis vs Nick Mamalis looks like a go at WRECK.

    If you don’t vote Nick now you will after you see this fight.

    No offense to the other 3 great athletes but when people see where Nick is at this will be a much easier debate.

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  7. booboo says:

    GAGNON !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. justin grove says:

    John fraser is the baddest man of all

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  9. remz says:

    Delorme is in the ufc . if u saw the press conference on fox . He dervers a mention obviously won his fight into the house

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  10. Haggis Basher says:

    Just to confirm I have fought twice at 135lb Eric Wilson and Chucky Mady, not that the Mady fight would makes a difference in the rankings.

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  11. Joey Benoit says:

    Keith, Mitch will have the same impact to Guillaume de Lorenzi when he drop at 155 lbs( he will back Summer 2012), Mitch will be a beast at 135 lbs.

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  12. Haggis Basher… sorry, slipped my mind that you fought Mady as well. (getting old)

    Joey Benoit… There is no doubt that Mitch is a beast and I look forward to him at 135.

    Remz… Eric Wilson AND Roland Delorme are both studs at 135.

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  13. Robin Black says:

    I love Eric Wilson but I think ‘stud at 135’ is a gross exaggeration.

    He beat some base level competition then surprised delorme with a specialist game. Then the Fraser fight he looked quite ordinary.

    He’s an interesting developing 135er.

    And I’m hesitant to say this but, if there’s any truth to what I’m saying, then we’re all getting worked up about my man Fraser a bit early too. Mady and Wilson can’t make a guy a #2 bantamweight, although John’s general awesomeness as a dude makes me want to put him there.

    If he beats the UFC vet he’s facing in his next fight, however, he would be knocking on the #1 door.

    Wooley still the man to beat. Don’t judge by his last performance. He looked unhealthy and sluggish. First off night of his career and a great night for Harris. Love to see that fight again.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    Bo Harris is legit but not Canadian.

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  15. EPerez says:

    Agreed about Wilson, he won a very close decision over Rolly.

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Perez vs Wilson now THAT makes good sense!

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  17. Cj Saftic says:

    Well put Robin, im going to have to go with Josh Hill on this one on a half technicality, Nick Denis and Roland Delorme have been innactive as of late and with Wooleys two losses Hill moves up.

    Wooley won the fight against Mamalis no doubt in my mind and like Robin said he was very sluggish against Bo Harris so i dont take too much away from him.

    As for the Haggis Basher, I cant say enough about how talented Fraser is but i would like to see one more solid win or maybe even a fight with any of the other bantemweights being discussed

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  18. Robin Black says:

    CJ nails it on all points

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  19. EPerez says:

    Delorme is #2 but Im obviously biased. But from the list Im going with Hill #2 and Denis #3. Id like to see that fight though

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  20. Marty says:

    Too hard to pick right now. I say Wooley still is #2. The division is so small. I think it is great that Fraser and Denis are stepping up to fight real competition. That will help answer some questions. Hopefully Josh Hill will follow suit and fight a real opponent next as well. But he may want to keep pading his record… It worked for Mitch Clarke.

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  21. kris says:

    The guys from Iron Tiger wont duck people, its just the way it is. Wooley is not number 2, Hill is above him. I believe Fraser is above him. No doubt when Denis fights he will be above him. You cant lose 2 consecutive fights, and maintain your position. Unless you’re talking about the Cdn Heavyweight division.

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  22. Jer From Mtl says:

    Ill throw this into the mix….Yves Jabouin is making his debut at 135 this weekend in BRAZIL….Hes one of those fighters whos record does not truly represent his talent and abilities in my opinion…Hes faught a lot of tough guys and unfortunately been on the losing side of some highlight filled wars…. just rewatch his fight vs hominick…

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  23. Good point Jer.

    Jabouin vs Hominick was best fight of 2010.

    Jabouin and Gagnon are the same. Not considered until they actually fight.

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  24. Cj Saftic says:

    Agreed, Jabouin in a enormous talent and depending on how he handles the weight cut and performs Saturday he could sky rocket himself up the rankings

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  25. steve hill says:

    Josh Hill was suppose to fight Delorme and Denis, they both backed out, Last fight he fought sick with a fever, and as for Robin,s commentary, Josh Hill has never weighed more than 152 lbs in his life…

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Are you his brother Steve?

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  27. alin says:

    Are you nick denie’s manager robin?

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  28. steve hill says:

    He is my nephew

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  29. kris says:

    Josh Hill will be the best 135 in Canada soon enough.

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  30. Rob says:

    Haggis Basher for sure. UFC material there.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    Yes I am. I take care of Nick.

    Supercool Steve that you come here and check out the boards. Welcome.

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  32. steve hill says:

    All the guys mentioned are good fighters , but my pick is obvious !!Josh all the way

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  33. Robin Black says:

    Ya man you gotta go with Family! Josh is right near the top nomatter how you slice it and still getting better and better each fight.

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  34. Robin Black says:

    I’m a huge fan of all these guys.

    Nick gotta fight soon so we can actually see how he fits in the picture. When I’m working on TV I gotta be honest and unbiased but when I’m just a guy on a board I’m a fan like anyone and I catch myself occasionally leanin slightly towards my buddy.

    But the truth is with those 4 guys, and 3 or 4 other tough Canadian Bantamweights, I think its the best division in this country.

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  35. steve hill says:

    I agree completely , would have loved to see josh fight nick , I no he was pumped…and dissappointed when it didnt happen

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  36. Robin Black says:

    Ya injuries suck but they’re part of the game.

    Too bad we won’t see Delorme fighting any of these guys any time soon. He’s another one at the top of this heap but he’s busy with the UFC and stuff.

    Most exciting and interesting division in the country.

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  37. Justsayin says:

    Ok, so the now that the secret is out, why isn’t Delorme on this voting list?

    Is the Top MMA News Rankings now based on who visits and votes on the site? If thats the case it should include at least the top ten.

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  38. You got to stop somewhere and those four had better credentials for #2 than Rolly.

    Wooley added because he is currently #2.
    Denis added because he was #1 until inactive.
    Hill added because he has been knocking off everyone and is very active.
    Fraser added because he knocked off Wilson, who knocked off Delorme.

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  39. alin says:

    Marty who’s pading records? If you don’t know what is going on please don’t make an oppinion…

    Josh Hill vs Federico Lopez
    We first signed for to fight against Mike Roberts, he is part of Dan Sveran’s Team and he is a very good opponent. Mike had a draw against Bo Harris and also has alot more years of experience than Josh, so we looked at this fight as a good challenge. Roberts also competed a few times before in Ontario and has many fans around here. But again for personal reasons, Mike had to pull out of the fight three weeks till the event. We tried in the past to have Josh fight any fighter in the top ten list that topmmanews has, unfortunately we had no luck in getting a fight signed against any of the fighters there. So once again we had to look for an opponent from across the border in order to have Josh fight and we got signed with “Kiko” Lopez. One of you guys here say that Kiko is an unknown fighter… I can tell you that he is a K-1 veteran (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMX8bPdzH-Y ) that trains with Team Quest! Let me know if you know a 135 lbs guy that is on topmmanews and we did not aproced to fight Josh? And if you have a 135 lbs guy on that list that want to pad his record with Kiko please let me know as well as Kiko always looking for work and I can give you his managers contact.

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  40. Tristan says:

    Robin are you CRAZY?
    “But the truth is with those 4 guys, and 3 or 4 other tough Canadian Bantamweights, I think its the best division in this country.”

    Have you seen this countrys Welterweight top 10
    1) Georges St. Pierre
    2) Claude Patrick
    3) John Alessio
    4) TJ Grant
    5) Rory MacDonald
    6) Jordan Mein
    7) Sean Pierson
    8) Ryan Ford
    9) Chris Clements
    10) Alex Garcia

    Man. Wow Every fighter on there is a head of the #2 in the bantamweights except possibly Garcia in experience and competition. Then there is the lightweights

    1) Mark Bocek
    2) Sam Stout
    3) John Makdessi
    4) Chris Horodecki
    5) Kurt Southern
    6) Brad Cardinal
    7) Mike Ricci
    8) Kajan Johnson
    9) Mitch Clarke
    10) Curtis Demarce

    Again other than Ivan the lightweights are way a head. Then 145s.

    1) Mark Hominick
    2) Yves Jabouin
    3) Antonio Carvalho

    Just these 3 are a head of them.

    You Still think that?? If so please explain?

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  41. Robin Black says:

    I wasn’t counting guys on the big shows.

    Sorry, was talking about guys in grass roots MMA. Should have been more specific.

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  42. Cj Saftic says:

    All of Canada’s divisions (except heavyweight) are really becoming solid but i do agree the Canada is a welterweight rich country. On that note Tristan im not sure where you go that list but there’s no way John Alessio is number 3. He’s an awesome talent but Rory Mac and Jordan Mein have proven to be a bit more

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  43. Tristan says:

    Not agreeing on the order of the list. I just posted it as this site had it. I agree with you 100% about Alessio being below Jordan and with Rory being #2

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  44. Rob says:

    When and who is Fraser fighting next?

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