Mitch Clarke Signs with the UFC


Mitch Clarke is heading to the UFC. According to, Mitch Clarke will face John Cholish at UFC 140 in Toronto, Ontario on December 10.

Clarke, who trains out of Hayabusa in Edmonton, is Canada’s 9th ranked Lightweight and is 9-0 in his career. Clarke’s most recent win was against Eddie Rincon in Evolution Fighting Championship this past April.

Cholish, 7-1 as a pro, trains out of Renzo Gracie’s gym in New York. After losing his debut fight, Cholish has won his last seven consecutive bouts including his last fight against former WEC fighter Jameel Massouh.

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  1. Justsayin says:

    Jordan Mien and Rory Macdonald are perfect examples of a good product.

    They both worked hard climbing up the ladder from a early age at the local promotions and have earned their opportunities. Both have also had great management to get them to where they are now.

    The new prospect that comes on the scene and smashes the top 5 in his division but doesn’t have the management support will be eaten up by the wolves.

    You would know better than me but I would think that before a fighter gets his golden opportunity that he should have his support team in place in order to capitalize on the moment.

    After all there are bills to be paid and “Money” makes the world go around. Unfortunately being unprepared at this point would seriously hinder the fighters future opportunities to better himself and put himself in a position where he can focus on fighting.

    As for “what criteria I would use if I was the guy deciding” it would definitely be the fighter that is prepared and is going to make the UFC “Money”!

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  2. Look for Mitch Clarke to be on this week’s edition of Top MMA Radio.

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  3. ruckus780 says:

    You all knew I was coming.Lol.
    First off congrats to Mitch Clarke and hopefully your successful in this Giant step up. Because that is what it is a GIANT step up. And me as a fan of this sport personally do not think you are ready. I mean the only name on your resume Travis brierre is maybe at best a q level fighter not a B or a C level but a Q level fighter. I goy no hate towards you at all. As a fan yes I have my own preferences in regards to style and what have you. And am not impressed with anything you have shown thus far. I have seen you fight several times. And your grappling ability is nothing to sneeze at. But from what I have seen thats where it begins and ends. I have heard from numerous people that your management has ducked many a fight. And to hear you got signed by the almighty ufc is kind of shocking. Look this is just me and all and I completley understand this is not only a sport but also a bussiness. But I like the fighters I watch to be fighters. Look at Jordan Mein not only who but how many top talents he stepped up against to get his shot not even in the ufc but strikeforce. And thats a guy who has proven he is able to compete. Even ol googly eyes Jason “look over here ,Naw im over here son,Wtf you looking at”Macdonald Has a list of accomplishments before getting his crack at the big show. And It just baffles me how Someone of your stature gets a deal before a proven competitor like Ryan Ford. Cause be honest with yourself and once again I have got no malice or anything when I say this. What have you done to merit you deserving this oppurtunity. And do you truthfully think you can compete with the Edgars Guidas maynards and millers of the division. Once again theres no ill will nothing I wish you the best just some thoughts from a puzzled fan of mma

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    I know people are more willing to voice their opinions when they are against something. Local radio shows always get more callers when the local team is doing bad. You will see more posts on this site about a fight if it has a controversial decision or something negative happens. Haters will always be more vocal than supporters. A post from a supporter will be a quick “Congrats!! You deserve it!”. A post from a hater will be more detailed as to why the person doesn’t deserve the shot. That’s just the way things are.
    I am not saying everyone who thinks Mitch doesn’t deserve the shot are “haters”. There have been very valid points brought up about his opponents and his abilities.
    Here’s my opinion.
    Mitch Clarke is one of the hardest working professionals I know. I am not just talking fighters, I am talking about a guy who is dedicated to his profession. He trains at three Edmonton area gyms and from what I’ve seen and been told he busts his ass every single time he is in the gym. Not only does he try to improve his own skills, he is willing to help ANYBODY out who is willing to ask! I’ve seen him hold pads for kids, talk to guys who are visiting the gym for the first time, get busted up while helping guys get ready on fight night, show up early at events to set the cage up, stay late to take the cage down, and sweep the floors at gyms and venues. This may not mean anything to a fan who shows up to watch fights, but to other people in the community it means a lot!!
    So let’s look at him in the cage. Has he fought the toughest competition? No he hasn’t. Has he turned down fights? Yes he has. (I havn’t heard the Top MMA News radiocast for this week, and it may have been mentioned on there. But Mitch turned down a fight in the UFC for the Vancouver show in June against a very well known opponent. He had 17 days notice and was roughly 188lbs and couldn’t make weight in a healthy manner.)Although he hasn’t fought the toughest guys around, he has DOMINATED those he has faced!!
    The easy way for people to judge who goes to the next level is by looking at there records and seeing who they have beaten. But at the top level of all professional sports there are people who get payed extremely well to find prospects (let’s call them scouts). Scouts do a lot more then watch game films and fight videos of athletes. They look into their past, they look at their family, they look into how they train, they try and predict if the athlete is getting better and what his upside is. Etc etc etc.
    I am not comparing Mitch with any other fighter in Canada!! What I am saying is Mitch deserves the shot!!
    Some have mentioned it’s not the manager but the fighter who get’s himself to the next level. I agree and disagree with this view. Some managers are like used car salesmen and try and sell lemons. Unfortunately the business is full of guys like this. Others are very respectful businessmen who take the business seriously. Mitch has told me the name of his current manager but I am so bad with names it’s crazy. I do know Mitch has been very happy with him since they started working together. When Mitch told me about the Vancouver fight being turned down my first thought was “Mitch you fucked yourself by saying no!”. For this fight to get signed with over three months notice says a lot for Mitch’s management!! There is no doubt some managers (like Jake Hirsch) have great contacts and great reputations with the top promotions. Fighters who are lucky to work with professionals like that are very fortunate.
    I am sure this thread will continue to gather steam. I think this is a great match-up for Mitch!! I want to close by saying I will put my money where my mouth is. Ruckus (or anyone else from Edmonton that I know) I am will to make a bet and take Mitch. I’m sure he will be a dog by the oddsmakers but I’m cool with that. Anything from a beer to $500 (to poor to go higher), you set the amount.
    Don’t dwell on the negative Mitch!! You are that good!! You deserve to be there!! You deserve to be the best you can on December 10th!!

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:


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  6. the dude says:

    wow…so ufc must be pretty stupid if they are signing mitch then…too bad you werent impressed with anything mitch does cuz he does grow a mean beard.
    i have got no malice, hate or anything when i say this. what have you ever done to deserve to look mitch eye to eye and ask him what you are asking, the way you are asking? you name top guys in the divisions and ask him if he really thinks hes ready for them…seriously? but you got your own fighter quality ranking system and everything so you must know what you are talking about…knows the mma inside out! well since you already think mitch sucks, you will probably be impressed with how he looks comes the fight time…he cant sink any lower right? though it does puzzle me about jordan mein. hes awesome inside and outside the cage or ring. i hope he gets in ufc before having too many tough wars.

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:


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  8. harry balls says:

    Your man-love of Ryan is getting into creepy territory.

    Woo to Mitch Clarke. Do it up…

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  9. Justsayin says:

    Dean is right on the money! Great read.

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  10. ruckus780 says:

    Enjoy Reading your post Dean…..And I never said Mitch was not the nicest guy or full of class….And I sincerly hope All my points get proven wrong.. I am not a muthafucka that has to be right all the time… I just feel theres a big difference between being a grey cup champ then a superbowl champ.. A big difference between owning a successful pub in rimby to owning a successful club in Toronto…
    And I know my delivery of my thoughts are most times crude brash and border line ignorant… And I own that…Its all good… I am a fan of mixed martial arts thats all… shit just watching fights with my people we always dissagree on fighters and styles and its all good to each there own…Am I going to be harder with regards to my opinons on a mitch clarke then on a kendall grove or a kimbo slice absolutley…I am so proud of my country and my city.. I absolutley want the best fighters represented… and yes congrats mitch.. But in my opinion and thats all it is he has noot proven that to me.. Nor does he need to by the way…I am not petitioning the ufc to not sign him ..But i do believe theres many more Canadian fighters more deserving

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  11. Dean Panas says:

    I know exactly where you were coming from. We just have a different way of supporting people. You may come across as a dick and people will stereotype you. But you do know your shit Cody and you always speak your mind. I did take offense to your post because it came across as a bash on Mitch.
    There’s never anything wrong with standing up for the people you support.

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  12. Jerobe says:

    Dean, lets be real bro. Do you think Clarke can hang with Kajon, Demarce or Ricci? Those are 3 Canadian lightweights off the top of my head that have fought and beat way better competition than Clarke. How they havnt been signed by the UFC is beyond me. Actually, how the hell hasnt Jimmo been signed????

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    Jimmo is boring as fuck…just sayin.

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  14. Dave Mah says:

    Mitch has a nice beard.

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  15. Robin Black says:

    good spirited debate over here

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  16. Why Hate? says:

    I believe Clarke was signed because of his dedication and work ethic combined with his talent, not to mention his record. The bottom line is when he gets in the cage, no matter what promotion, he’ll pick guys up and drop em on their head, then drop elbows and punches on their face till its over, and I cant wait to see it happen.

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  17. Dean Panas says:

    Hey Jerobe. I don’t like to compare fighters but since I opened myself up with my earlier post I feel I shouldn’t duck your question.

    I feel Mitch would beat Demarce the majority of the time. They both have improved so much over the last year! It is a fight a lot of people would love to see.

    Kajon is a very entertaining fighter to watch!! The big question with him is wether or not he brings hus “A” game. I feel Mitch is more consistant and because of that I would go with Mitch.

    I will assume when you are talking Ricci you mean Mike. In my opinion Mike would beat Mitch the majority of the time. Mike Ricci is very talented and I hope we get to see that more often!Him and Southern will prove a lot. I would like to add that Aex Ricci may be better than all four of these guys 2 years from now.

    No disrespect intended to any of these guys. It’s tough to play the “what if” game. Like I said earlier…I was trying to express why I thought Mitch Clarke was worthy of his shot. Not that others weren’t.

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