Stephane Patry Talks Instinct MMA on Top MMA Radio


Stephane Patry joined Top MMA Radio this week to discuss his past history in MMA and his upcoming October fight card.

Also on the program, “The Riotmaker” Matt Baker talks about his upcoming fight in Vernon for the Battlefield Fight League.

Check it out by pressing play:

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8 Responses to “ Stephane Patry Talks Instinct MMA on Top MMA Radio ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Don you should interview Jason Mackay

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  2. Cliff Claven says:

    I’m really sure that it was because Mackays head wasnt into the fight that Lyndon’s “weak ass leg kicks” broke Jason’s fibula within the first minute of the fight. Must have been mind over matter or something.

    How about give Lyndon a break. This is his 3rd first round finish in 3 months and for that effort he has to hear that he just had a “farce of a fight”. He tried to set up fights with Adams, Lorenz and Fraser however they didnt happen for one reason or another so it was Mackay or nothing.

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  3. smash says:

    I think Mackay broke his leg on purpose! lol It was all a plan just so he could get a paycheque. This Whitlock kid isnt tough, and he swears too much! So what if he has 5 finishes all in the first round all in under 3 minutes!!!

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  4. ryan farse says:


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  5. mike kent says:

    Lyndon is a sick fighter and would have done the same thing to alot of other fighters but people aren’t gonna give you too much credit these days for smashing Jason ! He comes as a pretty easy win these days and isn’t really the same fighter amd seems to be fighting strickly for money . It sucks becuase Lyndon deserves credit for his hard work and great killer intsinct but most people would rather talk about mackays declining performances then other peoples accomplishments

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  6. mike kent says:

    And these days if uou fight Jason you have to except that .

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  7. booboo says:

    Congrats , to whitlock on the win and i know and hear that u and ur camp tried everything to get a better quality fighter , a good tune up for whats next for u ( lorenz , friae , groulx , drieger, welch etc..) these guys r all around 5-1 and would make a fantastic fight for the fans to really see how good a fighter u r !!!!!!!!hell i could beat jason and im 40 years old and smoke 2 packs a day .No disrespect sir at all just would love to see a better fight than jason thats all !!!!!!!!

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  8. Claven….Looks like Mackay did not break his fibula if he is fighting for Elite 1 in October.

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