Instinct MMA – Montreal – October 7


Date: October 7, 2011
Location: Centre d’Excellence Sports Rousseau de Boisbriand in Montreal, Quebec

Main Event:
LHW- Houston Alexander (13-6) vs. Steve Bossé (8-1)

Semi-Main Event:
MW- Patrick Cote (15-7) vs. Crafton Wallace (18-5-1)

HW- Eric “Butterbean” Esch (14-8-1) vs. Eric Barrak (0-0 MMA 5-0 Boxing)
LW- Travis Cox (6-9-1) vs. Derek Gauthier (6-3-1)
WW – Martin Grandmont (11-5) vs William Sriyapai (12-5)
BW- Chris Kelades (4-0) vs. Dimitri Waardenburg (7-5)
WW – Jason Courchesne (1-0) vs Alex Gutierrez (0-0)
LHW – Evan Nedd (2-1) vs Steven Dowling (0-0)

Johan Croes vs Devin Henry
MW – Brad Morgan (0-0) vs Dave Bedard (2-0)
LHW – Guillaume Vigneau (1-1) v. Shawn Levesque (1-0)
LHW – Scott Edward (0-0) v. Todd Stoute (2-0)
WW – Yanick Duval (0-0) v. Guy Poulin (0-0)
LW – Pete Martin v. Lévis Labrie (1-0)

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  1. Edmonton MMA says:

    Still waiting for Bosse to accept a fight with Nick Penner. I know the guys on the West have tried to set that up. Nonetheless, Im happy to hear Bosse gets a big fight like this.

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  2. Bigtoe says:

    Agreed, this is a good fight for Bosse. In general this is sizing up to be a great card!

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Eric Barrak

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  4. Cj Saftic says:

    Wow this is a solid card, Patrick Cote vs Crafton Wallace has the potential to be a great fight depending on how long Cote chooses to keep it standing.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Cote beat Wallace in the middle of the 2nd

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  6. showtying says:


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  7. Robin Black says:

    Also on the card Clint Kingsbury vs Kyle Vivian at 135

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  8. harry balls says:

    Kyle brought in to lose again. I feel bad for the guy. He is strong and likes to scrap. He really needs to take some ammy boxing/grappling stuff and get his shit down.

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  9. Jason says:

    Butterbean is fighting on Oct 7, then Oct 21 at Prestige FC?

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  10. Cj Saftic says:

    Yea Kyle Vivian is a tough scrappy kid but at 0-3 with all three loses coming from triangle chokes he needs to figure out what type of fighter he wants to be.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    When I heard Vivian was being proposed for Clint, I thought it was cool.

    Clint is smaller than Kyle and there’s a good test there. Vivian is powerful at 35.

    Also, Kyle has been on top tons in his fight. I think there’s interesting challenges there.

    And a bat-outta-hell-ishly aggressive guy like Vivian is a good test for anyone.

    Vivian has a fight at CFC against Anthony Pettis’ little brother coming up too.

    It would be a mistake for someone to overlook Vivian……

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Having said that he better bring his very best for Clint or it could be an early night.

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  13. harry balls says:

    I just wish Vivian would have taken some time to develop as an amateur and really learn and grow.
    I’m not drinkin the haterade these days; it would be nice if in a few years he can look back at his time in mma as a rewarding experience, not a guy who was brought in to lose to better guys.
    The Hardcastle fight was a nice little step in the right direction. He clearly won the first round. Kingsbury’s record plays down how accomplished he is. Best of luck to Vivian regardless.

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  14. Cj Saftic says:

    Is there any word on how much the PPV will be?

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  15. Graham Weenk says:

    can the promoter of this event please email me, i have a guy looking to fight around that time, Ford Robertson 5-0 170lb

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  16. fkitchen says:

    Vivian has been working hard and is gonna come out a completly different fighter. Both his next 2 fights are gonna be good tests for him. But he is always ready for the challange. Don’t be supprised when you see a completly different gameplan he is growing into his new skills fast and in the next few fights you will see. He is very very hungry

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  17. Update: Added Martin Grandmont and Jason Courchesne to the card.

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  18. Cj Saftic says:

    Im glad to see Grandmont is on the card but why is a guy with 16 fights take on someone who’s just 1-0?

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  19. Robin Black says:

    CJ we’re looking at Grandmont vs Sergej Juskevic (12-6-1)

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  20. MMA Scoop says:

    With ONE MMA now canceled it would be nice to see some of their guys on the card. Maybe Tim Wadsworth vs. someone.

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Seiji Marangos-Sujiman vs Tim Wadsworth was a great match-up and we’d love to see it on Instinct!!

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  22. MMA Scoop says:

    I agree. Pretty interesting fight, make it happen!!!

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  23. Update: Added Sergej Juskevic to take on Martin Grandmont.

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  24. Update: Added Frank Marques (0-0) vs George Abdallah (0-1)* and Bojan Kladnjakovic (1-1)* replaces Vivian.

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  25. Sam says:

    Nick Penner vs the Winner of Houstin Alexander and Steve Bosse in the next show. Penner is already cheap to get plus he said he would take a pay cut to fight the winner for the promotions title. Would love to see that!

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  26. mike kent says:

    Penner vs hollett should happen on this card with the winner getting a shot of the winner of Alexander vs bosse .

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  27. I like your thinking Mike.

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  28. Sam says:

    Penner has to fight three weeks earlier against chemelli but I bet the crazy idiot would probably take the fight with little to no training camp. He wants Hollet and guys like him real bad. He needs a few challenges!

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  29. mike kent says:

    Yeah tough to sign a match up With one opponent competing three weeks before but I’d love to see it !

    I see some people on here claiming hollett won’t fight penner . Penner is a great fight and very dangerous but hollett has never turned down a fight and wouldn’t . He just knocked out desilet and is on a 4 fight win streak . He’s not afraid of anyone

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  30. Robin Black says:

    Hollett is definitely not afraid of anyone.

    He was not the tiniest tiniest bit intimidated by Desilets. And Desilets is a scary motherfucker.

    I called the fight live and Roger did not back down or look stressed out in the least. His face and body language and actions said it was just another day at the office.

    Dude is absolutely fearless.

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  31. Sam says:

    I know Penners camp has been asking promotions for that fight and it’s not materializing. People do have to understand that doesn’t mean it’s the fighter, it might be the promotions. But I know penner has been asking and dropping his price just to get those fights. He has had real bad luck with opponents. Penner vs Hollet would be a bad ass fight.

    To bad Penner doesn’t publicly call people out. Or hollet for that matter., would be nice to for a little hyped up match there. Or vs Bosse. Either guy with that fight would be excellent. I love those three, with the addition of chemelli. I’m a Penner fan first but I hope all 4 of them could make the big show

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  32. harry balls says:

    Speaking of Desilets, Bosse’s management needs to make it happen with Stress. I hate to beat a dead horse (wait , I LOVE beating dead horses) but come on, guys. The people want this fight.

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  33. Sam says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Harry balls. I would love to see that fight. Could you imagine an 8 man tournament with the Lightheavys in Canada. That would be amazing.

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  34. Robin Black says:

    Its pretty obvious that Hollett is looking to fight a name much larger than himself. A UFC vet or something.

    Why? Because when you fight a guy with a much bigger name if you win, you move up.

    “People are claiming Hollett won’t fight Penner.”

    I bet Hollett WON’T fight Penner. Or any other Canadian lower than him on the list. Not because he’s “afraid”, but because he wants to fight someone above him in the rankings.

    Why does Penner or anyone else want to fight Hollett? Because he’s above them in the rankings. Hollett also wants to fight someone above him in the rankings.

    These big guys who have had injuries can only fight a couple times a year. If you’re hollett, you don’t want to waste one of those against someone below you in the rankings. He’s not 25.

    Hollett is asking for fights against a Houston Alexander or a Keith jardine (before he dropped to 85). He’s likely to turn down fights with Canadians that we’d all like to see because they do nothing for his career. I can’t blame him.

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  35. mike kent says:

    roger wanted to fight Jimmo but that never materialized and i agree with you robin he wants big named fighters. he’s one win over a big name away from UFC/STRIKEFORCE. Penner would be a crazy fight though.

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  36. Edmonton MMA says:

    Hard to argue with a guy who has an 11-1 record. I don’t think a loss to that will damage your career Hollet. It’s a good excuse not to fight Penner. “he is not ranked I don’t want to fight him” I think that’s garbage. I can understand if the guy is like 6-2 or something and not ranked. But 11-1 speaks for itself. Hollet is the one out of bosse/chemelli/desilet that has the best chance at penner and penner has the best chance at him.

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  37. Robin Black says:

    You don’t get it. Getting to fight Hollett is great for Penner. But getting to fight Penner is a 3 month commitment for Hollett that delays his forward momentum in his career if he wants to get a shot at the UFC before he runs outta time.

    If you were Hollett you would say ‘why am I gonna tie up 3 months of my shortening career for this guy when I could do it for a bigger name that can get me where I want to go?’

    Hollett, or wooley or Ford or Hague or anyone near the top of their division tryin to get to the UFC is not in the business of givin shots to the guys below them. They’re in the business of trying to beat guys above them to get where they want to go.

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  38. Robin Black says:

    That sucks for the guys below them but you can see the logic.

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  39. Robin Black says:

    And no I don’t manage Hollett or even know him really. I’ve interviewed him only once.

    Penner and guys at his point want to fight Hollett because he’s above them and that has value for their career.

    If that seems logical, why is it not logical for Hollett to not want to fight guys above him that has value for his career?


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  40. Robin Black says:

    Sorry to keep posting so much here guys.

    This train of thought has me thinkin I’m gonna write an article about what fights guys ask for, what fights guys turn down, and why. About career strategies and stuff.

    I’m away till Sunday night but anyone with any thoughts or stories on this please email me

    Love to have lots of different views and opinions for this piece.

    Thanks guys.

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  41. It is a ladder with the UFC at the top. Its why Jimmo is fighting Sokodjou and Bosse is fighting Alexander. If you win, you get a great name on your resume and if you lose, you lost to a great name.

    I am guessing Jimmo was not thrilled with Zak Cummings but sometimes you get replacements at the last minute and there is not much you can do about that. Staying in shape and being ready as a last minute replacement is one way guys down the ladder can get those shots at people above them.

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  42. Justsayin says:

    Well Robin one thing I can say about you is that is you know how to start a good conversation!

    Ed MMA said it right! Penner’s record is nothing to sneeze at and to say Hollet is above Penner in ranking is questionable. The only way to prove he is to do it in the cage.

    His win over Desilets defiantly is an edge. But if look at 2 out of his 4 most recent opponents W/L records I would say that Penner’s 7 fight win streak has him beat. Besides it’s a fight that would sell tickets and a fight fans would love to see!

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  43. Don’t you think Penner should fight at least once at LHW before we consider him a LHW of Hollett’s caliber?

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  44. Justsayin says:

    A drop in weight class seems to throw things for a loop as we seen lately. When Fraser dropped to Bantamweight there was no question that he would place well in the division.

    The W/L records of fighter’s opponents create an insight to the quality of the fighter’s win and the value of his W/L record. When considering a win streak it becomes an important factor.

    I think it’s fair to say that based on the records of both fighters that they would be a good matchup.

    Maybe Robin could touch on this in his article.

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  45. Sam says:

    I agree 100% “justsayin”. I understand the logic Robin and you are correct. Fighters who want to propel themselves up have to fight top competition.

    In using that logic, take a look Hollets last opponents, Desilet is awesome and no one doubts that. Clark is 7-12, Lofton 8-5, Peak 11-19. Hollet is fighting some cans as well, minus the huge win against Desilet. Lofton’s 8-5 record is nothing impressive

    Penner doesnt have an overly impressive track record as far as high end competition in MMA. All his top opponents always backed out, bad luck. But he also does have an 11-1 record in a sport and a division that takes one punch to KO someone. He also has a 3-0 Pro boxing record which simply cant be underlooked, he has been a Canadian Kick Boxing and Muay Thai Champ in his younger days. He was in a good fight with Australian Muay Thai Title Holder before tearing his ACL from that slip. He beat two Kick Boxers who had world titles.

    Who is to say that Hollet should be ranked higher than Penner? Robin Black and I mean that in no disrespect by the way.

    I understand Penner has not fought in LHW and he shouldnt be considered in their rankings, as a matter of fact, he shouldnt be ranked period after such a long layoff and he was the first to admit that publicly right? He is humble and doesnt have an ego whatsoever.

    A win over Penner for Hollet will do much better than most of his past opponents wins. Maybe not to or to Robin Black. But I would imagine when big organizations see a win over 11-1 Nick Penner rather than topmmanews, 5th ranked, 12-7 Dwayne Lewis. The win over Penner would look much more impressive

    Thats just my opinion though

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  46. Sam says:

    By the way I used Lewis as an example…just to explain that I dont think those rankings mean much at all in this case. I could go down that list and name just about every lightheavyweight. A win over Penner would look much better than a win over anyone on that list minus Jimmo and Ksoz. And that includes Desilet, because his record is 11-3 and he just lost to Hollet anyways.

    I cant wait to see the how you write this peice robin

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  47. Robin Black says:

    Damn good points sir.

    I think its a great match up. And I would definitely love to see it. Definitely.

    I’m just sayin I understand why Roger might look elsewhere for a bigger name fight.

    But, if enough people are talkin, enough interest is created, enough hype is written or referenced on TV, all of a sudden this fight DOES pay off for Hollett.

    If the challenging up-and-comer is hyped enough, there’s a pay-off for the veteran.

    Interesting topic. I’ll be away from computer a lot next few days but it’s a neat topic to explore.

    Again, I hope to see Penner vs Hollett or maybe Misha vs Hollett. But its easy to see why Hollett might be interested in fights with bigger payoffs for him name-wise.

    Interesting stuff.

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  48. Good post Sam. I agree Penner is a bad ass.

    I would like to point out that Penner is not ranked by us, because he has never fought at 205. If he was 11-1 in LHW action, there is no doubt a guy with his pedigree would be in the top 5.

    That said, going back to Robin Black’s original posts, a win by Hollett over a guy like Houston Alexander or Jardine (prior to move to 185) would be much more impressive to the UFC and the fight would be a lot less detrimental to his career if he lost.

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  49. Sam says:

    I agree Keith, thats why I would be happy for Hollet if he can get those big names, just like I am happy for Bosse. Huge opportunity for him! but if he passes on Penner and fights someone much weaker or even a lesser ranked lhw, I would think that says something about hollet.

    Hope the best for all of them and sorry to instinct MMA for hijacking this thread. Maybe this created enough of a buzz to have instinct mma promote this fight!

    Best of luck guys, great discussion!

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