Hybrid Combat H10 – Gatineau – September 16


Date: September 16, 2011
Location: Centre Communautair Pere Arthur Guertin in Gatineau, Quebec
Tickets: Ronnin MMA, Team Bushido, Team Evolution, NX Martial Arts

Amateur MMA

Main Event (Lightweight Championship)
Éric Girard, Ronin MMA, Ottawa (3-1) vs
Matt Long, Team Evolution, Gatineau (1-0)

Jeff Andrews, Team Bushido, Ottawa (1-2-1) vs
Cédric Mongeon, Patenaude Kung Fu, Gatineau (1-2)

Grant Webber, Loyalist MMA, Belleville (0-1) vs
Chad Primeau, Cornwall MMA, Cornwall (1-1)

Derek Charbonneau, Charbs Boxing MMA, Durham (0-1) vs
Mathieu Papineau, Team Bushido, Ottawa (3-1)

Steve Birkman, Ronin MMA, Ottawa (0-0) vs
Robert Pogue, NX Martial Arts, Orleans (0-0)

Bruce Chaplin, Charbs Boxing MMA, Durham (0-1) vs
Julien Leblanc, Patenaude Kung Fu, Gatineau (0-0)

Alex Narravo- Grant Brothers MMA, Toronto (0-0) vs
Wayne Lainchbury- Loyalist MMA, Belleville (0-0)

Nolan Brant, Loyalist MMA, Belleville (0-0) vs
Nick Reynolds, Team Bushido, Ottawa (1-0)

Mikhail Jackson, Grant Brothers MMA, Toronto (0-1) vs
Gaetan Lauzon, Team Evolution, Gatineau (2-2)

Aundray David, Cornwall MMA, Cornwall (1-2) vs
PJ Ste Marie, Loyalist MMA, Belleville (2-0)

Eric Nadon, Team Evolution, Gatineau (1-3) vs
Rick Jamieson, Team Shredder, North Bay (0-1)

Jeremy Boudreault, Cornwall MMA, Cornwall (0-0) vs
Matt Wong, Ronin MMA, Ottawa (0-0)

5 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat H10 – Gatineau – September 16 ”

  1. Updated this event with the official card for this weekend.

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  2. harry balls says:

    lightweight championship shot at 1-0? Hybrid is usually more on point than this…

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  3. yohann says:

    Thats what happen when you got injured guy, Matt Long is 6-0 in kick boxing.

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  4. harry balls says:

    good to know. who was the original opponent?

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  5. yohann says:

    At the beginning, it was suppose to be Kevin O hearn vs Chad Petepiece, Kevin move to Barbados with is wife for school, Chad vacant is belt because of school. The second option was Mathias Bedard(3-0) vs Andy Zamora(6-0) but Mathias injured himself and Andy is in the military reserve.So i try to make Matthew Richardson vs Eric Girard but Matt was injured(knee) i ask to Olivier Aubin but he cant because he fight pro really soon.So i made Eric vs Matt Long.
    At lease, Matt Long never lost a kb fight and he is 1-0 amateur mma and Eric Girard is 3-1 amateur and just win is thai fight.
    But dont worry, i promise you and all the fan a really great show with some great matchmaking.

    I hope to see there and thank you to support Hybrid, is very appreciated.

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