Reports: Shawn Tompkins Dead at 37


Reknowned MMA trainer Shawn Tompkins has reportedly passed away Sunday morning in Canada. is reporting that the head coach of Team Tompkins did not wake up this morning. He was 37 years of age.

Tompkins, who was currently associated with the TapouT Training center, had competed professionally and was the head coach of Canadians Mark Hominick, Sam Stout, Chris Horodecki, and many more.

Top MMA News would like to pass on condolences to his wife Emilie, his family and everyone associated to Shawn at the TapouT and Adrenaline training centres.

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  1. MKB says:


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  2. Priest says:

    OMG I just heard the news while i’m watching the fight, i’m completly shocked, what a shame.

    RIP Coach, and my thoughts are with his family, wife,sam, and team up in london.

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  3. wells says:

    mma lost a great guy today. RIP

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  4. Title shot mgmt says:

    RIP Coach

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  5. John Reeve says:

    No way, what a huge loss for MMA.
    My thoughts are with his family, fighters, and friends.

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  6. Brad Wall says:

    Sorry to here this. RIP

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  7. Hawkes says:

    He was a mentor and friend to many… i wish his family the best. i wish i had one more round with you coach!

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  8. McDooogs says:

    So incredibly sad… what a hole this will leave.

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  9. Denis the Bosnian Menace says:

    wow i cant believe this, i just saw him last night and now im hearing this shit i dont know what to say my deepest condolences go out to his family and all the guys at adrenalin. What a huge loss for the mma community and his family of course. This is unbelievable RIP we will miss u

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  10. Rick James says:

    RIP Coach Tompkins will be missed by many people in and out of the fighting industry.

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  11. Adam Lorenz says:

    Condolences to his family and friends.

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  12. Robin Black says:

    Wow. This was as great of a human being as you would ever get to meet. Brilliant, cool as hell, and an inspiring dude to anyone who was lucky enough to know him.

    There’s so many people who are devastated. This is brutal news.

    RIP Sir

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  13. Robin Black says:

    He was healthy and happy as hell last night at the show in hamilton. Just the most brutal news.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    When Mark Hominick and Shawn Tompkins fought for the UFC title together:

    Just a travesty to lose such a great human being.


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  15. Will Romero says:

    Unbelievably sad news!!! My deepest and most sincere condolences to the entire Tompkins family, team and any person who was blessed to have his presence!

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  16. Jeff Harrison says:

    Condolences to family and friends and the whole Team Tompkins and ATC crew. He was a pioneer in canadian MMA.

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  17. JYD says:

    My thoughts are with the Tompkins family, team, and all the guys at adrenalin… RIP.

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  18. alin says:

    This is a very sad day for our comunity, there is not enough words to descibe what Shawn did for the sport in Canada, I wish I will get to know “The Coach” better. Condolences to his family and all the Team Tompkins members. RIP

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  19. taken from the OAMA website:

    It was announced yesterday that the creator of Team Tompkins/Adrenaline Training Centre, Shawn Tompkins had passed away. Shawn has been responsible for having an impact and creating amazing fighters in the likes of Sam Stout, Chris Horodecki, Chris Clements, Jesse Gross and Mark Hominik. Shawn has been an Icon in the sport and been involved since the very early days of MMA in Quebec, coaching his fighters in TKO.

    Pat Cooligan had the pleasure of Coaching against Shawn when Mark Holst had fought John Gunderson in his UFC debut. Even though Shawn was on an opposing team, many of his fighters have close ties to the Coaches at OAMA, even travelling as far as Afghanistan together. Jesse Gross, and Jesse Ronson have both fought for Wreck MMA and Chris Clements volunteered his time to coach in Afghanistan. There is a saying in Martial Arts, that you can see the instructor in the students- all of his students we have ever met were amazing people, just as Shawn was.

    Thank you Shawn for being such a contributing member to the sport, for being one of the most notable coaches in the world and putting Canadians in MMA on the map.

    We would like to extend our condolences to his family, his friends and his team.


    Team OAMA

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  20. Conn Froese says:

    What a brutal shock. He lived his dream. Hats off to him. My sincerest condolences to brother Fred and all of Shawn’s family and friends.

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  21. Jamie Locke says:

    RIP Coach Tompkins, condolences to his family and team!

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  22. Mike Davis says:

    Big loss in Canadian MMA he will be greatly missed

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  23. Cj Saftic says:

    One of the classiest guys you could ever talk to. Thanks for helping progress the sport of MMA.

    RIP Coach Tompkins

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  24. The Body Snatcher says:

    im glad i got to fight infront of him and win before he past it was a hell of a was an honor to know him and be apart of his team. he will be missed. RIP “Coach”

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  25. Cody Rempel says:

    Word from Sam Stout is the cause of death was a heart attack. Really makes you think when a seemingly healthy guy in as good a shape as it appeared Tompkins was, suffers a fatal heart attack at only 37 years old. My sincere condolences to all of Shawn’s friends and family!

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  26. Priest says:

    Man, what a huge loss, i hope that showdown joe does an hour tribute to shawn, and his accomplishments, successes, that he achieved in mma, and his anti bullying campaign.

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  27. BigBoi says:

    A friend of mine’s dad got back from a 10km run, climbed into the shower and dropped dead. F’d up cause the guy was in awesome shape and in his late 40s. I then found out that his family has had a history of this and most of the guys in his family haven’t lived past their mid-50s.

    RIP Shawn and condolences to the family and friends. A man is only measured in the impact he has had on others, sounds like he had quite an impact.


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  28. Shane Straiko says:

    We will miss you! Condolences from the old tillsonburg crew

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  29. Lori A says:

    I am just a fan and want to say I am sad to hear a Canada trainer died. RIP.

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