Global Warriors Results


Don Wilson is in Hamilton for the debut of Global Warriors. Here are the quick results:

David “Bo” Harris defeats Adrian Wooley via Split Decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)
Josh Hill defeats Frederico Lopez via Unanimous Decision (29-28,29-28,29-28)
Jesse Ronson defeats Jason Saggo via Split Decision (30-27,30-27,27-30)
Lyndon Whitlock defeats Jason Mackay via TKO (Leg Kicks) @ 2:39 of Rd1
Shane Campbell defeats Taylor Solomon via Unanimous Decision(29-28,29-28,29-28)
Josh Powell submits Jason Gorny via Rear Naked Choke @ :56 of Rd1
Eric Attard defeats Theo Toney via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28,29-28)
Ryan Dickson submits Brent Biederman via Arm Bar @ 4:21 of Rd1

35 Responses to “ Global Warriors Results ”

  1. lenny says:

    wow thought saggo had that fight

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  2. Robin Black says:

    I was surprised at how nice Ronson’s TD defense was.

    His striking was, of course, kick ass.

    Big decisive win over a great fighter.

    Ronson is the real deal.

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  3. Don Wilson says:

    Ronson looked great definitely a breakthrough performance, he is a beast on the feet. Maybe a new 10 LW?

    Saggo looked good too. Improved head movement and kicks but he needs a better shot, clinching and dragging guys down doesn’t work at the high levels. If he adds a good shoot into his arsenal he’ll be tough to beat.

    Taylor Solomon may have lost but he showed amazing heart taking that many brutal shots, and all he had was a fat lip.

    Shane Campbell came as advertised, his stand up is BRUTAL… He even add some nice throws and tosses.

    Hill, as always looked great but he needs that big finish to get the big shows talking.

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  4. blayd cooper says:

    i was too nervous to come talk to big win and tell him i created the monicker “no clue” maybe someday i will be able to do it

    also told everyone bo harris was gonna shock the crowd!!!

    hill vs harris next?

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  5. Robin Black says:

    cooper nailed it indeed

    nice prediction. im still in shock

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  6. HammerTownMan says:

    peeps were saying that hamilton was josh hill’s now, pffff. that kid is so boring and he lost that fight, and he ain’t even from hamilton. none of these guys are, they are all from stoney Creek or ancaster or who cares, and it shows. none of these guys have what joslin had. the hammer still joslin’s town.

    congrats to jeff and ryan for starting the show off right. maybe its time for a joslin vs iron tiger fights to show what happens when a hamilton crew goes against some posers.i predict the next hamilton star coming from its original star the inferno jeff joslin. man it would of been great to see jeff fight in the hammer. he would of deliverd for the fans

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  7. Cj Saftic says:

    You think Jeff Joslin’s camp can handle Iron Tiger? No way man, atleast not at this point. Iron Tigers Muay Thai has dominated the scene lately and yes maybe Hamilton isnt Josh Hill’s town but that kid draws a following anytime he fights in Ontario.

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  8. clowns says:

    you guys are so weak.. Joslins vs iron tiger??? you know who fighters face daily people that try to discredit the hard work it takes to excel in the field. jeff joslin is a great fighter and no doubt will develop some quality mma guys are he has in bjj already .. kru alin at iro tiger has done perhaps the most in canadian muay thai on the international level with his guys and started shifiting over to mma a bit earlier so has a quickly developing crew.. learn to appreciate what these people do instead to talking shit and trying to stir up trouble betwee real men who put in the work daily.. try watching the bachelor with you girlfriend/wife if you want political intrique

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  9. smash says:

    ahaha this is the dumbest argument. ‘Josh Hill isn’t even from Hamilton!’ Why do you say that? Is it because he has all his teeth and showers daily? ahaha come on brother. He was born and raised in Stoney Creek and is representing both our cities very well! As do all of the Joslin s and Iron Tiger Fighters! Mad respect for both camps.

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  10. cliff claven says:

    Hey dummy how can you say josh and lyndon aren’t from Hamilton? When they pay their taxes does it not go to hamilton city hall? Its also funny how you say Hamilton is Joslins town when Jeff lives further from the city then Lyndon so get your facts straight next time.

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  11. Cj Saftic says:

    This is not meant to quote on quote “stir the pot”. Yes both camps are good and no one is doubting the contributions that Joslin has made to Canadian MMA but at this current point in time Iron Tigers has produced the higher quality fighters such as Whitlock,Hill,Ricci,Romero and Wooley. No disrespect

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  12. Justsayin says:

    How about Hill vs. Mady?
    After all didn’t Chuck beat Lopez in 0:12 of the First?

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  13. harry balls says:

    (30-27,30-27,27-30) in the Saggo fight? one judge had Saggo winning every round and the other two said the lost every round?
    I’d like to hear the opinions of people who saw the fight. kind weird, no? Or was every round that close?

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  14. joe says:

    With 2 straight losses for Wooley (both where he was the favourite), Nick Denis having not fought in forever and the continued success of John Fraser, there should be some change up in the 135 lb standings no?

    Fraser #1 IMO

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  15. Justsayin says:

    It’s time Denis comes back and straightens up these standings!

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  16. Mike Davis says:

    How would you put Fraser above Menjivar ? He is #2

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  17. Haggis Basher says:

    Menjivar is #1 for sure, but I hope someday to fight him for the position.

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  18. Robin Black says:

    Ronson won 13 minutes of that fight. Saggo was tough and fought hard and might have stole the last round with a great finish.

    I had 29-28 clean for Ronson. There’s an argument for 30-27 Ronson.

    Whoever gave jay that fight shouldn’t be judging. Wow.

    That said, Saggo had no quit in him even with a broken nose. Tough dude.

    Ronson looked fantastic.

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  19. Robin Black says:

    Kru Alin and Jeff Joslin are both fantastic coaches and people are getting a bit nuts.

    Congrats to all the fighters.

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  20. harry balls says:

    Thx robin. just thought it was weird the one guy gave every round to Saggo. He is fun to watch and will bounce back for sure.

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  21. Boss says:

    I can’t believe the are on crack or your in love with mr. Joslin. I was at both the Global Warriors fights & Slammer in Hammer and hands down Global Warriors was the best we have seen outside of the UFC..there is 4 or 5 fighters last with a tremendous amount of potential and UFC bound. The whole production, everything about the night was amazing.By far the best venue to watch MMA. Congrats to the guys who put this was top notch..I even spoke to with big Dan (UFC ref) and he said the entire event & fights was as good as the best events he has ever worked at..and UFC Josh Rosethal even 2nd that. Hammertownman you have no clue..Josh Hill’s opponent was a team quest team member and if you know anything about MMA whatsoever you would know they are an elite group with the highest caliber of wrestling there is in MMA. Does Dan Henderson mean anything to you numb nuts!

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  22. Big Win says:

    For the record the judge with the dissenting score in the Saggo vs. Ronson fight was Dr. Gregory Jackson. Oddly enough he’s been judging for awhile and usually isn’t the off the marks judge. Guess everyone has an off night, I’m still of the opinion he mixed up the fighters.

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  23. joe says:

    lol @ Boss… so obvious you are a global warriors employee or promoter, how can a theatre be “by far the best venue to watch MMA” LMAO
    Both shows were good.

    I think Big Win is right he had Jackson had to have mixed up the fighters, 30-27 for Saggo, the guy would have to be blind.

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  24. BTP says:

    Bring the Pain!

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  25. Boss says:

    No, i am not employee nor am i a promoter of any organization, i am just a big mma fan and have been for last 15yrs! Are you kidding me, the venue was a great place to watch a fight. It was my first event in venue of this kind and I really enjoyed it. The only knock i had, i couldn’t drink my beer in my seat. Joe are you upset because you are ballet dancer and you want your stage back? I travel to mma events when I can…I lost my wife a couple years this is how I keep myself busy watching MMA, Boxing and the Knights OHL. Call me a loser, call me what ever you want to but it doesn’t change the fact that the venue was a great place to watch fights/event. I sat 2nd balcony with my brother in law and they were great seats, not only can you see the action perfectly you can hear every punch, every kick etc..If u can read, start by reading – Top MMA news top 5 fights to watch. Top MMA News stated that 3 out of the top 5 fights in Canada were on the GW card and that is one of the reasons I made the trip! I didn’t write this article nor did I assist in writing article you dumb ass. Whether it was Global Warriors or Slammer in Hammer fighting out of this venue I would of stated the same thing..There wasn’t a bad seat in house! Right or Wrong? You sit right over the action and can see inside the cage perfectly..Other major venues I catch myself watching the big screens more and more..other venues are too big for small MMA events hence why I felt the venue was the perfect place to watch an event. Heck, if Strikeforce and Bellator can’t fill big arenas how is the little guy going to do so? The card was filled with top local guys which was great to see. If small shows are going to survive, I believe having local guys on the card is a must and if Slammer in the Hammer made mistake it was that..From what I understand they only had maybe 1 or 2 local fighters on the card..I remember when the one guy was announced the place went nuts and that is the way it should be..Same goes for the London show, I showed up thinking there was going to be London boys fighting only to find out there was 1 local fighter. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but I thought it was cool to see that many talented local guys on the GW card. If another card would of had the same set up I would be praising them. There must be good coaching in the hamilton area and no I am not a coach. Give yourself a pat on the back hamilton, you certainly breed tough boys. Not as tough as London? ;) LOL but I will give u credit where credit is due..Speaking of great coaches, MMA lost a world class Coach last Sunday…COACH Tompkins you will be missed by everyone..By the way Joe, I am from London and I was Hamilton to support the body snatcher Jesse Ronson. Adrenaline Training Center is no doubt one of Canada’s top MMA gyms. Joe, I don’t own Adrenaline nor do I coach there just hit the pads… Adreneline’s track record speaks for itself – just look at the list of elite fighters – Mark Hominick, Sam Stout, Chris Hocdecki, Chris Clement. Alex Garason, Jesse Ronson etc…the list goes on and on. MMA fans, stay classy. Someone tell this guy it was a great place to watch fights!

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  26. THAD says:

    ^^^He says he’s not involved in the show but he’s lying he is Garnet Ace the owner and he just can’t help himself he must make a fake story and rave about his own average show which wouldn’t have been shit if the iron tiger guys didn’t need to make a bit of easy mony

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  27. joe says:

    LMAO THAD hit it on the money, no way anyone who has seen more than 1 MMA show would say it was “The best”. Garnet Ace (Boss) no one anywhere would have thought that the Global Warriors show was nearly as good as what you said unless it was an employee or owner. I have been to many, many shows and while Global Warriors was good, it was far from what you had described. Only a promoter would write such a long winded response to try and prove he wasn’t the promoter LOL
    Good luck in your future shows Boss lol

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  28. Toughbastard says:

    Joe & Thad it sounds like u guys are promoters yourselves or someone who wanted something from GW’s and didn’t get it! Can u say disgruntled? Did mr ace write all the other articles as well? Boys give it a rest. Boss simply said the venue was great and the fights were great and I have to agree to a degree. I won’t say they were the best but I will say they were good and entertaining! I must be ace as well!

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  29. Robin Black says:

    It was a good show and Garnet is a good dude.

    Hatin is bad for the soul man.

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  30. Edmonton MMA says:

    Heard nothing but good things from two of the guys on the show. Cant wait for their next one. Also heard Ace was pretty solid to deal with. Although not many of the fights went the way I hoped for, I was still happy with what I heard

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  31. joe says:

    I thought it was a good show too but Boss goes a bit overboard “hands down Global Warriors was the best we have seen outside of the UFC.. The whole production, everything about the night was amazing.By far the best venue to watch MMA.”

    clearly an unbiased fan would not have went into such detail

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  32. Toughbastard says:

    I can’t answer for anyone but just maybe boss was or is just a fan of the show? It sounds like ace is a solid dude according to robin and others. I am sure if robin or the fighters thought otherwise they wouldn’t of stepped up. The bottom line we need solid promoters and sounds like global warriors is.

    Robin, which fight did u enjoy the most? And was there any fighters on the card who u think will get to the ufc?

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  33. Robin Black says:

    I loved the Ronson Saggo fight. Both guys approached it exactly how you would predict, and both guys fought great. Ronson’s striking didn’t surprise me, but his improvements in takedown defense, grappling, and strength and conditioning really take him to another level. Saggo showed great heart.

    And the Cambel vs Solomon fight was really cool, 2 different fighter types, great fight.

    There’s a few guys on that show who are among the 20 Canadians you wanna be watchin over the next year.

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  34. Toughbastard says:

    Thanks, it is good to hear Ontario or should i say Canada is loaded with talent. It will be great down the road when your at a bar or even at the event to say, I watch that guy in Hamilton or London or rama etc. Being a MMA fan, i just want more canadians in the ufc? Who will be is first to make it? What are thoughts on Jordan Mein?

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  35. alin says:

    First I have to thank Garnet Ace for having me and my team part of the Global Warriors! You can say that my opinion about the show is a biased one because of the small involvement I had in the event. One thing I can tell you all is that everybody that was part of the event was very please about the way the fighters and there teams were treated and about the way the event was run. My team was part of every big show in Canada and being part of the Global Warriors was not different.

    Somebody here said that my team got a night of easy money, that is a pour statement and I will explain to you why:

    Lyndon Withlock vs Jason Mackay
    We first negotiated for Lyndon to fight Adam Lorenz but because of his management this fight did not go through. They also tried to have Adam Lorenz fight on the Bellator card, but that did not happen either. We signed the number one ranked featherweight, not signed with the big show in Mike Adams. Mike was looking forward to fight Lyndon and his management team was very exited about the fight and being part of the event but unfortunately Mike got injured and had to pull out of the fight two weeks left to the event. We tried to have John Fraiser fight Lyndon but he declined and I understand that the short notice was a big factor in his decision. Then we started the negotiations with the veteran Jason Mackay, he has two times more experience then Lyndon but we believed that he would be a good challenge for our fighter. Lyndon was not happy that he did not get to fight Lorenz or Adams but he got the chance to show his skills against an MMA veteran in Canada, Jason Mackay.

    Josh Hill vs Federico Lopez
    We first signed for the fight against Mike Roberts, he is part of Dan Sveran’s Team and he is a very good opponent. Mike had a draw against Bo Harris and also has alot more years of experience than Josh, so we looked at this fight as a good challenge. Roberts also competed a few times before in Ontario and has many fans around here. But again for personal reasons, Mike had to pull out of the fight three weeks till the event. We tried in the past to have Josh fight any fighter in the top ten list that topmmanews has, unfortunately we had no luck in getting a fight signed against any of the fighters there. So once again we had to look for an opponent from across the border in order to have Josh fight and we got signed with “Kiko” Lopez. One of you guys here say that Kiko is an unknown fighter… I can tell you that he is a K-1 veteran ( ) that trains with Team Quest.

    Shane Campbell vs Taylor Solomon
    This was a fight that Taylor asked for, Taylor is a tough fighter and we took this fight very seriously and it turned out to be the fight of the night. In the past Shane has fought 2 fighters that have 3 times more experience than him.

    I would greatly appreciate if you do your research next time you feel that my team is trying to make easy money. We do not say no to real challenges and always try to fight the best in the country and have always done that. I have been to many fights that were done in the first round because of a one-sided match. You will still see many of them in the future, but Global Warriors are far from being like that. Five of the fights went to decision because the matches were fair and nobody was handed a easy win.

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