Top 5 Maple Leaf Match Ups in August


It’s that time of the month again, and it must be vacation time for Canadian promoters as this month there are only two professional events popping off in the great fight north.  It was to be three, but C3 Fights Canada pulled the plug on their August date.  As these are the lazy days of summer, this is only a Top 5 list.

As always and you should be aware by now, this list does not include Canadians fighting under the Zuffa banner as those fight will be discussed and broken own repeatly prior to their respective bouts. Here’s a list of the Zuffa fights happening during the lazy month of August, then on to the good stuff:

– Rory MacDonald (11-1) vs. Mike Pyle (21-7-1) – UFC 133 – August 6
– Ivan Menjivar (22-8) vs. Nick Pace (6-1) – UFC 133 – August 6
– Yves Jabouin (15-7) vs. Ian Loveland (14-8) – UFC 134 – August 27

5. Dan McIver (6-2) vs. Marcus Hicks (11-20)
Battlefield Fight League 10 – Vernon – August 20
Good fight for the Vernon crowd! Dan McIver replaces Ryan Chiappe in this Middleweight tilt against Marcus Hicks.  McIver has frequently resided just outside the Canadian top 10 for 185ers.  Dan needs to get back in the win column as he lost both of his fights in 2010 to give him the first losses of his career.  While Hicks is  a step down from Hinchliffe and Hackert, Hicks showed improved skills against Yan Pellerin in Ringside.  Marcus did not look like a 10-20 fight in his comeback against the TKO veteran.

4. Josh Hill (6-0) vs. Federico Lopez (5-3)
Global Warriors – Hamilton – August 20
Hill, Canada’s number 6 ranked Bantamweight, puts his undefeated record to the test yet again against a very tough but fairly unknown Lopez. Hill, an Iron Tiger Muay Thai product, has dynamic wrestling and fast fists, and has continually stepped up in competition match over match. Lopez, a Team Quest protege, also has great wrestling and is probably best known for being KO’d by Norifumi Yamamoto. With both men having a solid wrestling base, this could turn into an exciting stand up free for all as both fighters defend each others take down attempts. With Hill’s last two bouts going to a decision, he needs an exciting finish to attract offers from the big leagues and that’s something Hill is clearly aware of. With little risk and lots of reward, Lopez has a lot to gain in snapping Hill’s undefeated record. Since both competitors need this win to either continue or restart their rise, fans in the Hamilton area should prepare themselves for a exciting scrap.

3. Adrian Wooley (7-2) vs. David “Bo” Harris (5-2-1)
Global Warriors – Hamilton – August 13
Wooley is Canada’s number 2 ranked Bantamweightand and is looking to rebound from a tough loss to Nick Mamalis at the Score Fighting Series. On the other side of the cage will be Harris a tough wrestler who has unbeaten streak against Canadian competitors. Not only could this fight serve as great comeback fight for Wooley, it could also produce a barn burner of a slugfest for the fans. When two top level colligate wrestlers come together it usually produces fan friendly fisticuffs. If Wooley can seal the deal in Hamilton, he could secure a fight with Bellator in October or November at Casinorama, so this tilt holds a lot of chips for “The Bully”. Harris, on the other hand, has little risk and lots of reward in this scrap, which means the pressure is definitely on the shoulders of the highly touted Wooley. What is for certain is that these two 135 pounders will put on an entertaining bout come August 20.

2. John Alessio (31-14) vs. Wachiim Spiritwolf (9-8-1)
Superior Cage Combat 2 – Las Vegas – August 20
Another Canadian looks to return to the victory trail as Alessio recently had his 7 fight winning streak snapped by Siyar Bahadurzada. Prior to the Bahadurzada beating, Alessio’s win streak included the likes of Chris Clements, Luigi Fioravanti and Sergey Golyaev . Spiritwolf, a veteran of Strikeforce, Bellator and Tachi Palace fights, is a classic banger who is known from producing exciting fights. This is a classic match up of styles as Alessio has a predominant wrestling base while Spiritwolf loves the haymakers.

1. Jason Saggo (5-0) vs. Jesse Ronson (6-2)
Global Warriors – Hamilton – August 13
Coming in at number 1 this month is a battle of two of Canada’s top Lightweight prospects. Saggo has shown a tremendous learning curve over his first five fights and recently submitted Derek Boyle in a hard fought battle. Ronson, an Adrenalin Training Centre protégé, has a had a slightly tougher road through his MMA career, having his lone two losses against Mike Ricci and Lindsey Hawkes. This is another great mix of styles as Saggo is know more for his grappling and Ronson is a beast on his feet. Not only do their styles differ but so do their fight mentalities, as Saggo is a slower starter and very cerebral where as Ronson always comes like lightning and attacks from the get go. Each man needs this high profile fight to catapult their careers and possibly even catapult themselves onto the Lightweight rankings. Lastly, this fight is not one in which should expect a decision given their different styles and mentalities somebody is getting finished.

12 Responses to “ Top 5 Maple Leaf Match Ups in August ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Typo on Alessio’s record there…

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Vinicious and Baker

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  3. JT says:

    Really…. Hicks as a fighter to looks forward to?

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    JT and BKB, I think #5 should be Vinicious vs Baker.

    Hicks vs McIver has the potential to be a good scrap, but it also has the potential to be a flop.

    McIver has been out of the game for a while after Hackert dominated him for three rounds. We all know that Hicks can be a solid entertaining fighter when he shows up, but he’s got to show up. Maybe Big Win picked that as a must see just to see if LMA makes weight…

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  5. JT says:

    Lol, Jamie… I agree with your #5 pick,

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  6. LMA Marcus Hicks says:

    LOL to see if i made weight.

    Anyways the fight is off,Im done with Battlefield. Too many headaches,I still hadnt received my contract on this past Thursday,& the promoter wanted to check my weight which after previous incidents i can understand.I asked for how much im getting paid,do we get per diems,travel expense for greyhound(i dont drive)& he wouldnt discuss it with me. I said no problem Ill weigh in if u bring my contract & we sign in after I prove my weights good(im 203.4 today btw).After talking with 2 other BFL fighters they said to make sure to watch my contract with BFl as they hate their deals and wish they didnt sign their deals. Ive jumped thru alot of hoops to make this fight happen,im in the best shape ive EVER been in,and I said if no contract&what im being paid then im not weighing in. Ive actually trained,every,I mean every person who sees me can see im leaner and in way better shape,i was showing off my abs to Ryan(Ford)the other day when we were at Peps working boxing weds. Ive spent alot of money and time on my diet,training&nutrition&diet to be in supreme shape and I just wanted a signed contract saying what i was getting paid and some of the other details we had verbally agreed upon. Im sorry for everyone who was excited for the fight,thnx for considering it a top 5 Maple leaf matchup for August,I was EXTREMELY excited for this fight. But to be 9days out with no contract & no idea what i was gonna be paid is ridiculous. he had asked me for 3 weeks to weigh in and I said as soon as i get my contract(it was part of me&chiappe fighting i agreed to weigh in 3 weeks early). I hope people wont use this aginst me,Im doing everything properly now,and just want things from the other end done properly also. This was my 4th different matchup(Baker,huveneers,chiappe,Mciver) for this card,all were announced & at no time did i have a contract which most other promoters wouldnt announce till the contracts are signed. Anyways now that ive brought my walk around weight down(from 215-220 chubby to 202-206normal) and am walking leaner 185lbs will be ALOT easier to make no matter when i fight. I also had talked with Mr.Pollack from C3 about their show & he was looking for a 185lb matchup for me,then their show got cancelled. anyways Im looking for a fight in September now and am gonna just keep training. BTW-Holy F#@K does Ford hit hard.Kajan is a beast also,anyone wanna get in some good boxing work come down to PEPS(in the last month besides Me,ive seen Ford,Kajan,Bibiano,Garret davis,Wendy Roy have all been there training at some point working standup/boxing. Pep is phenominal,thnx Tony for all ur help & work uve put in to help me improve my standup.

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  7. Update: Spiritwolf pulled out of his Alessio fight.

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Wow, thanks for the read LMA.

    Shitty break on the Alessio fight. I’m anxious to see who and where he fights next- at 155…

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  9. Update: Alessio will now fight Shawn Fitzsimmons.

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    at 55 or 70?

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  11. Robin Black says:

    This one is his last at 70 as I understand

    He’s been walking around 173 or 4

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  12. mike kent says:

    That sucks Marcus a few bad breaks in a row now between yarmouth and this

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