WRECK MMA – Gatineau – October 28


Date: October 28th, 2011
Location: Casino Lac Leamy in Gatineau, Quebec
TV: Score (Re-broadcast)
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Main Event:
Nathan Gunn (8-2) vs. Nabil Khatib (11-6)
***WRECK Welterweight Title Fight

Co-Main Event:
Nick Denis (9-2) vs. Nick Mamalis (22-7)

Lee Mein (5-10) vs. Rolles Gracie (4-1)
Mike Reilly (3-1) vs. Remi Morvan (7-6)
Kyle Prepolec (1-0) vs. Mustafa Khalil (3-1)
Andrew Cseh (2-2) vs. Randy Turner (2-1)
Pablo Santos (0-1) vs. Johnny Zemouli (0-0)
Vanja Vojvodic (2-1) vs. Chris St-Jean (3-2)
Rich Chau (0-1) vs. TBD
Dan Langbeen (3-4) vs. Jeff Harrison (4-4)
Paul Cressaty (0-1) vs Marc Lefebvre (1-1)
Daryl Hartley (0-0) vs. TBA

24 Responses to “ WRECK MMA – Gatineau – October 28 ”

  1. JYD says:

    some pretty solid names on here so far!

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  2. blayd cooper says:

    pablo santos? nice of wreck to give him another chance of backing out of the last event after weigh ins then confronting his supposed opponent with beers in each hand!!!!

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  3. harry balls says:

    why did he flake anyways? never heard the story on it.

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  4. BigBoi says:

    Does anyone really want to see Gunn beat Khatib like he rented him for the night? Why can’t some fighters just walk away after a good run and not hang around forever trying to regain their glory days?

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  5. hawkes says:

    he was really sick the night before the weigh-ins i beleive… then went to the hospital for dehydration.

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  6. hawkes says:

    Pablo i meant… this is only what i heard at the weigh in

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  7. kid lightning says:

    my pick for gunn vs khatib is definitely gunn. in the same breath i would never underestimate khatib. whether ppl think he is on his way out or should be does not change the fact that he is an accomplished fighter and he is tough as nails. in his last fight it looked like he was down and out and managed to turn it all around and take out wedderburn. khatib is a tough well skilled fighter and i guarantee this fight will be filled with excitement whether it goes 1 round or 5.

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  8. kid lightning says:

    im also calling for ninja of love to pull out a hi lite win after his layoff and mustafa will dominate by sexiness!

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  9. Robin Black says:

    Gunn vs Khatib is the battle of the gentlemen.

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  10. haggis basher says:

    I was at weigh ins Pablo did not look dehydrated at all, I on the otherhand looked like a bag of crab cut tons of weight and still fought and won a title. I think he saw his opponent and got scared.

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  11. Big Win says:

    Can’t comment on Santos, but the Haggis Basher looked really rough at weighins and still came out the next night and put on a great fight!! Still waiting on my Tshirt John!!

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  12. Jeff Harrison says:

    Can’t wait!

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  13. harry balls says:

    That’s what i was wondering, Haggis. Saw the weigh in pics and he looked fine to me (you looked like shit but you looked awesome fighting haha). Just wondering what was up.
    Reilly is taking a huge step up fighting Morvan. I can’t pick him to win, but mad respect for fighting Bam Bam. It shows he is serious about this fight thing.

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  14. Pat G says:

    I also saw the santos pics and he didn’t look that bad to me.

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  15. Andrew says:

    Im looking for the match maker for Wreck MMA. Could you please contact me at andrew@sefp.ca I got a good stable of fighters looking to get on this show.

    Thank you and best of luck with your organization

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  16. UPDATE: Added Rolles Gracie, Lee Mein, Nick Mamalis to the card.

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  17. Cj Saftic says:

    Yea I’ve got mad respect for Reilly stepping up to fight Morvan, huge change in competition from Hardcastle but the kid is trying.
    Also this will be Chris St.Jeans 3rd fight in 6 weeks.
    Chris St-Jean (3-2)vs Igor Caetano (2-1) Sept.10
    Chris St-Jean (3-2)vs Anthony Doolitle (0-1)Oct.1
    Chris St-Jean (3-2)vs Vanja Vojvodic (2-1) Oct.28

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  18. JC says:

    Pablo Santos afraid? No way! Know him well enough to know that fear is something out of the question to make him give up something.

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  19. harry balls says:

    do you know him well enough to find out why he didn’t show the day of?
    this card is going to be a blast. Can we please not go to the Drink afterwards?

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  20. blayd says:

    pablo needs to give joel paquette a fight he screwed him out of. joel still cant get a debut fight and he went 8 hours out of his way to have hometown hero get scared and back out!!!

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  21. Update: Tariq Ismail is off the card.

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  22. Jamie Locke says:

    Any word on scheduling of this on “The Score”?

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  23. Score Fighting Series says:

    A live stream of the event will be available on The Score’s website. Check here for more details – http://www.thescore.com/mma/articles/178620-score-fighting-wreck-mma-friday-oct-28

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  24. Sammy says:

    LOL pablo wasn’t scared he was dehydrated I would know we train together everyday and he had a god win at wreck

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