Canadian Rumour Mill – August 3


I got a  question for you guys… Why do female fights have ring girls? Shouldn’t they have hot oiled up muscular ring guys for those fights? I vote YES!

  • The Predator Patrick Cote will be fighting for a new Quebec promotion called Instinct MMA.
  • So I’m hearing that EFC Lightweight champ Tyson “The Man Of” Steele will be moving up in weight to 170lbs and facing Unified Welterweight champ Travis Briere on the September 30th Evolution FC show in Lloydminster!  It’s for the EFC Welterweight title.
  • Speaking of Briere, what’s up with that guy and Unified? If he fights on the upcoming EFC card then he’ll be fighting on the same night as his “home promotion” Unified’s show, and rumour has it that the Sept 30 Unified show will have contender matches for the WW belt.  Is there a rift or am I just stirring the pot?
  • No news on the upcoming WRECK show other than the previously announced Gunn vs Khatib.  What’s up WRECK?
  • Are we going to be seeing Jason MacKay scrap Lyndon Whitlock at Global Warriors?
  • Now that Steven Rogers has retired, it seems that Elite 1 will be holding an 8-man tourney for the Light weight belt.  Some of the names being kicked around are Jeremy Henry, Ricky Goodall, Jason MacKay and highly regarded amateur kickboxer Micky Marshall.
  • Hello.  Team Ringshark. Hello?  Where has this once promising team of studs disappeared to?
  • Calgary Super Fight of Andrew Buckland vs Keto Allen at AX Combat 2?
  • Who knew Brendan Fyfe would become one of the biggest promoters in Canada a year ago?  His first Score show was a success and now three more Score Fighting Series shows are tentatively scheduled for Mississauga (Oct. 14), Thunder Bay (Nov. 4), and Sault St. Marie (Nov.18)


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  1. Dan chambers says:

    After the sept 3rd fight fell through I booked a trip to Boston from the 27-1….

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  2. Ryan says:

    Man, the state of east coast MMA is really sad. Palooka’s? How many people fit in there for these events? Why cant they do them in the forum again, or in the civic centre even? I wish we had a steady promotion like the MFC or Ringside or Argression that put on big cards and brought some big names down. What ever happened to W-1?

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  3. Ryan says:

    Also, when I say the state of east coast MMA I don’t mean the fighters. Mike is one beast of a fighter. I currently train with an up and comming guy named Ian Noris and used to train with a guy by the name of Zack Jones, those guys are both animals. I think Zack trains with Mike Kent at titan’s actually

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  4. Derek LeBlanc says:

    For the events at Palooka’s the range for the crowd can be from 700-1000 in the venue. With the forum you are looking at 10 000 bucks to rent it out for the day. The events at palooka’s have been good in a small venue but I wish some more big names would get out here but it cost money to bring these guys out which the proomoters dont have like they do in quebec and alberta.

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  5. harry balls says:

    W-1 was crooked as shit from what i heard. Great show, but run with other people’s money…

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  6. Ryan says:

    It’s very sad really. I mean, Put Roger Hollet vs Tony Lopez/Sokoudjou/alexander in the forum with Kent and Goodall on the undercard. Hell I think if you do Hollet vs houston, Kent vs Huveneers and Goodall vs Marc Stevens from TUF and I think that would get 4-5K people at the forum.

    I just think it’s gay that even Moncton has Elite-1 but we really dont have much sans the Palloka’s events that dont get promoted all that well. I dont mean any disrespect to the people who put on these events. I just think it would be nice to get a semi big card here.

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  7. Sam says:

    I agree Ryan

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