Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings – July 2011


Not much happened in the Canadian Light-Heavyweight division in terms of rankings in the pas six months. There is no change at the number one spot as current #1 Ryan Jimmo defeated Dwayne Lewis and blown up Middleweight Zak Cummings, while the Jimmo’s challenger, the UFC’s Krzysztof Soszyinski, beat up blown up Middleweight Mike Massenzio.

The big movement in these rankings was a result of a single fight.  Roger Hollett took out Martin Desilets and jumped four spots in the rankings.

Top Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings

1. Ryan Jimmo (15-1) – Previous Rank (1) – Jimmo stopped Dwayne Lewis in controversial fashion at MFC 28 and then won a decision against Zak Cummings in a lacklustre MFC 29 fight.   With the two wins running his victory streak to 15 consecutive, Jimmo maintains his lead at the #1 spot. The Big Deal looks to defend his MFC title on October 7th, but everyone knows finding quality LHW opposition is difficult and expensive.  Lets hope Mark Pavelich can bring in a name to really challenge Jimmo. Next Fight: TBD.

2. Krzysztof Soszyinski (26-11-1) – Previous Rank (2) – Krzysztof Soszyinski went through a few opponents for UFC 131 before getting Mike Massenzio.  First Anthony Perosh pulled out and then Igor Pokrajac did the same.  Now its KSOS who is injured.  He just had his seventh knee surgery and looks to be back later this year.  Next Fight: TBD

3. Roger Hollett (12-3) – Previous Rank (7) – In one of the biggest LHW matchup so far in 2011, Roger Hollett faced the former #3 ranked Martin Désilets at Ringside 10.  Hollett was able to tire out Désilets in the first round and then take him out with strikes in the second round.  The TKO led to a charge up the rankings to a well-deserved #3 spot.  Next Fight: TBD

4. Martin Désilets (11-3) – Previous Rank (3) – An MMA career is ‘Stress’ful as things change quick in MMA.  One minute you have beaten a former UFC fighter twice in a row and you appear headed for the big shows and the next you are knocked out by Roger Hollett.   Martin Désilets is now forced to regroup.  After finally being allowed to fight in Quebec, Martin suffered his first loss in three years.  Next Fight: TBD

5. Dwayne Lewis (12-7) – Previous Rank (4) – Head butt or no head butt?  Does not matter now.  Lewis lost for the second time to Ryan Jimmo and drops a spot in the rankings.  Worse yet, Dwayne Lewis told Top MMA News a month later that he may be forced to retire due to a back injury sustained a couple weeks prior to his Jimmo fight.  Suddenly rankings do not seem so important.   Hopefully Dwayne gets the treatment required to see him back in the MFC ring/cage.  Next Fight: TBD

6. Steve Bossé (8-1) – Previous Rank (5) –   Bossé has not fought in a long time.  He was scheduled to defend his title at Ringside but pulled out, then Seth Petruzelli and then Emanuel Newton at Challenge MMA, but that whole card fell through.  If Bossé wants to focus on his MMA career, let’s hope he settles his differences with Ringside and defends his title in October.  He better fight soon or he is off the Top 10. Next Fight: TBD.

7. Victor Valimaki (16-8) – Previous Rank (4) – Victor Valimaki after dropping three in a row to Knothe and Désilets (twice), Valimaki has taken a break from MMA.  Now he announced that he may have a fight in Finland lined up against Marcus Vanttinen in October.  Vanttinen (20-3) is a tough test for Valimaki.  Hopefully this trip to Finland ends better than his last scheduled fight in the Scandanavian country.  Next Fight: vs Marcus Vanttinen.

8. Clay Davidson (5-3) – Previous Rank (8) – Clay Davidson remains at eight despite losing his second in a row.  Davidson took on the red hot Jesse Taylor at BFL and took a beating.  A step down in competition is just what the doctor orders for Davidson, who needs a win and his confidence back. Next fight: TBD

9. Tim Chemelli (10-1) – Previous Rank (10) – Chemelli handed Jon Ganshorn his first loss at EFC 7 earlier this year to move up one spot on this list.  Chemelli is looking to fight stronger opposition.  He was scheduled to fight Misha Cirkunov and DJ Linderman at Slammer in the Hammer but neither fight made it on the card for various reasons.  Now, he is going to fight the Silent Assassin in Aggression MMA.  Next Fight: vs Nick Penner at Aggression MMA September 16.

10. Misha Cirkunov (4-1) – Previous Ran (NR) – The highly regarded LHW prospect makes his debut on the top 10.  After to losing to Roy Boughton, Cirkunov has reeled off three wins including his last victory over Ion Cherdivara at MMA: The Reckoning.  Cirkunov was due to face Tim Chemelli before pulling out and is now scheduled to face Ryan Lopez in Oshawa.  Next Fight: vs Ryan Lopez at Caged Combat Championship August 20.

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Bill Mahood (retired)

Just Out of the Top 10:
Jason Kuchera (5-5)

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69 Responses to “ Canadian Light-Heavyweight Rankings – July 2011 ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Bosse needs to get back on top of his shit. I have given up hope that he and Stress will square off.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Desilets vs Bosse would be a blockbuster in Quebec!

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    The fight will be announced very soon. :)

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Bosse’s people have made a few odd decisions on his career. Hopefully he’s back in the picture soon.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    I figure I’ll post a bit on this topic (I usually try to avoid posting “serious” comments in regards to my fighters), but as I think I post/comment on everything else on this site, then it’s only fair to post on this one (even if vague lol)

    In regards to some of Jarvis’ comments…

    “Drysdale would embarass Jimmo”
    Drysdale is a great fighter and I am a fan of his but I disagree with your point. :)

    “Also i know for a fact MFC doesnt pay shit to the fighters. That is why they will never be the BIG SHOW. Fighters there make money on sponsors because Pavelich doesnt care about the fighters and pays them peanuts to put their health on the line.”
    I don’t know about other fighters, but without getting into their financial info my guys that fight there do quite well, Jimmo included. Now how much money other guys get or don’t get, well that’s up to them and their management. But for my guys (as those are the guys I have financial knowledge on) I totally disagree with your comment. ;)

    “Jimmo should NOT be in the UFC. Its like watching paint dry when he fights.”
    Always improving! 15 fights in a row, hopefully 16 in a couple months :)

    “I agree with Keith Greinke, Prangley should fight Jimmo. The fans want that fight. Hollet is ranked 3rd in Canada, Jimmo supposedly 1 so this fight make sense plus i saw on facebook where Hollet said he was down!”
    I disagree with both of you guys. Prangley was a good option and cool story line prior to him losing to Mizuno in DREAM.
    Hollett (no disrespect intended at all) is not on our wish list and hasn’t been for probably over a year. Roger Hollett has 1 good win (Desilets) since losing 2 in a row in the MFC and no longer competing there. Also I feel there are currently at least 2 guys in the MFC that would beat Hollett other than Jimmo. Dwayne Lewis and Emanuel Newton.

    Please feel free to criticize and flame away! LOL

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  6. ryan farse says:

    mr owen being in homes and people watching are two very different things, i’ve never watched or seen once,how can i see the show you are with? i wouldn’t even know were to look. i’m pretty sure mfc gate is double, the ticket price then the show you are with is much, much higher, i think tv money with cuban is higher, they just sold out 5500 at caesars palace windsor, i believe jimmo was the main event at caesars in front of 5500 people live on hdnet and his shorts looked like nascar. you always sound bitter and jealous when speaking about the mfc,thats weak

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  7. Edmonton MMA says:

    Your bang on bobby, only an idiot would disagree with you

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  8. ryan farse says:

    bobby i agree

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  9. Jarvis says:

    There is no flaming, Pavelich aka ryan farse pays guys shit $ to fight. That is what is holding him back from being one of THE BIG SHOWS as he claims. he puts himself before the fighters and thats why everyone leaves. Pavelich is a joke honestly. He says Bellator and other shows steal fighters, NO SHIT, why wouldnt they when other shows pay them what they are worth. DUH

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    No I meant flaming in general, not from you specifically. Was just responding to your comments/points.

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  11. mike kent says:

    i disagree with you bobby ( respectively of course lol ) hollett is a former champ and had two losses in the MFC after having a serious knee injury and rehab , since then he is back on track with 4 wins and the last one being over the former #3 light heavy . i think he deserves the fight with Jimmo and its a fight that many want to see. Former champ vs. current champ and former teamates, very sellable match up. Hollet is on the way back up and is more deserving of a shot then any current LH in the MFC .. of course just my bias opinion.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Yea I disagree. Fight was sellable when Roger was in MFC or fighting consistently and against top guys. I think MFC has guys better than Roger anyways. He should beat them, then get a look.

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  13. Jarvis says:

    Hollet beats Jimmo based on intimidation alone.

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  14. mike kent says:

    Jimmo is no doubt #1 and does deserve the best challenge he can get after winning 15 in a row there is no denying that. But he has cleaned out everyone more or less that isnt in UFC/STRIKEFORCE. i just beleive that everyone including Jimmo knows that roger isnt a great sstylistic match-up for jimmo and is a serious threat to his streak . not taking anything away from Jimmo what he has accomplished is unreal . just think its a fan friendly match :)

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  15. Phil Baroni says:

    i still think krystof beats jimmo

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  16. THE TRUTH says:

    krystof beats jimmo.

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  17. Edmonton MMA says:

    cant see krystof beating jimmo. Style wise i think hollet may pose a little problem for jimmo but i cant see hollet actually winning

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  18. the dude says:

    krystof can beat jimmo if jimmo stays in front of him and trade… krystof can also try to grind jimmo out by leaning on him on the cage and make it dirty. jimmo has never shown any tendency to trade like how krystof would want him to so krystof has a better chance with the plan B in my opinion. especially looking back at jimmos last fight. its too bad they are in different organizations cuz they deserve each other.
    i would say jimmos wins by decision. he would hit krystof a lot on feet. though krystof likes to bang,he is waaay too wide for a real striker. but the dude is tough and stays in the game til the end. not sure if hollet is in the same league with jimmo and krystof…

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  19. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m looking forward to these rankings again….

    ? so many options after these top 4!

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