Maximum Fighting Signs “The Persian Warrior” Sabah Fadai


On the surface, Sabah Fadai doesn’t need any extra incentive to fight. He just loves doing it.

But deep down, hidden away in his sub-conscious, there’s a burning fire to compete for a very good reason. Tucked away is the desire to fight with a message, basically a tribute to the struggles his family endured to get him to where he’s at today.

The newest member of the MFC’s stacked lightweight division, “The Persian Warrior” will launch a new multi-fight contract at MFC 31 with an eye toward future goals and a memory of past trials. Fadai (7-1) will have his opponent named when the formal announcement of the venue and main event for MFC 31 is revealed in the near future.

Born in Iran, Fadai’s family opted for a treacherous escape from the country through Turkey, spending more than a year on the run before finally moving to Canada in 1996.

“I remember the mountains in Turkey like the back of my head,” Fadai recollected. “My family had everything at stake. Those are times you have to remember. As many times as I’ll get punched in the head in my career, I’ll never forget that. “The Muslims there don’t like anyone from any other religion (Fadai’s family is of the Bahai faith). Anyone from another religion was jailed and tortured. My parents wanted to come to Canada where my uncle’s family was. They decided to risk all they had.”

Though not religious himself, Fadai figured that everything he and his family have been through in some small part has had an impact on his decision to fight professionally. It’s not something he outwardly projects, but there’s a sense of accomplishment and duty that lingers.

“I think that in some way it’s a reason why I fight,” he said. “None of my family was ever into fight sports, but somehow I just want to fight. There’s just a feeling I get, a way for my own feelings to come out, a way to express myself. I have a great family and a great life, and this is my way of paying it back.”

While Fadai’s pro career began in British Columbia, the Chilliwack, B.C., product has actually enjoyed the bulk of his success in Asia as he has come away victorious from two bouts in Singapore and two in the Philippines. A dentistry student in the Philippines, Fadai has built a fine life and solid reputation overseas but back in his adopted homeland is where he intends to make a defining mark.

“There’s a lot of pressure on me to be the first doctor in my entire family, and I like that, but my passion is fighting and coming into the MFC is a huge step up for me,” said the 25-year-old. “I’ve been on ESPN in Singapore before but the chance to be on HDNet, to be the first fight on TV at MFC 31, is so great. I really can’t believe I’m getting this spot.

“I’m a pretty complete, all-around fighter and feel I’m dangerous in the stand-up or on the ground. I teach Muay Thai in the Philippines, but being in MMA, I feel good about submissions and pounding guys out. Wherever it goes I’m comfortable.

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