Canadian Rumour Mill – July 25


Mmmmm… Chris Evans looks yummy in Captain America, I bet he’d do well in the cage or at least look good LOL. I’m sure some of you boys on this site would benefit from the muscle machine they have in the movie. I’m looking at Mike Davis and Marc-Andre especially.

  • I’m hearing rumblings that Stephane Patry is bringing back TKO!!! Possibly September 30th or October 9th. If this happens, WOW!
  • ECC is looking to hold their next show September 24th.
  • Victor Valimaki will be looking to stop his three fight losing skid and make his return October 1st against Marcus Vanttinen in Finland.
  • Elite 1 will be bringing in a Pride Vet with over 100 fights. I’m hope its not Pride bum Shannon Ritch.  The Cannon is bad for the sport.
  • Why is there even talk of Jason MacKay fighting for the Elite 1 LW strap? Unfortunately MacKay isn’t what he once was – one win in the last three years and 0-2 in Elite 1.
  • After seeing Ryan McGillivray’s 20 point nose break, I’m betting he won’t be fighting on the upcoming Aggression card. Boy that looks nasty, I hear he needs surgery. Hopefully he’ll have a speedy recovery.
  • Rumours are Winnipeg’s resident face melter and Canada’s #8 ranked 135er, Eric Perez is masquerading as a Welterweight, walking around at about 175lbs. Isn’t he fighting soon?
  • Ken Hope (formerly or currently of Hope Fight Productions, I don’t know LOL) is most likely going forward and holding a show in Digby NS, on September 3rd.
  • Black Mamba Kultar Gill coming back for one more fight at least? I sure hope so!
  • MFC will be holding their event on October 7th now. Show will be once again at the Mayfield Trade Centre in Edmonton. No more River Cree?
  • What are the odds the C3 card in Oshawa happens?  No one has heard about it, the only Canadian on it might by Misha Cirkunov, and their two main eventers are both coming off losses.
  • On the darker side, former Elite 1 Light-Heavyweight champion Steve Skinner has been charged with second degree murder.
  • After Puric/Barnier just got pulled for the second time the week of the fight, lets hopw we see that at Global Warrior in August.
  • I’m hearing a couple things about Roger Hollett. He may either be coming back to the MFC or signing with Strikeforce.
  • So Mike Ciesnolevicz is fighting on Prestige FC 3, October 21. Hopefully he’ll take a step up in competition.

56 Responses to “ Canadian Rumour Mill – July 25 ”

  1. Jarvis says:

    Diamond, actually you have never said anything credible. If you knew who i was you would realize actually how little you know about MMA and how the game works. For the record, i just proved what i know and Title Shot Mgmnt knows. Tony Lopez doesnt price himself outta fights. Tim Hague does.

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  2. Jarvis says:

    1. Tim Hague, you just contradicted yourself by agreeing you fight would fight anyone, anytime and confirming YOU DID actually out price yourself out of the Tony Lopez deal.

    2. Anyone can make it in the UFC with the right connections and management. You got a hail marry guillotine over Barry then got beat down 4x. You do not belong at the level. You can take that as me hating on you or accept it for truth. You really dont belong.

    3. A little known Tim Hague fact is he tries to befriend anyone that he thinks might be able to beat him or fight him down the line. Ryan Fortin, Nick Penner, Tim Chemelli, Lee Mein,Dwayne Lewis. Thats what Tim Hague does, i have heard from numerous sources including some of them i mentioned.

    4. Tim Hague is jealous of Ryan Jimmo and runs his mouth all over town about Jimmo when in fact Jimmo has about 100x the skill of Hague and could actually prob beat him if they fought. However they wont fight because Hague cant get in shape and fight at a respectable weight.

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  3. Jarvis says:

    Hagues hate for Jimmo has been comical. Jimmo takes on Soko and Hague opts for Demian Decorah? Hagues delusional.

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  4. Trent says:

    ok seriously there mods if there was ever a time to kick anyone off the boards it is now! all this guy/girl does is run his mouth! Please someone shut him up!

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  5. Jarvis says:

    Trent, why cant i have an opinion?

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  6. Jarvis says:

    Where is the new rumor mill? somebody is slacking!

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