Bellator 47 – Play by Play – Curran defeats Mann


Main Card

Pat Curran vs. Ronnie Mann
Rd1: both men feeling each other out during the first few exchanges. Curran lands a stinging flying knee. Curran is the one holding down center ring and forcing Mann to circle. Curran rushes forawrd and pins Mann against the fence. Curran forces Mann to the ground and winds up in Mann’s rubber guard. Curran backs out and passes to half guard. Curran looks for the Peruvian neck tie but instead lands some punches as the round comes to an end.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Curran

Rd2: Mann lands a powerful leg kick to start off the round. Curran again is holding down center ring. Curran attempts another flying knee but just misses the mark. Mann lands a solid left straight, body kick combo that back Curran up. Curran lands a flying knee right on Mann’s chin. Curran misses the flying knee and gets corked with a right hook from Mann. Mann continues to circle and not engage. Curran forces Mann against the cage and lands a takedown at the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Curran

Rd3: both men exchange leg kicks as the round begins. Lots of throwing and missing in the first few exchanges. Mann unleashes a barrage of kicks on Curran. Both showing off their leg kicking skills which seems to infuriate the in house who are booing uncontrollably. The cat calls from the fans are more interesting then the actual fight. A mass exodus as over half of the fans start to leave before the fight ends. Back to the fight after a brief scramble Mann takes Curran’s back just as the round comes to a closes.
Top MMA News scores the round a 10-10 draw
Curran defeats Mann via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Nazareno Malegarie vs. Marlon Sandro
Rd1: Malegarie attempts a big head kick but misses. Sandro flurries forward but is just off the mark. Some nice exchanges from both men while inside the pocket. Malegarie gets caughts rushing in by a Sandro uppercut. Sandro Wobbles Malegarie with a vicious right hook. Sandro finding his range and back up Malegarie with brutal combinations. Malegarie shoots in for the takedown but Sandro stuffs it. Malegarie trying to stand and trade with Sandro but continues to get the worse of the exchanges. At the 10 second warning Malegarie lands a solid punch on Sandro that wobbles him.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sandro

Rd2: Malegarie continues to move forward but Sandro lands flush every time. Some vicious exchanges in the pocket asMalegarie ducks his head in and throws with utter disregard. Sandro starting to rock Malegarie with his jab. Sandro continues to throw first and land last. Malegarie initiates the clinch but Sandro trips him to the ground, both fighters are quickly back to their feet. Malegarie showing great heart and courage in the standup exchanges but continually is getting tagged. Sandro forces Malegarie against the cage and drags him to the canvas. Both men back to their feet and Sandro lands a jumping knee flush on Malegarie’s chin. Again Sandro drags Malegarie to the mat, just as the round closes out.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Sandro

Rd3: Malegarie again comes out first but can’t seem to connect with his power shots. A brave Malegarie continues to initiate the stand up exchanges but Sandro is continually beating him to the punch. Sandro counters a Malegarie right with a deadly shot to the body. Both men are starting to land in the exchanges and now Malegarie has Sandro backing up. Sandro sneaks around and body locks Malegarie and throws some knees. Malegarie continues to move forward and exchange with Sandro. Great exciting fight, Malegarie won over lots of fans with that performance.
Top MMA News scores the round a 10-10 draw
Sandro defeats Malegarie via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Chris Horodecki vs. Chris Saunders
Rd1: Horodecki quickly takes center ring and starts working his jab to find his reach. Saunders is able to press Horodecki against the cage but Horodecki escapes and uses a single leg to bring the fight to the mat. Horodecki passes to half guard then after some quick transiting from both men takes north south position. Horodecki attempts a guillotine but Saunders is able to escape and take over top position. Horodecki quickly reverses Saunders and presses him up against the cage. Saunders uses the cage to make it back to his feet. Horodecki takes Saunders right back down, Saunders looks for the kimura but Horodecki easily escapes.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Horodecki

Rd2: Saunders launches the first attack but Horodecki counters with a knee and right straight. Horodecki backs Saunders up and and takes him down to the mat. Horodecki in Saunders’ guard working some body shots until the ref stands them up. Horodecki beating Saunders to the punch every time, Saunders is eating some nasty combos. Saunders tiesup with Horodecki and Horodecki forces him to the ground. Horodecki is back in Saunders guard landing some punches from the top. Horodecki passes to half guard and continues to work the ground and pundit until the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Horodecki

Rd3: Horodecki lands a solid leg kick to start off the third. The fighters tie up and Horodecki again forces the fight to the floor. Saunders throws up his hips looking fro the arm but Horodecki shrugs him off. Saunders butt scoots to the cage and makes it back to his feet. Horodecki has Saunders pressed against the fence. Saunders jumps in, fakes the superman punch and attempts a guillotine. Horodecki quickly passes to half guard and pulls his neck out. Horodecki again on top in Saunders guard gingerly working some ground and pound. Horodecki passes to half guard and traditions to mount. Horodecki seems more interested in controlling position the going for the kill.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Horodecki
Horodecki defeats Saunders via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Neil Grove vs. Zak Jensen
Rd1: Both men come out swinging and Jensen wobbles Grove with a right hook. Jensen follows Grove to the ground but gets reversed and Grove starts the ground and pound. Jensen covering up well and Grove drops back for the ankle lock. Jensen goes for his own ankle and soon both men start exchanging we one hand while working the ankle with the other. Grove regains top position and unleashes some serious punches that rock Jensen and the ref quickly jumps in to Jensen from further punishment.
Grove defeats Jensen via TKO (GnP) @ 2:00 of Rd1

Alexandre Bezerra vs. Jesse Gross
Rd1: Gross’ working his jab and landing. Bezerra shoots in and lands the takedown. Gross tries to make it back to his feet but Bezerra jumps his back. Bezerra squeezes tight but doesn’t have it sunk under Gross’ chin. Gross tries to fight it off but his eyes roll back and the ref jumps in. Quick win by Bezerra. Gross quickly regains consciousness and is back to his feet.
Bezerra submits Gross via Rear Naked Choke @ 1:28 of Rd1

Daniel Langbeen vs. Will Romero
Rd1: Romero takes center ring and the fighters clinch up. Romero lands 3 toe strikes, lots of feinting and posturing until Romero lands the takedown. Romero stands and starts to chop away at the downed Langbeen until the ref stands them up. Langbeen initiates the clinch but Romero muscles him to the canvas. And the horn sounds
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Romero

Rd2: Romero Gain takes center ring and blasts Langbeen with a right. Langbeen again initiates the clinch and tries for the throw but Romero reverses and takes top position. Romero Gai. Chops away at the downed Langbeen’s legs until the ref stands ’em up. Langbeen misses with a superman punch and Romero connects with the counter. Both men missing more then landing in the stand up exchanges. The round ends as the fighters circle.
Top MMA news scores the round 10-9 Romero

Rd3: Langbeen comes out swing but Romero is blocking all the shots. Langbeen moves in and Romero muscles him to the mat. To the fans dismay Romero continues to chop away at Langbeen’s legs until the ref stands them up and the crowd applauds. Romero forces Langbeen against the cage but does little damage. Again Romero muscles Langbeen to the mat and this time transitions to mount. Langbeen turns and gives his back. Romero sinks in the hooks but can’t finish the submission. Langbeen reverses and winds up on top in Romero guard. Langbeen lands some solid shots from guard. While Romero tries to stand up Langbeen looks to land the big right but Romero drops back just in time and the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Romero
Romero defeats Langbeen via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Alka Matewa vs. Alex Ricci
Rd1: Both men testing their stand and searching for their range. Ricci shoots in and lands a double leg and quickly passes to half guard. Matawa turns to get up and Ricci sinks in a hook, but Matawa turns, gets mounted then bucks and escapes to his feet. Matawa lands a knee from the clinch but again Ricci takes him to the mat and winds up in Matawa’s guard. Ricci drops back and looks for an ankle lock but Matawa pounds away and Ricci is forced to let go and lose position. Matawa lands a few shots from top position before Ricci gets the reversal at the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Ricci

Rd2: Matawa comes out hard and falls Ricci with a right hand. Ricci gets right back up and is able to take Matawa to the mat. Ricci passes to mount and rains down elbows and punches on the turtling Matawa. Ricci continues with the onslaught until Matawa taps out and the ref jumps in.
Ricci defeats Matawa via TKO (GnP) @ 2:40 of Rd2

*Daron Cruickshank vs. Sergej Juskevic has been pulled from the card

58 Responses to “ Bellator 47 – Play by Play – Curran defeats Mann ”

  1. BigBoi says:

    Are the skill equal? No. It is a different skill set. That’s not the issue for me, for me amatuer is where one hones ones skills and becomes comfortable with the aspect of a ‘fight’. Are you guys telling me you’d be okay with your amatuer fighter fighting his 2nd or 3rd fight against a guy who fought on a major show like Bellator?

    That’s like taking a boxer who’s fought on HBO or Showtime and putting them in an ammy show for mma.

    Skills differ but the ability to be comfortable in the ring is massive. If you’ve fought think about how much better your first fight would have been if you’d been able to relax like you can now.

    Once you’ve gone pro you’ve stepped up in competition because hopefully you’re ready for it (physically and emotionally).

    From a pure ‘development’ standard why not just join a boxing gym and apply those skills in small level pro shows?

    As for the ‘amatuer grappling’ comment well that one’s just plain stupid.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    I see what you’re saying, but that is why it is up to the sanctioning body to allow, or disallow fights. You wouldn’t want to match up someone with X amount of experience in say pro boxing fight against your o experienced guy at an mma event, it is up to a match-maker and sanctioning body to work this stuff out.

    Hence why matching up 0-0 170lb vs 0-0 170lb doesn’t always work, each has a different background that needs to be factored in before letting a fight happen.

    I don’t see how grappling can’t be compared on the same level? It is a combat sport, some guys get paid to play, or can be classified as “professional” but yet it’s concidered amateur when not paid. Anyone who signs up for a grappling tourney can compete against anyone else in the division they sign up for. IMO not a stupid comment…

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  3. kris says:

    James toney didn’t exactly look great in the octagon did he? He should have fought in a smaller show. Regardless of ring experience, two completely separate entities.

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  4. Trent says:

    In my opinion i think its rather sad that the stage you fight on has anything to do with this topic. When it comes right down to the sporting aspect i think skill set should be the only deciding factor in wether or not you can or cant compete!

    A competitor who has fought on a big stage like UFC,Bellator,Strikeforce,etc, may have a bit of an edge in the nerves aspect of the fight. Rather think about the advantage’s that the pro boxer may have over the first timer or the same reversed for the mma guy, just in skill set. Im want to see fair fights plain and simple wether it be in MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ. Somewhere along the line this is going to have to be solved so all parties are satisfied.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Guys don’t get struck in grappling contests. Strikes are the trauma that make the difference.

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    Although guys don’t get hit in grappling, there is still a drastic experiecen difference between someone who has only grappled on the local circuit compared to someone who has fought pro mma in the international shows and on ppv.

    My comparison wasn’t the danger of experienced guys competing as ammy’s, but the fairness of it.

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  7. Ricci vs Saggo?

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  8. BigBoi says:

    Hey Jamie, missed your post. This is how I look at things. Ring time is ring time. With very few exceptions the more times a fighter has walked to a ring the more comfortable they become with that setting. This to me is biggest edge a pro has over a tourist.

    Look at Trent’s last fight. The guy was so fucking scared to be in there with ‘a real fighter’ that he shot his wad within the first few seconds and then Trent went to work.

    I’m not saying a guy with 10 pro MMA fights should be fighting a guy with 10 pro boxing matches but he shouldn’t be fighting at amatuer. Guys at amatuer are just finding their legs and working on their skills (Oly boxers excluded here). A guy who’s walked into a venue like Bellator and seen and dealt with that kind of pressure will have no issues settling down in a small ammy boxing show.

    Good match making will mean he fights someone who is on par with him for skill and experience. Personally I don’t know why you’d want to fight Ammy if you’ve already gone pro.

    Now the example of Mercer in the UFC is just dumb. Clearly no one in their right mind expected Mercer to have a chance against anyone on the UFC’s HW roster. He should have gone and fought a couple of smaller promotions before coming to the big show but would you really want him in an Ammy show?!?

    As for grappling, yeah a guy who’s fighting professional mma should by default be entering advanced divisions in grappling tournies. If you are fighting professionally in MMA then you better have a complete game.

    Sorry, I’m a bit old school in this but if I walked into a tournament and saw Trent rolling in the beginner division I’d soccer kick his ass off the mat for being a sandbagger.

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