KOTC: Chiller – Yellowknife – September 17


Date: September 17, 2011
Location: Yellowknife Arena in Yellowknife, NWT
Tickets:  Harley’s Hard Rock Saloon 867-873-6789,
Ragged Ass Barber 867-873-2101 and
Muscle Heads Supplements & Fitness Wear 867-920-2976

Main Event:
215lbs- Zach Blaber (5-2) vs. Elmer Waterhen (11-13)

205lbs- Adam MacDonald (1-0) vs. Nick Campbell (2-0)
145lbs- Tyler Davis (5-2) vs. Patrick Besarra (2-3)
145lbs- Behrang Yousefi (2-0) vs. Marc Savoie (1-1)
170lbs- Danny Doig (1-3) vs. Leo Constant (1-3)
128lbs- Matt Knysh (1-6) vs. James McGrath (1-0)
265lbs- Gerald Adams (0-0) vs. Greg Large (0-2)
155lbs- Kyfho Schott (0-0) vs. Matt Jelly (0-1)

59 Responses to “ KOTC: Chiller – Yellowknife – September 17 ”

  1. Tyler Davis says:

    Was in cuba last week, took the fight with 9 days notice. Agreed to fight at 145 as I’m kinda fat right now. No way ill be taking it at 140.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    140 was the weight Orest told me it was at… I’ve messaged him to clear it up maybe it was just a typo.

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    ya making 140lbs on 9 days wont happen, would be dumb to cause short notice and a bigger weight cut is just dumb.

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  4. Jake says:

    Hi TopMMANews!

    Any updates on the weigh-ins for this event? I have a firewall at work and can’t access the KOTC site. Please post and thanks!

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  5. Blackout says:

    Ok Leo, focus and do what u need to do.

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  6. Speedbag says:

    Any results yet

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    We should have results tomorrow for this event, apparently cell service in Yellowknife isn’t the best so I’ve got someone e-mailing me results after the event! Thanks for your patience everyone!

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  8. Calgary mma says:

    Marc Savoie is a great addition. I’ve seen this kid roll and he’s no joke. He just won a submission tournament in Calgary and the last fight I saw him in he nearly ripped the guys arm off.

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  9. Tyler Davis says:

    Marc was a cool dude, going to the ground with a gracie baha guy was not the game plan for b tang. Marc did a good job getting the take down after a little clinch work by behrang. But b tang flexed his yellow belt like a boss lol great job to both guys

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