Bully’s Fight Night II Play-by-Play


Bully’s Fight Night is coming live from Lethbridge, Alberta. If you can’t make it live to the event, you can watch the Internet PPV for under $10 by clicking here. Otherwise, sit back and click refresh to get the play-by-play from Top MMA News right here:

Show has started. PPV broadcasters: Dean Panas will be doing the PPV feed play by play and Dan “Torture” Chambers will be providing the colour commentary (Victor Valimaki joins midway through Pro fights) (Pro fights only).

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Submission of the Night: Andrija Pavlic
  • Knock Out of the Night: Mike Geohr
  • Fight of the Night: Maged Hammo vs Jared Silverthorn

Amateur Bouts
Rylee Jaasund (171) vs Beau Bentley (170)
Round 1: Both fighters pawing at each other, Jaasund lands a left hook.  Knee thrown by Bentley followed by a side kick then leg kick . Jaasund answers with a left hook straight right combo. Big right hook misses by Jaaslund.  Jaasund the more active fighter. Leg kick thrown by Jaasund, Bentley answers with a front kick, followed by head kick.  Bentley lands another head kick as Jaasund fires back throwing a right straight to counter. Left hook by Jaasund as the fighters clinch.  Good knees from clinch by Jaasund.  Jaasund answer a low kick with left hook right sraight left hook combo.  Bentley shoots in and gets the takedown.  Open guard by Jaasund with some light gnp by Bentley. Bentley passes to side as Jaasund rolls out and stands. Bentley shoots in and is working for takedown against cage. Jaasund works his way off the cage and to the center of the cage.  Leg kick Bentley with Jaasund swinging and missing. Bentley lands a front kick to face as the round ends.
Beau Bentley bleeding from the nose.
Close first round.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Rylee Jaasund.

Round 2: Leg kick by Bentley lands, throws it 2 more times successfully. Jaasund swings his way in but is met with a nice knee down the middle. Big swinging uppercut that misses by Jaasund.  Bentley shoots in and takes Jaasund down. Decent gnp mainly hammerfists and punches by Bentley.  Jaasund manages to get up and he shoots in for single taking Bentley down against the cage. Bentley throwing punches to the side of Jaasund’s face. Bentley staying very busy from bottom, Jaasund postures up and throws some hooks to the head.  Jaasund now increasing his output with body head combos. Fight is stoop up and both bang  to end the round.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Rylee Jaasund.
Rylee Jaasund defeats Beau Bentley by Unanimous Decision

Mitchell Carlson (157) vs Paul Johnston (154)
Round 1: Carlson starts the fight with a leg kick with Johnston countering the kick with a straight down the middle.  Push kick by Carlson and then lands a leg kick.  Huge spinning back kick by Johnston as Carlson shoots in immedaitely after the kick connects. Carlson gets the takedown but Johnston immediately rolls through and gets on his knees. Both fighters on their knees. Johnston secures a front choke that seems very deep. Johnston pushes mitch onto his back and Carlson taps to the very nice modified guillotine.
Paul Johnston submits Mitchell Carlson by Modified Guillotine Choke in Round 1, 1:52.

Foti Lambiris (171) vs Cole Peoples (169)
Round 1: Lambiris shoots in and pushes Peoples against the cage. Peoples immediately secures a tight guillotine and looks to have Lambiris in deep trouble. After ten or so scary seconds Lambiris manages to pop his head out, then quickly throws Peoples to the ground. Lambiris lands in Peoples’ half guard and throws some light gnp. Peoples tries to get up but is pushed down. Lambiris is behind Peoples throwing hooks to the head, he then gets the takedown landing in side control. Lambiris takes full mount and throws two big punches as Peoples rolls through. Lambiris snaps in a guillotine and again his opponent manages to roll out of trouble. Lambiris passes Peoples’ half guard and takes mount. Lambiris is landing heavy gnp shots mainly rights. He goes for an ill advised choke and loses position landing on his back. Peoples now in Lambiris guard. The ref stands up both fighters.  Lambiris just unloads with massive shots on Peoples as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Foti Lambiris.

Round 2: Knee down the middle by Peoples doesn’t effect Lambiris as he gets the take down.  Gnp from side by Lambiris. Peoples scrambling but is kept down. Lambiris goes for mount but Peoples rolls and gives his back then rolls again and ends up in turtle position with Lambiris being largely inactive.  Peoples bleeding from his nose. Ref stands up both fighters due to inactivity.  Lambiris with another takedown he follows this up with some hammer fists, it looks like he is going for a kimura but again Peoples rolls through.  Lambiris now takes mount and lands irght hooks, both fighters are tired.  Lambiris throwing hard punches trying to finish the fight but Peoples manages to survie as he has all fight.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Foti Lambiris.
Foti Lambiris defeats Cole Peoples by Unanimous Decision

Mike Geohr vs Kevin Lagasse (light heavyweight) (Lagasse takes has taken this fight on 1 days notice)
Round 1: Fight starts with a leg kick by Lagasse, Geohr shoots in and gets the takedown, immediately throwing a flurry to the body.  Lagasse manages to get up but is thrown down. Geohr takes Lagasse down again but can’t keep his opponent down.  Lagasse now going for his own takedown, but Geohr defends. Both fighters in middle of the ring trading big shots, Geohr looks to have stunned Lagasse.  A few more heavy hooks and Lagasse drops to his knees with the referee stepping in stopping the fight.
Mike Geohr defeats Kevin Lagasse by TKO (stoppage due to strikes) in Rd 1, 2:27.

Pro Bouts
Maged Hammo vs Jared Silverthorn
Round 1: Fighters clinch up with Hammo throwing shots to the body and Silverthorn throwing knees. Hammo gets takedown but Silverthorn with a very deep looking armbar. Somehow Hammo is able to get out. Silverthorn has another super deep armbar, you can see the bend in Hammo’s arm. Hammo escapes again and works his way to side control, Hammo with big punches and elbows/forearms.  Silverthorn restablishes his guard. More big gnp elbows from Hammo. Hammo passes his guard and is now standing up raining down huge shots,  then manages to get mount and unloads major strikes. Silverthorn gets his guard back as round ends.
Close first round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Maged Hammo

Round 2: Both fighters exchange punches, with Hammo getting the better of the exchanges, big knee lands and Silverthorn drops. Hammo immediately pounces and lands many punches as his opponent just covers up forcing the ref to step in.
Maged Hammo defeats Jared Silverthorn by TKO (stoppage due to strikes) in Rd 2, 52 secs.

Garrett Rains vs Terry Nichol
Round 1: Fighters clinch up against the cage. Rains with trip takedown, but Nichol manages to get up. Both now against the cage again. Very little action against cage. Nichol gets the takedown against the cage. Nichol with big gnp forcing Rains gives his back up. Nichol snags in the rear naked with one hook in. He works the choke deeper and forces Rains to tap.
Terry Nichol submits Garrett Rains by Rear Naked Choke in Rd 1, 3:48.

Che Harrington vs Andrija Pavlic
Round 1: Pavlic with quick right and pushes Harrington against the cage, he then gets the takedown spinning into the center of the cage.  Harrington goes for a shoulder lock but Pavlic easily escapes. Pavlic continues his gnp attack.  Pavlic gets to half guard and is looking to pass to mount.  Now has full mount  and throws a monster right elbow, Harrington shrugs it off and pushes Pavlic off. Pavlic goes back into Harringtons half guard but gets reversed.  Harrington now giving some gnp back to Pavlic. Kimura out of nowhere by Pavlic off his back and forces the tap. Impressive sub skills.
Andrija Pavlic submits Che Harrington by Kimura in Rd 1, 4:00.

Talon Hofman vs Alex Popov
*** for Bully’s Fight Night Lightweight Title Fight
Round 1: Leg kick by Hofman, fighters clinch up.  Hofman with the takedown but Popov quickly goes for an armbar. It’s deep and forces Hofman to tap. Very impressive.
Alex Popov submits Talon Hofman by Armbar in Rd 1, (?)

Jacen Flynn vs Edwin Dewees
*** for Bully’s Fight Night Light-Heavyweight Title
Round 1: Flynn with a straight left the backs up Dewees.  Flynn takes him down and quickly takes mount, Dewees rolls giving up his back. Flynn immediately secures the rear naked choke and Dewees taps the second its on.  (Horrible effort by Dewees, just embarassing. Seems to me like he was there for the cheque and nothing more. Made no effort in the fight especially with the tap less than a split second after the RNC was on, BRUTAL!)
Jacen Flynn submits Edwin Dewees by Rear Naked Choke in Rd 1, 44 secs.

Lee Mein vs. James McSweeney
Round 1: Leg kicks by McSweeney. Fighters clinch up. McSweeney gets the takedown and lands in Mein’s half guard. Mein gets up and delivers a massive slam on McSweeney.  Fighters scrambling, Mein attempts a weak ankle lock but McSweeney escapes and gets mount and grabs cage, ref warns McSweeney.  Mein gives up his back  with McSweeney throowing left hooks to Mein. Now McSweeney unloading with both hands. Ref is looking for Mein to do something, but Mein is only covering up. The referee allows a few more unanswered shots and finally steps in to stop the fight.
Post fight McSweeney mentions he’s like to fight the winner of the main event.
James McSweeney defeats Lee Mein by TKO (stoppage due to strikes) in Rd 1, 2:01 (?)

$436 won on 50/50.

10 free tats won by 10 people as well (I wonder if you have a limited hours or if you can get some massive tat, lol)

Main Event:
Nick Penner vs Jon Ganshorn
*** for Bully’s Fight Night Heavyweight Title
Round 1: Hard left straight by Penner. Right left combo by Penner follow by body kick. Ganshorn grabs Penners leg and spins him down. Penner up right away and gets Ganshorn down. Penner in side control trying to get mount.  Penner moves Ganshorn into the middle of the ring and goes for a kimura. Gives up the kimura and throws elbows to the side of the head. Elbows by Penner to his opponents side as Ganshorn spins up and into a guillotine. Ganshorn escapes and both fighters stand. Ganshorn takes Penner down but Penner reverses positions and now is in Ganshorn’s guard.  Ganshorn active off his back with Penner throwing from above.  Penner throwing shots to the body.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Nick Penner.

Round 2: Penner with the hip throw and lands in side.  Elbows to the head and body by Penner lead to a half hearted kimura attempt.  More elbows to the body and side of the head by Penner. Ganshorn has numerous cuts. Round continues with more of the same by Penner.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for  Nick Penner

Round 3: Big right by Penner starts the round.  Ganshorn pulls guard and Penner is in Ganshorns guard, Ganshorn attempts and armbar  but Penner just pushes the attempt aside and tosses him to his side. Penner in side again  holding Ganshorn’s arm down and hitting him with rights.  Ganshorn attempts a cage crawl and escapes, now Ganshorn is on top of Penner and passes to side control after a triangle attempt by Penner. Penner sweeps Ganshorn and is back in his familiar position of side control. More elbows to the body by Penner.  More gnp by Penner as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Nick Penner

Round 4: Penner looks tired and Ganshorn looks beat up.  Fighters clinch and Ganshorn slides behind Penner draggin him down. Gnp by Ganshron as Penner is turtling. Penner rolls into guard. Ganshorn falls back for a leg lock that totally misses. Penner scrambles up and takes mount.  Rights and lefts from Penner as the ref stops the fight.
Nick Penner defeats John Ganshorn by TKO (stoppage due to strikes) in Rd 4, 1:50.

67 Responses to “ Bully’s Fight Night II Play-by-Play ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Absolutely horrible and brutal display by Dewees! He was there for the cheque and nothing else.

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  2. Maged Hammo barely escaped that arm bar but looked great otherwise.

    Pavlic loves the Kimura. Swept Sherman a lot with it at UCW.

    Popov is so casual and calm, but very good.

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  3. THE TRUTH says:


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  4. The Grampinator had a nice slam.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Dewees was an embarrassment!!!

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Damn, too bad Lee lost. Still a fan!

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  7. Bobby Karimi says:

    TORTURE CHAMBERS with the Top MMA Radio shout out!

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Too bad… Lee is one of the nicest guys in MMA, always cheering for him!

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  9. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    Way to go McSweeney…Lee Im still a big fan of yours aswell..great fight guys!!!

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  10. ryan farse says:

    penner is a bum

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  11. ryan farse says:

    sorry to see lee lose

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  12. Edmonton MMA says:

    How are each round 10-9 if penner dominated like that?

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    In my opinion it wasn’t such domination as the PPV pbp made it out to be. Penner wasn’t too aggressive in side, many times holding Ganshorn down, throwing a few strikes then holding him down again. He definitely won each round but no round was 10-8.

    I’m all for 10-8 rounds, but there were none in this fight.

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    Did Penner beat Ganshorn every round? Yup.

    Was there any beatdown dominating rounds where Ganshorn was in real trouble? I don’t think so.

    That’s why 9 instead of 8.

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  15. Jase says:

    Penner kicked ass. Really impressed with a guy who has been off for 15 months and only started training last month. Crazy.. To bad for lee Mein.

    Farce your a joke. Anyone who calls ford and penner bums are idiots

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  16. Trent says:

    even more impressive was the fact Ganshorn was able to hang in there that long! Kids got hart no doubt about that!

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  17. Eastern mma says:

    I hate mcsweeny! Congrats penner. Agreed with above statement. Little training and a big win. Heard today that penner barely trained on the ground cause of the acl. In my opinion he’s stupid to take the fight but congrats nonetheless.

    Great for flynn, 9-2. Solid record, I wonder what’s next for him

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  18. Bully fn fan says:

    Ganshorn was a warrior taking that punishment. you got to have respect for that. His face was messy from what I seen.
    Congrats to all the champions, l look forward to you coming back.

    Tootuff, you guys did a great job. I am really impressed, good talent on the card

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  19. Dean Panas says:

    Want to thank Max and everyone at Too Tuff for a great night!! A few speed bumps but we pulled it off!

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  20. Matt says:

    Really disappointed in dewees. Always wanted to watch Penner, heard a lot about him in MMA since he was a Canadian kickboxing champion. Didn’t know about his knee, that’s badass to take the fight with little training. Then again, he did get shot twice and apparently fought 3 months later. Thats a warrior. Shot out to mcsweeny, well done! Ganshorn has heart!

    Few small adjustments for next show and it will be a success as well. Lee must be a good guy, never seen so many positive posts about a guy

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  21. Diamond says:

    Love you penner but there was some ring rust. no prob, get a good training camp and smash chemelli if he even accepts the fight. You will be top 3 lhw in Canada within 8 months

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  22. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    Keep on Hatin Eastern MMA hahaha!!!

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  23. Dan chambers says:

    There were some really good fights tonight, I got there paid my 40 bucks to get in and end up doing the commentating with dean … Whats up with that lol it was fun, I hope we kinda sounded like we knew what we were talking about. Good job max, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

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  24. Bobby Karimi says:

    Dan, you should get your ticket money back as you did colour commentary for them.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  25. Dean Panas says:

    Dan will be looked after. I talked to Max and he is very grateful Dan!!! Sometimes it is better to do things with out thinking!! Dan you were great tonight. I’m not sure how it sounded on the net but for no notice we did pretty good. And a big thanks to Victor Valimaki for helping out!

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  26. BoiseBlueBelt says:

    I trained with Flynn prior to this fight. He had a solid training camp and was looking better than I have ever seen him. Any Dewees that happened to show up for this fight didn’t stand a chance against Jacen. Jacen connected with a solid left right out of the chute that rocked Dewees against the cage. I don’t think he was prepared to get hit that hard, and it showed. Jacen fought according to his game plan and quickly finished the fight in dominating fashion. Let me also add that Jacen finished this fight using his trademark “Strep Choke.” This is a variation of the rear naked choke that he also calls the “One Second Choke.” The pain from this hold is excrutiating and it usually results in a very quick tap.

    I look forward to seeing Jacen defend his belt on upcoming BFN cards…great night of fights.

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  27. Dutch says:

    Jacen looked good, have to credit him

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  28. Max says:

    Thanks to all the fighters, you put on a hell of a show! Congrats to Nick Penner, Jacen Flynn, and Alex Popov, all title belt winners. Dean Panas is the man, he just makes things GREAT! A special thanks to Dan “TORTURE” Chambers for helping Dean commentate. I hear u are a natural! Also thank you Victor Valimaki for your influence on the show.

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  29. Max says:

    Now that people are starting to talk about Jacen Flynn, who would be a good test for him? James McSweeney, Nick Penner, Clay Davisdon, or maybe we could get Victor Valimaki to come back and fight instead of commentate???

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  30. Diamond says:

    Penner vs Flynn is more credible than mcsweeny. Record proves that. You don’t want a losing record fighting for a belt that will say something about the promotion

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  31. Dan chambers says:

    Penned vs Flynn would be a good match up. The size difference wouldn’t be to bad as penner could make 205 easily I think… When are you planning to put on another show max?

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  32. Dutch says:

    I like davidson and valimacki, both good guys. And would have probably picked valimacki but Im hearing from people he has no desires to train hard (rumors, check into those) therefore what makes the most sense is probably Penner and Flynn. You got an 9-2 vs 11-1 for the title. I agree with diamond, it makes the most sense for the promotion

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  33. Edmonton MMA says:

    tough call, valimacki is a ufc vet. But Penner has an 11-1 record and will be fighting chemelli next. I think if penner beats chemelli you have to give it to him. If he loses give the shot to valimacki.

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  34. Edmonton MMA says:

    sorry but davidson shouldnt be in the title picture, although two of his loses are against big names. Wait till his record improves a bit.

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  35. Greg says:

    What a great weekend! I really enjoyed myself, what a treat. Super fights, hot card women (my arm is still sore from getting hit from the wife), and the Air Show. I can’t wait for the next event. Dan, why were you behind the scenes and not fighting, no one wanted to fight you?
    I vote yes to Penner and Flynn

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  36. Dan chambers says:

    At the time max was putting the show together I was coming off a fight with Craig brown out in Quebec that I won but had broke my arm in. I didn’t know if I would be out of the cast and ready in time, turns out I could have been if he wanted me on the card. Maybe next time if it works out and he wants me to fight. I haven’t fought in front of the lethbridge crowed for awhile….. It’s always a great time here in lethbridge

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  37. Dean Panas says:

    Thanks for the great words Max, it’s greatly appreciated!!! I know Penner would love a shot at the 205 title. He has a very tough fight coming up against Chemelli so we’ll see how thatfight goes. If Chemelli wins that could also be a great guy to fight Jacen.
    I do know Jacen was talking about fighting for the 185 title as well. As a Lethbridge promotion it makes sense to me to have Dan fight for the title. It would be a tough fight but Dan is on a roll and it would be great for Too Tuff if he won the belt. I would also like to see Luke Harris fight Jacen.

    I believe Max is talking about the last week of October for his next show. If you have a chance to fight on the card, or have the opportunity to get a fighter on the card, definitely jump at the chance!!! The people at Too Tuff are great to work with and treat people extremely well!!!

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  38. Steve says:

    Wouldn’t it make sense to have McSweeny fight Penner they both won on the show? McSweeny asked for the fight with the winner? Makes it sound like Penner is dodging McSweeny? Aren’t they both heavy weight’s? If Penner is going down then McSweeny should have first option to fight for the vacant title.

    Victor V. vs. Flynn for sure at 205. If not some buddy with a name

    What about brining someone tougher at 155 for that fight as well? Josh Thompson if he’s not with strikeforce.

    If there was a few more big names on the show, they’d probably make a killing on PPV.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  39. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    Hey Steve thre is alot of great fighters in line Too Tuff has reall done a great job with their promotion, I know McSweeney wants to fight Penner, But McSweeney is actually a 205er aswell, he fights at HW because those are usually the guys that want to fight him. Whatever happens 1 thing is its going to be a great card, We also have a few 155ers that would like to get in the mix for the title.

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  40. bdc says:

    penner vs mcsweeney shit ya!!!! i really like how dan chambers talks about having to pay 40 bucks, who cares man! Your on an mma website not a get your change back cause you did some commentary forum.

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  41. Dutch says:

    It makes no sense for Penner to fight Mcsweeny. Why fight someone who is 5-8. No offense to mcsweeny at all, bottom line is that his record is awful. Doesnt matter whether hes tougher than it shows. Penner had bad luck with the ex UFC/Pride vets backing out on him before his injury, he needs bigger fights. Dodging mcsweeny is kind of rididulous, would make more sense to dodge Flynn wouldnt it? Penner also said he wants to keep and fight for both titles, so it wouldnt be vacant.

    I would like to see Dan fight for the MW title as well. Great to hear him on the show

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  42. trevor cadia says:

    Agree with steve on the 155 belt. This show is great and it is just a few fights away from being a top promotion and going on paperview.

    Max, was this another sellout? what is the size of the venue? Looked small from the video.

    If I was McSweeny I would want to fight Penner to. Penner will still be relatively fresh off injury and if rumors are true he will only have 5 months of training in almost 2 years by this October card. I agree with Dutch, Penner needs better competition, someone with a better record. Bring McSweeny back though, hes entertaining! Have McSweeny vs Vic as co-main event. But If I were Vic I wouldnt want that either. McSweenys record will scare away fighters, and with good reason.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  43. Bobby Karimi says:

    I wouldn’t fight McSweeney, Flynn, Davidson or Valimaki if I was Penner.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  44. Dean Panas says:

    Penner vs McSweeney makes a lot of sense….in a Muay Thai fight!!

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  45. bfn fan says:

    Penner and Valimacki wont fight cause they are training partners. Doesnt Penner want to fight Keith Jardin, I have heard that a lot. And I would love to see Penner vs McSweeny in a Muay Thai Fight. And bobby, are you saying that Penner shouldnt fight Flynn because of Flynns ground game?

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  46. BoiseBlueBelt says:

    It’s awesome to hear you guys talking about Jacen. He works his butt off and he will be more than prepared for any fight that he is put in. I haven’t talked to him since his return from Canada, but I know going into it he was super excited for the opportunity. It was a great show and all of us at the gym loved getting together to watch the live stream. Good job guys, and keep it up.

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  47. Dean Panas says:

    It’s great to see this thread get so much attention. Grass roots promotions can really benefit from word of mouth.
    Max and I had a good talk about the show on the weekend. I know he was very happy with the attendance of the first one but was disappointed with this show. He really wanted to impress people by bringing good fighters in. I feel he impressed people outside of Lethbridge with the show he put on, but for local shows it’s always best to have locals that will put buts in the seats!!
    I am sure all the guys that were on the last card would come back in a heartbeat!!! But IMO bringing them all back on the same night doesn’t make financial sense for Too Tuff. And if a local star like Lee Mein or Dan Chambers is on the card, I would have them in the main event. You could feel the atmosphere in the building change after the McSweeney/Mein fight was finished.
    Two fights that make a lot of sense to me for the next Too Tuff show are: 185 Title between Chambers and Flynn or Hawkes, and Mein vs Ganshorn. The guys from Boise seem to have a lot of good fighters in their camp. If Jacen comes up maybe they have a 135’r that could come along and Mr. Quinn could make a trip out.

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  48. Sean Quinn says:

    Mr. Quinn would love to be there!!! :)

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  49. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    Dutch I agree I know for a fact Penner will not dodge anybody, And as far as records go, yes McSweeneys is not the greatest, but going into the Lee Mein fight not many gave him a chance, check the thread, He is focused would be a great fight, 1 thing I think we all can agree on is Max and Jay have alot to think about lol, and anyone of these guys will be great champions

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  50. Bobby Karimi says:

    bfn fan: If I was Penner I wouldn’t fight Flynn for a few reasons.
    1) He has very good jits and Nick just got back in the game.
    2) He is and/or should be a MW. Nick is currently a HW who at some time will be moving down to LHW. Makes no sense for him to fight a guy who is a weight class or two below him unless its money motivated.
    3) Tons of other fighters at either HW or LHW available for him which would maybe get him more attention, money and may be better match ups.

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