Hawkes Talks Stranger and Weasel Head


Top MMA News‘ caught up with Lindsey Hawkes prior to his July 22 fight with Kenny Weasel Head outside the Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts.  Lindsey talks about that fight and his upcoming CFC fight with Chris Stranger which will crown the Welterweight king of Winnipeg.

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  1. POP says:

    POP goes the Weasel

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  2. EPerez says:

    Holy shit showtying……finish school!!!

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  3. EPerez says:

    Holy shit showtying! FINISH SCHOOL!! Maybe this will help FINSH SKOOL!

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  4. Sean Quinn says:


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  5. title shot

    “we had an opponent for Hawkes I sent his bloodwork in, but there was a miscomunication on Hawkes managements side, he didht get back to Max on it in time.”

    my name is curtis brigham and i am lindsey’s manager, at no point was this match mentioned, so if there was a miscommunication it wan’t on my end, i’d appreciate it if you didn’t make accusations without backing them up

    there were a couple of last minute maybes that were talked about, i was speaking to the promoter every day for the week before the show, but all the possibilities mentioned to me were from alberta

    just for the record, who are you? who do you manage?

    thanks, maybe we can work together at some point in the future

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  6. Title Shot Mgmt says:

    My name is Pat Wilson, as far as managing goes we have quite a few guys under Title Shot, as far as this card goes I have James McSweeney on this card, I was contacted by Max a couple days ago and was asked to find an opponent, I found 1 of our guys James Chaney who was willing to take it, I submitted his Bloodwork to Jay, I was told they were waiting on you to get back to them, then told you didnt even know if Hawkes would make the weigh ins on time, So these are not accusations, I was just stating the facts on what I was told by the promoter. I wasnt taking a shot at you things happen, I know alot of people wanted to see Hawkes on the card, and we wanted to have the opportunity to take the fight, Maybe in the future we can get this fight to happen,

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  7. Raw deal Lindsey! Having fights fall through when you’ve already committed on a camp is a terrible feeling. Hope to see you scrap again soon, best of luck.

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  8. showtying says:

    its on hawkes 170.on the buzzer say yes or i wont fight as for old man joe i,m not the one you should have all the strength for man ..worry about getting back to were you was bra then stay there… im on the come up and having you on my record is not

    doing anything for me ya i mist weight 5 times out of 20 fights when i was down in my life but i wont and cant stop so we will see if shit stays like that …again thanks for the support yall..im stil fighting at 170..good to se how important showtying is yall..spell check dat

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  9. showtying says:

    check check check lol

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  10. TK says:

    Mark-eye-lee, you should focus on training your ground game and quit the keyboard warrior routine. You aren’t winning any new fans this way, and your homies make you look even less professional than your love of donuts. I sure hope you can make 185 for your fight with Luis Cepeda. Don’t look past him for a second.

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  11. showtying says:

    dont need fan bra im already important to yall man i never talk about what yall doing but yall always on my radar ..lol see yall sept 10

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  12. david letourneau says:

    I feel like i lost intelligence attempting to read and make sense of what was written, I dont actually think its english, I clicked spell check and it said grade 2 education required to operate.

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  13. Jake says:

    Check out the Lindsey Hawkes video blog for his upcoming fight CFC 7.

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  14. Man these comment boards are like a damn soap opera.

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