Elite 1 MMA: Hostile Territory Play By Play


It was a lovely day In Moncton, New Brunswick as Elite 1 MMA productions held there latest event titled Hostile Territory at Casino New Brunswick. The near sold out crowd was in for a treat as three titles were on the line and one champion in a non-title match. There were nine bouts on the event, here’s how it went down.


Fight of the Night: Chris Johnson vs. Scott Fraser.
Knockout of the Night: Shawn Wallace over Chris Goguen
Submission of the Night: Brad Duguay with his triangle choke victory over Justin Bourgeois

Jeremy Horn vs. Shawn Marchand (World Light Heavyweight Title)

Round 1
Horn starts off with a pair of leg kicks to Marchand’s leg and head. Following another kick by Horn, Marchand shoots in for the takedown. Marchand lands it, but Horn gets top position. Marchand has full guard and has a hold of Horn’s left arm. Horn escapes and drops a big elbow. Marchand gets up but Horn takes his back. Horn is trying to sink in a rear naked choke. Marchand is throwing punches to try and loosen Horn’s grip but to no avail as Horn sinks in the choke and coaxes the tap out.
Jeremy Horn wins via rear naked choke at 2:18 of the 1st round to become the Elite 1 World Light Heavyweight Champion.

Justin Bourgeois vs. Brad Duguay (Featherweight Title)

Round 1
Bourgeois charges in and lands a takedown to start off. Bourgeois tries to pass guard but is hit with knee and head shots. Duguay has his head for an arm triangle but Bourgeois slips out and moves to side control where he rains down elbows that cuts Duguay up. Duguay has a hold of Bourgeois’ arm but he can’t straighten it out. Duguay then tries for his head but Bourgeois slips out. Bourgeois is now trying to pass Duguay’s guard. Bourgeois goes to pass to full mount but instead moves to side control. The ref stands them back up. Bourgeois throws a leg kick, shoots for a single leg and gets it after a little work. Duguay gets a hold of him, locks in an arm triangle and secures the submission victory.
Brad Duguay wins via triangle choke at 3:33 and is the new featherweight champ.

Chris Johnson vs. Scott Fraser (Heavyweight title match)

Round 1
A leg kick thrown by Fraser to start, Johnson counters with a left hook. Both guys let their hands loose with Fraser getting the better at first but Johnson gets up and knocks him to the ground. Fraser tries to secure an arm bar but Johnson is able to escape and work some ground and pound. Johnson postures up to get more power in his shots. He is slowing down to not tire himself out. Fraser turns to his side and attempts a rear naked choke but decides to pass to side control. Fraser turns again but Johnson has him in a guillotine but can’t get both arms locked. Fraser moves Johnson towards the cage but Johnson gets to his knees and tries to stand to work some more ground and pound. Johnson goes down and throws some elbows as Fraser is moving along the cage.
TOP MMA NEWS score the round Johnson 10-9

Round 2
Fraser swings with a big right but Johnson avoids it. Johnson then throws some punches but Fraser gets some good knee shots in. Johnson swings and slips on the mat. Fraser now has his back. Fraser sinks in a rear naked choke but switches and gets on top. Johnson is now trying to stand up. Fraser is throwing some punches on the bottom but Johnson stands back up. Fraser now working his boxing and catches Johnson with a big right. Both are throwing some great punches. Fraser is tried. Fraser tries and clinches but is too tried to hold on. After the stand-up Fraser tries to grab Johnson’s head but both fall down. Johnson is on top and is in side control landing with some lefts. The ref stands them back up. Fraser throws a shot that rocks Johnson and shoots for a knee. Fraser has him against the cage as the round to end.
TOP MMA NEWS score the round 10-9 Fraser

Round 3
Both men are tired out. Johnson throws some punches that barely faze Fraser. Fraser throws a couple of right hands. Johnson is able to punch him off. Fraser connects with a good left hand and an uppercut. Fraser works the clinch but Johnson gets an uppercut. Fraser is leaning down but Johnson is not going after him. Johnson goes for a head kick. Johnson gets in a good combo. Fraser gets a few shots in but the ref stops the fight to check a welt on his head that looked similar to Mark Hominick’s at UFC 129. Both are throwing combos at each other. Johnson pushes him against the cage but Fraser gets up. Both guys are swinging with Johnson getting the better of the exchange. Johnson gets him against the cage again. Fraser throws a good combo. Fraser gets a big left in on the welt followed by an uppercut. Fraser throws a backwards spin kick and Fraser hits a right to end the round.
TOP MMA NEWS score the round 10-9 Johnson
TOP MMA NEWS score the fight 29-28 in favour of Chris Johnson
Judges score the fight 28-27 Fraser, 29-28 Johnson, 29-28 Fraser for Scot Fraser as he retains his heavyweight title

Steve Rogers vs. Jason Mackay

Round 1
Rogers is going to the center of the cage and then tries for a leg kick but Mackay retaliates with a head kick. Both fighters go for a leg kick but Rogers hits Mackay in the groin. Mackay laughs it off and resumes the fight. Rogers tries for a front kick then goes for a leg kick that Mackay throws back. Both fighters are exchanging in the pocket until Rogers lands a good body kick. Mackay attempts a failed front kick. Rogers lands a 1, 2 punch combo. Mackay shoots in for a takedown but leaves his neck out and gets caught in a guillotine, Rogers puts the squeeze on and submits him
Steven Rogers beats Jason Mackay by Guillotine at 2:46 in the 1st round

Shawn Wallace vs. Chris Goguen

Round 1
Goguen goes in with some punches but Wallace gets the clinch and works some knees. Wallace is now trying to take him to the ground. Wallace lands a judo throw to get him down and moves into side control. Wallace leaves his head hanging as Goguen tries to grab it. Wallace moves up and is attempts a Kimura. He lets go and the ref stands them back up where Wallace goes to work with his knees. Goguen reverses and gets him against the cage. Goguen throws his own knees but Wallace reverses him and loses the clinch. Goguen plays smart holding Wallace arm against the cage. Wallace tries to switch up but Goguen takes him down, only to have Wallace get back on top. Wallace is now working on some ground and pound to the head and mid-section, he then moves to side control. He loses his grip only to get Goguen’s back. He then sinks in the hooks on his back but can’t finish it off and throws some ground and pound. Wallace has a rear naked choke but let’s go. Wallace ends the round going for an arm bar
TOP MMA NEWS score the round 10-9 Wallace

Round 2
Goguen goes in with his hands but Wallace comes back with a right. Goguen is pushing him around but Wallace gets in some head shots and a kick that makes Goguen wobbly. Wallace throws a punch but Goguen gets out of the way. Wallace goes to the ground where he gets into half guard. Wallace gets up and tries to jump back in. Goguen is now bleeding out of his mouth. Wallace tries to pass guard and lands a knee before he switches to side control. Wallace goes back to top position but the ref stands them back up. Goguen goes for a punch but Wallace hits Goguen repeatedly and Goguen is barely able to stand. Goguen falls against the cage, the ref stops it and Wallace gets the win.
Shawn Wallace wins via TKO at 3:20 in the 2nd round

Dave Claroni vs. Paul Harris

Round 1
Claroni is pushing the pace to start but slow to pull the trigger until he goes in for a takedown. Harris tries for a choke but goes on top of Claroni. Harris is in half guard and trying to pass. With no action the ref stands it back up, only to have Claroni complain that he can’t see out of his left eye and that he verbally taps out.
Paul Harris wins via verbal tap at 1:28 in the 1st round

Cory Smearer vs. Morgan Ellis

Round 1
The fight starts with Smearer going for a punch and Ellis landing a takedown. Both fighters throw punches until Ellis slams him down. Ellis is now trying to pass guard and moves to side control. Ellis gets a hold of Smearer’s right arm and is attempts a kimura. Ellis loses his grip and Smearer gets on his back. Smearer throws some punches then tries for a rear naked choke. Ellis gets back up and slams him again, Ellis moves to side control then north south where he tries for a d’arce choke but to no avail. The ref stands them back up and Smearer lands a big hit that knocks Ellis down against the cage and the ref calls the fight.
Cory Smearer wins via TKO at 2:59 in the 1st round

Bryston Jardine vs. Jon Foster

Round 1
Jardine starts the action with a leg kick only to have Foster counter. Foster goes for a leg kick but slips up. Jardine moves him around the cage but Foster gets him in a guillotine choke and is able to submit him.
Jon Foster submits Bryston Jardine by guillotine choke at 50 seconds in the 1st round

Norm Robichaud vs. Andrew Bishop

Round 1
Both fighters push each other before the fight starts. Bishop lands a leg kick and then goes for a 1, 2 combo. Bishop advances with a fury of punches that knocks Robichaud down against the cage. The ref jumps in before Bishop can go for some ground and pound
Andrew Bishop beat Norm Robichaud by TKO at 28 seconds in the 1st round

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    Jeremy Horn is a world champion

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    That was the fastest take down i have ever seen in person Wow Jeremy Horn you still got it.

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    Any clarity on the scoring of Johnson vs Fraser?

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    Got an email back from Mr. Walker and he said that it is on the board for there monthly meeting which he said is at the end of the month

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    Good digging,

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