Professional Fighting Championships: Border Wars Play By Play


Elton Hobson is Live in Windsor for tonight’s inaugral PFC event. He’ll be bringing you the action round by round. Hit refresh to update the page.

Top MMA News Awards:

  • Fight of the Night: Clint Kingsbury vs. Mitchell Kay for the exciting war they put on
  • KO of the Night: Chad Laprise
  • Submission of the Night: John Fraser’s Triangle

Travis Briere vs. Chris Clements (PFC Welterweight Championship)
Rd1:Yves Lavigne is the official for our main event of the evening. Nice spinning backfist lands for Briere early. Clements answers back with a leg kick. Both men weary of the other’s power. Briere catches Clements overcommitting to a combo and he shoots a nice double. Clements working to stand but Briere keeping the pressure on. Clements works his way back to the feet against the cage, and reverses Travis against the fence. The two men are trading clinch positions against the fence. Now it’s Clements trying for a takedown but Briere quickly shrugs it off. More clinch fighting, Clements controlling Briere with over unders. Nice elbow inside by Briere. Briere works for a single leg but Clements reverses him and winds up on top. Briere turtling up against the fence, gives up his back. Clements landing short knees inside. Clements grabs ahold of a single and takes Briere down. Briere trying to push off the fence but Clements controlling well. Briere rolls and Clements takes his back. Both hooks are in. Clements working for a choke. Trying to open Travis up for a rear naked but he defends well. Clements transitions to full mount as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Clements

Rd2:Clements times a Briere leg kick and lands a nice combo early. He follows it up with a brutal spinning back kick to the midsection and Briere is down! Clements swarms him with punches and this one is over folks!
Chris Clements wins via TKO (0:31 of Round 2). Chris Clements is the new PFC Welterweight champion.

Ali Mokdad vs. Javier Torres
Rd1: Josh Rosenthal is our referee for the co-main event of the evening. No glove tap as these two get right to it. Both guys throwing a little wild to start. Both guys throwing wild in the opening minute. Torres catches a leg of Mokdad’s and the judo practitioner takes him down to the mat. Mokdad pummeling under and he manages to work back to his feet. Clinch attempt by Mokdad thrown off by Torres. Mokdad works a clinch again but is shrugged off. Torres catches another Mokdad kick but he doesn’t complete for a takedown. Torres now pressing Mokdad against the fence but he rolls out. Real wide open striking exchanges in this fight. Torres gets a bodylock but he can’t drag Mokdad to the canvas. Torres holding double-underhooks and working for a takedown but he still can’t replicate his earlier success. Both men staying in the pocket. Nice leg tap by Torres trips Mokdad to the canvas once again. Mokdad working for a triangle from his back but Javier postures up. Both men back on their feet.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-10

Torres opens with a nice straight left/leg kick combo. Crowd begins to chant “Ali! Ali!” in support of the Canadian. Torres presses Mokdad against the fence, and lands a solid 1-2 as they circle away. Torres pressing but Mokdad lands a nice counter left. Mokdad having trouble pulling the trigger in the opening minute. They clinch against the fence and both men land shots. Another clinch against the cage and Torres is working for double-underhooks again. Nice body kick lands for Ali Mokdad. Torres answers with a straight left. Torres lands another straight left and feints a takedown. Mokdad now pressing for a double leg against the fence. He switches to a single and plants the judoka on the canvas! Mokdad working to pass the half-guard of Torres. He postures up and rains down shots. Torres stays calm and regains full guard. Josh Rosenthal looks like hes considering a standup. Mokdad landing some good shots from within Torres’ guard. Nice elbows from Mokdad. Torres complains of a possible headbutt as the round comes to a close.
Top MMA News has it 10-9 Mokdad

Rd3: Both guys breathing heavy to start the final round. They touch gloves and Mokdad preses forward with combinations. Fight settling into a pattern on the feet with both guys throwing a little wild. Torres walks into a stiff counter left from Mokdad. Torres responds with a solid right hand jab that forces Ali backwards. Both men continuing to throw wild, in the pocket. Torres complains of an eye poke and Josh Rosenthal halts the action. Torres recovers and they’re back at it. Body kick lands from Mokdad. Torres now connecting with a solid 1-2. Big hook from Torres. Mokdad responds with a straight jab. Big right hand lands for Torres and Mokdad is momentarily dropped. Torres definitely getting the better of the striking in this round so far. Straight left lands for Torres. Mokdad is back on his heels and it’s Torres dictating the action. Torres pressing Mokdad up against the fence, landing short knees inside. Torres working for a takedown as the fight comes to a close.
Top MMA News has this round 10-9 Torres.
Torres defeats Mokdad via Split Decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

Chuck Mady vs. John Fraser
Rd1: Jerin Valel is our referee once again for this main card attraction. The touch gloves and we’re off. Fraser looks to have a significant size advantage over Mady from our vantage point. Fraser drops low and trips Mady with a leg tap. Mady working for a guillotine in full guard. Fraser shakes him off after a few moments. Fraser stacks Mady and passes to side control. Fraser moving to north-south and looks to be thinking about a choke. Back to half guard by Fraser. Mady scrambles and he’s back to his feet, but Fraser takes him down again. Fraser moves to mount! Big shots landing by John Fraser. Mady trying to scramble but he moves into a triangle. It looks deep. Fraser cranking on a triangle from full mount. Chuck Mady left with no choice but to tap out.
John Fraser wins via Submission (2:01 of Round 1)

Brett Franczuz vs. Andrew Cseh
Rd1: Jerin Valel is our referee for the opening fight on the main card. Another warm welcome for hometown fighter Brett Franczuz. They touch gloves and this one is underway! Cseh leads early with a looping overhand right. He follows that up with a nice double leg and he takes Brett down against the fence. Brett looking to stand up but Andrew Cseh is sticking to him. Both men standing now, Cseh holding Franczuz against the cage and working for double-unders. Now he drops for a single leg and turns it into a big slam! Cseh working to pass the guard of Franczuz but it’s pretty solid. Cseh works to half-guard. Brett re-establishes guard and lands a nice upkick on a postured Cseh. Cseh still sticking to Franczuz, holding him down and working to pass. He passes to guard but Franczuz shrimps out of it. Back to full-guard against the fence. Some in the crowd calling for a referee standup. The pace slows as Cseh works in guard against the fence. Franczuz rolls for a kneebar, and uses the opening to get back to his feet. He’s got ahold of Cseh’s leg but he can’t complete the takedown. Cseh gets free and pressures with a clinch against the cage once again. Franczuz gets a thai clinch and lands some nice knees right as the round ends.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Cseh

Rd2: Nice overhand right connects partially for Franczuz. Cseh responds with a beautiful combo and lights Brett up before he backs off. Both guys pressing the action more this round. Cseh moving in and out with combos. Franczuz times a nice legkick off a Cseh combo. Cseh still pressing the action and landing the better shots. Franczuz gets another plum and connects with a knee to the head of Cseh. Cseh mixing it up well with punches but his corner is screaming at him to keep his hands up. Andrew Cseh continuing to walk Brett Franczuz down. Franczuz connects with a nice keadkick! Cseh answers with a straight right a moment later. Cseh presses for a double-leg takedown against the fence, but he slips and gives up full mount! Cseh trying to roll out but he gives up his back. Franczuz landing some hard shots before Cseh rolls onto his back. Franczuz in Cseh’s side control. Cseh regains half-guard. Franczuz landing shots in half-guard as the bell rings.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Franczuz but it’s a close one

Rd3: Some slight discoloration under the right eye of Cseh to start this round. Franczuz rocks Cseh but Cseh quickly shoots for a takedown. Franczuz reverses it and he’s back on top! Cseh tries for an armbar but Franczuz slides out. Now he’s in Cseh’s full mount! Cseh gives up his back and Franczuz sinks his hooks in. He flattens him out and seems to be working for a rear naked choke. Cseh defends but he’s eating shots. Franczuz switches to an arm but Cseh escapes. Back to half-guard. Brett landing small shots in half-guard but he’s shutting Cseh’s sweeps down. Andrew Cseh trying to sweep from deep half-guard but he can’t overcome Franczuz’s base. Franczuz moves to full mount once again. Cseh finally gets out from under Franczuz and grabs a single. He manages to bulldog Franczuz against the fence. Now it’s Cseh working to pass the guard of Franczuz. Referee Jarren Valal stand the fighter up. Cseh grabs a double leg and drops Franczuz with a big slam! Last minute spurt of offense may have been enough for Cseh to steal the round. Great back and forth fight. This once could go either way.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Franczuz.
Brett Franczuz wins via Split Decision (29-28,29-28,28-29)

Andrew McInnis vs. Chad Laprise
Rd1: Andrew McInnis enters to Phil Collins, so he wins the “Unique Entrance Music” award of the night so far. Yves Lavigne is our referee as things get underway. Quick takedown by Laprise, and McInnis immediately works for a leglock. He doesn’t get it, but he uses it to gain top position against the fence. McInnis trying to move to mount, and takes side control. Now knee on belly for McInnis. Laprise rises to his feet but McInnis grabs ahold of his neck. McInnis landing some mean knees as he holds Laprise in a front facelock. Laprise escapes, and McInnis tries to pull guard into an armbar. Laprise shrugs it off and they’re back standing. HUGE right hand lands for Laprise and McInnis is down. Laprise raining down ground and pound and this one is all over!
McInnis still looks shaken up as he is attended to on the stool by medical officials. He rises to his feet and looks to be alright.
Chad Laprise wins via TKO (2:29 of Round 1)

Manny Alfaro vs. Pete Brown
Rd1: Todd Anderson is our official in the second bout of the evening. Manny Alforo gets a good cheer as a hometown Windsor boy. Pete representing Affliction Training Centre in London, Ontario. Bell rings and they’re off! Both men feeling each other out with jabs and leg kicks to start off. Alfaro working behind a quick jab. Brown tries a front kick but it’s way off. Alfaro responds with a nice combo, leading with the hands. Both men still tenative, feeling each other out. Head kick misses by Brown. Brown lets his guard down and eats a nice Alfaro right hook. Alfaro pressing forward again and he pushes Brown back into the fence. Brown throwing lots of feints, but not landing solid with anything so far. Nice counter right by Manny lands. Brown steps back and Alfaro unloads a flurry against the cage. Back to centre cage. Brown can’t quite seem to gauge Alfaro’s timing. Alfaro bull rushes Brown and lands hard. Brown is rocked! He falls to his knees but he’s back up. Brown still looking wobbly, but he lands a headkick from against the cage. Both men exchange leg kicks as the round comes to a close.
Top MMA News Scores the round 10-9 Alfaro

Rd2: Second round underway and Manny looks very focused. Both guys leading with leg kicks but nothing landing solid. Brown looking weary of Alfaro’s power. Nice body kick from Brown. Head kick lands by Brown but Mann responds with a flurry that backs Brown up. Brown beginning to open up more with his strikes. Now it’s Manny coming up short with a front kick. Manny presses forward again and backs Brown into the cage, but he avoids damage and circles away. Inside leg kick lands for Alfaro. They clinch up but Brown shakes Alfaro off. Huge shot land for Alfaro and Brown falls again! Todd Anderson steps in to break a potential stalemate and allows Brown to stand back up. Another straigbht right for Alfaro lands. So far this has been a tactical kickboxing match with a few chaotic moments. Manny goes back to working the jab. Alfaro feints a sperman punch and lands a straight right hand that backs Brown into the cage again. Brown lands a looping left hand and both men trade in the clinch as the round comes to a close.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Alfaro

Rd3: More of the same as both men continue to stand in the pocket and pick their shots. Alfaro pressing Brown into the cage yet again. Brown eating some bombs! He looks wobbled but he manages to circle away. Brown just can’t seem to get his striking game off the ground against the faster Alfaro. Another headkick lands partially for Brown. Both men exchange straight right hands. Now it’s Brown pressing Alfaro back into the fence. Spinning backfist attempt misses by Brown. They clinch against the fence but Alfaro shakes Brown off and circles out. Both men exchanging leg kicks in centre cage once again. Fatigue starting to set in for both guys. Nice uppercut attempt just misses from Brown. Brown tries for a muay thai plum but eats a stiff 1-2 from Alfaro. Alfaro presses Brown into the cage once again and lands a solid right hand on the jaw. Brown lands a headkick but there’s not much on it. The round comes to an end amid some disappointment from the crowd. Overall a fun tactical kickboxing match with some good comebacks by Pete Brown.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Alfaro
Alfaro defeats Brown via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Clint Kingsbury vs. Mitchell Kay
Rd 1: Josh Rosenthal is our referee in the opening bout of the evening. Clint presses forward with the jab early. They clinch up and Clint shows off an impressive Greco-Roman style takedown. Scramble up, and another bodylock takedown. Kingsbury in the guard of Kay, landing shots. Kay looking for a triangle. Kay manages to scramble to the feet but gets another big takedown from Kingsbury for his trouble. Kingsbury is content to work from the guard. He postures up and lands some big shots. Kay tries for a triangle and almost cinches it in, but Clint works his way free. More ground and pound from the guard by Kingsbury. Kay once again works his way back to his feet. He presses Kingsbury standing. Superman jab by Kay lands. Mitchell is getting there first and faster in the stand-up’ Kingsbury no longer trying for takedowns. HUGE left hand by Kingsbusry lands. Then a right. Kingsbury drops Mitchell Kay with a looping overhand right! Kay trying for another triangle as the action packed round comes to a close.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Kingsbury

Rd2: Kay presses forward with strikes again but Kingsbury looks more composed in the stand-up. Clint with another big takedown; the wrestling advantage is becoming apparent in this fight. The pace of the fight slows as Clint works from Kay’s guard. He postures up and lands more shots. Clint passes Kay’s guard into side control. Clint lands some big elbows as Kay just covers up. Kay regains guard but he’s still eating punches. Clint passes guard again, working some ground and pound on a visibly tiring Kay. Clint trying for a keylock but Mitchell Kay works his way free. Both men back on their feet but it’s Clint getting the better of it. They clinch up and it’s Kay who throws Kingsbury to the ground! Clint works back to his feet but he’s eating some shots. Kay grabs the fence and gets a warning from Josh Rosenthal. Clint working for a single leg but Kay keeps landing shots. Now he’s trying for a guillotine as the round comes to a close. Good fight!
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Kingsbury

Rd3: Both guys looking worse for wear as the bell sounds in round 3. Some swelling on Kay’s right eye becoming a problem. The clinch up and exchange knees. Clint eats a big knee to the face. Another 1-2 lands for Mitchell Kay. Clint moves in recklessly and eats a nice counter. Just as he’s starting to get overwhelmed on the feet, Clint Kingsbury executes another nice Greco takedown. Kingsbury tries to pass guard but he’s swept by Kay. Then it’s Kingsbury who sweeps Kay! Clint is back in Mitchell Kay’s guard, working to pass. He’s free and in side control. Kingsbury working for a crucifix. He tries another keylock but it’s blocked by Mitchell. Crowd firmly behind Mitchell Kay but he can’t get out from under Kingsbury. Sweep attempt fails for Kay but he’s back in half-guard. Kingsbury moves right into north south, tries for a choke, then quickly spins to side control. Mitchell Kay is getting overwhelmed here. More ground and pound from Kingsbury. Josh Resenthal looks like he’s close to stopping this. And it’sa over – the official has seen enough and steps in to rescue Mitchell Kay.
Clint Kingsbury wins via TKO (4:40 of Round 3)

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  1. ryan farse says:

    can you say one and done

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Did Mady drop Fraser?

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  3. haggis basher says:

    No i was not dropped,but he did hit me with a nice uppercut right before i took him down

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Oh ok, it was just posted on his facebook. Thanks for the clarification.

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  5. haggis basher says:

    hopefully we get to see this fight aired then everyone will see what happened

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  6. rob says:

    Fraser wasn’t dropped but he almost got caught in a guillotine (looked like it anyway, don’t know if it was tight). But once out, he dominated the ground. Looked like child’s play.

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  7. haggis basher says:

    Guillotine was on but not tight at all, I could hear his corner telling him to let go and not burn his arms out.

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  8. JOE says:

    Wow, that fight with Clint Kingsbury was awesome.
    he really took it to him for 3 rounds…. and got the stoppage. Mitch took a beating, he got some shots in but it seemed clint could take a hit and keep on coming…. great job

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