BFL Quest For Gold Quick Results


BFL 9: Quest for Gold goes down tonight, here’s the quick results:

Jeremy Kennedy defeats Tristan Storrs via Unanimous Decision
Micah Brakefield defeats Justin Lansing via TKO @ :25 of Rd1
Stuart Deleurme defeats Leo Xavier via Split Decision
David Kennedy Submits Jonathan Agnew via Americana @ 1:43 of Rd2
Jer Kornelsen Submits Jesse Bird via Anaconda Choke @ :53 of Rd3
Jason Keller defeats Chris Hansen via Unanimous Decision
Kirk Tse defeats Sabi Sanga via unanimous decision
Hitam Treadwell defeats Darren Cheekinew via TKO @ :21 of Rd1
Jacob Harness defeats Morgan Bentley via Unanimous Decision
Andre Da Silva defeats Andrew Valliquette via Unanimous Decision
Ben Cote submits Sean Roche via Armbar @ 2:39 of Rd3
Tony Huynh defeats Tony Nguyen via Unanimous Decision
Alfred Leslie defeats Prince Mahey via Unanimous Decision.
Levon Kinley submits David Klonsky via Rear Naked Choke @ :48 of Rd1

4 Responses to “ BFL Quest For Gold Quick Results ”

  1. ryan farse says:

    who are these people? I never heard of one of these guys

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    They’re amateurs.

    Nice win for Jer!

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  3. BEEFSTORM says:

    I am not possitive but I think soon people will know Jeremy Kennedy,Micah Brakefield,and jer Kornlson. Those guy’s look to me to have a future in the sport. I like amature mma developing fighters in a safe sanctioned envirornment unlike the backyard brawl type of productions. I heard this was a great event nice to see.
    ALL BEEF!!! ALL DAY!!!

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  4. cartman says:


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