BFL 9: Quest Weigh In Results



Battlefield Fight League will hold their 9th event tomorrow at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, BC. As always Top MMA News encourgaes you to support local MMA, so if your in Vancouver why not pick up a pair of tickets. Here are the weigh in results for the event.

Jeremy Kennedy (143.5) vs. Tristan Storrs (143)
Justin Lansing (186) vs. Micah Brakefield (185)
Stuart Deleurme (168) vs. Leo Xavier (170)
David Kennedy (155.5) vs. Jonathan Agnew (154.5)
Jer Kornelsen (185) vs. Jesse Bird (184.5)
Chris Hansen (168) vs. Jason Keller (171)
Kirk Tse (135) vs. Sabi Sanga (134)
Hitam Treadwell (202) vs. Darren Cheekinew(204)
Jacob Harness (160.5) vs. Morgan Bentley (159)
Andre Da Silva (163) vs. Andrew Valliquette (166)
Ben Cote (166) vs. Sean Roche (167.5)
Alfred Leslie (145.5) vs. Prince Mahey (140)
Levon Kinley (155) vs. David Klonsky (153)

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